Time of the year has hit again! Black Friday / Cyber Monday! It gets crazier and crazier.

So in the 15 years of this company, our 14th annual black Friday event is happening now. The first years I (Ron Hay) pushed us to do this, it was really unheard of in the automotive scene, and it was to meet the goal of why we made this company to keep on getting our customers the very best deals. It started out with a handful of deals, to now a full blown industry wide participation.

Is the pressure on? Always. do we love it? Yes! Besides the endless sleepless nights that lead up to it, what does it all mean? Well these deals are in collaboration to the great suppliers that we have, they lead up to it normally 5 months in advance, sometimes a year in advance. The deals can vary, for example it can be a product introduction special, like say Sportline 7S (which became a doorbuster as it is pushing new fitments to a wider range of vehicles) or it’s the perennial, insane deals on Forgestar, Evolution Racewerks, or Remus that are really capturing the sales to those who are patient and can wait a bit. So while we do have some stock on these brands, they sell out fairly quickly, and we can help pre-order the items for our customers.

This year, we’ve seen a growing amount of deals from all vendors, there have been new doorbusters that really should take notice. I’ll mention them here for your advantage:

Some of the insane doorbusters:


Sportline 7S, a flow form wheel for $599 is unheard of with the quality it is, plus tesla fitment makes this incredibly enticing.

Forgestar has come back due to demand which has been insane, however do note while you get this deal, be patient as orders for this will go in order of which people submit their orders for. Forgestar wheels is offering a doorbuster of up to $400 off on a set of custom rotary forged wheels.

Avant Garde (aka AG wheels), stepped up this year and is offering a door buster $200 off for their M600 ART series of flow formed wheels.

Flow Form Wheels by HRE just joined in the last minutes of me writing this article with their sale, I can’t reveal the numbers yet but it’s due to be released on the 20th as well, however the FF15 that are in stock are already set at a ridiculous price point. Not only is it at its lowest price point, it has simply gone to insanity pricing if and only if you can get fitment for your vehicle.

Last year VMR sold out in the first few hours, this year expect similar closeout pricing on their V705 and V721, and expect nice savings on their other wheels, this one also unfortunately have to wait till the 29th.

CCW & MOMO expect to see something soon as I know those guys aren’t going to sit by idle.

Big daddy in the wheel market BBS Wheels has a sale as well, but those deals have to be called in with our mod experts to get (variation happens with fitment and style models).


AWE is at a 15% off MSRP during this limited window, if anyone knows this brand in it’s 20 year history this has never happened(this isn’t a high margin item). *Note from the editor: This is actually not true. It was 15% off last year. 
Remus did it again from their last years historical low price drop, and it’s also amazing, I will say that inventory is running scarce on their end. Their deal is valid only while supplies last so make sure to hop on this quick!

If you own an M2 competition, the AA deal is a jaw dropper. On some of the select inventory we have some Ark exhausts which are just crazy, we are giving them away honestly.

Capristo specialty exhaust maker for exotics jumped in for the lowest they’ve ever given on their exhaust at 15% off.

On the super inexpensive side of things,  MBRP the incredibly affordable brand has decided to give a 15% off , but that’s only on the day of the 29th.

Akrapovic, The fine jewelry of the exhaust world’s black friday deal is here at ModBargains but again it’s another call in special promotion. So ask your ModExpert if you’ve been thinking of getting this exhaust.


Call in special only on KW & ST and there is good reason for it, inventory is very scarce, so right now it’s a pre-order situation, but the savings are worth it for sure.

Voodoo 13, makers of suspension arms, bushings, and more have a massive discount of 30%!

Springs from Vogtland germany on some select vehicles for only $190 Shipped price, regularly these are $400 plus shipping, so see if your application made the list this year.

The most interesting one that I know a lot of people are asking about is for BC racing. It’s tricky if you want the BR setup (which I think most do) then it’s only on the 29th to get in on it but you get 5% off, these coilovers never ever go on sale, they  are already priced way to competitively. Now if you want to venture towards the higher end suspension like the ZR or ER series (personally speaking they are amazing), you can get a 10% discount on these on Cyber Monday.

Now to top it off Airlift Performance came in super strong, if you’ve ever thought about getting air suspension, a 25% off deal is in effect, that’s an average of $800 off most kits, and there is free shipping as well, if you have never considered it in the past, this time I’d take a serious look if it’s within your budget.

Track guys, Moton/AST, is going to do a 10% off starting friday. Sway bars, some Whiteline sway bars have also showed up for our black friday event as well!


Dinan, whom as you know has an insane warranty but add in the extra 10% off, this includes their exhaust, suspension, and other items, I think earning towards that Dinan badge is very doable.

Evolution Racewerks, doorbuster makers at it again this year, with a 30% off our entire sitewide products that they have, note there is a super limited amount of inventory this year on this deal. 


On the intake side of things, Injen has come back again this year for a temporary 20% off on any intake for any model, even if you don’t see it listed on our site, let us know, this is a 4 day sale allowance on it, so perfect time to grab an intake.

FRS or BRZ check out the ASD pedal lift spacer – set at major clearance for only $29.95.

CSF for the E9X M3 and the F8x M4/M3 have their first time lows as well, definitely a must to check out if you own either vehicle.

Cobb master of tuners and performance products, allows it’s one time of the year again this year for a 10% off sale, this is the only blip you will ever see on their prices, oh and it’s over on the 21st, well before black Friday, it’s started as of writing this article. 

Got yourself some wheels and suspension, but you also need to get tires? Michelin steps up again this time exclusive rebate for $70 to pair it up, so can grab your tires in advance. Meanwhile Continetal didn’t want to be left behind so they also stepped it up for a $70 rebate . BFG one of the best value performance tires on marketplace also steps in with a $100 mail in rebate, theirs is tricky it’s for only 3 days, the 23rd to the 26th, to get that order in.

The doorbuster tire deal goes to our Toyo Proxes T1 Sport 275/30-19 & 295/30-19 setup – one set of these, so if it can fit your vehicle (like your e92 m3/e90 m3) you get to be the beneficiaries of these! Winter Tire setup is another doorbuster, for a set of 275/45-19 Bridgestone Blizzak LM 60!



Morimoto lights, are on blow out for select sizes.

Meanwhile a couple of limited quantity City Vision lights are also on blow out pricing as well, some lights as low as $5.95.

Focus ST has Rally Innovations 3PC front splitter on doorbuster pricing!

The deals the next few days, will keep on getting added, I am just happy we were able to inform you guys in advance. If you aren’t sure on a deal, or fitment, or if something works best for you, giving us a call at 714.582.3330 or jumping on live chat, or even emailing us at sales@modbargains.com, our Mod Experts and myself are there to help you out.  Excited we were able to really have our amazing suppliers really come out with some incredible deals for everyone! Keep an eye out as our Ad continues to get additions.