Ever since I have been into cars I have been into great looking wheels to enhance the look of my vehicles. There are so many great wheels out there to pick from it can seem overwhelming at times. While in search of the perfect looking wheels I was introduced to Forgestar wheels and was immediately a fan of this brand. Let me tell you why I am such a big fan of Forgestar wheels.

First thing I like about Forgestar’s brand of Wheels is the look and design. They look awesome without being to flashy, aggressive without aggressive fitment issues, lots of options, and the finish on them is perfect. I would say the F14 wheel design is my absolute favorite wheel. I think they look good on almost anything they are bolted to. I have seen forgestar wheels on everything from Porsche to Pontiac and the effect is always the same: Great looking Car on Awesome looking Wheels equals a Sweet looking Ride.

Ok so we all know they look cool, but that is not the only factor of a great wheel. Can they hold up to spirited driving and track days? The answer is Yes, Yes, Yes!!! Forgestar wheels are Rotary forged which means they are stronger than your average cast wheel. Not only are they stronger but they are lighter as well. This stronger lighter factor translates into less unsprung and rotational weight, which in turn translates to a gain in power for your Vehicle. How could wheels add power to your vehicle? They don’t add any horse power to the car! Yes you are correct, wheels don’t add horsepower to a vehicle, but ponder this for a minute. Your car has to use horsepower to spin your wheels and get you moving. The heavier those wheels are the more power is used to spin them. This means that if you lighten the wheels you lighten the load on the engine to spin those wheels and gain back power that was lost from the added weight.

They sound like a great set of wheels, but I have been having trouble finding a set of wheels in my correct offset and sizing. Well that is not a problem with Forgestar wheels as they are built specific for each make and model to get the best fitment. This means that if you want an aggressive fitment or a standard fitment you can get them made specific for your vehicle at no extra cost.

The finish on the forgestar wheels are a powder coating that is very durable and holds up better than a painted wheel can. Forgestar offers many colors for their wheels such as gunmetal, matte Black, silver, and also offers custom colors for the enthusiast that wants to stand out. You are able to fully customize your wheels without the limitations of specific colors that some other wheel companies have.

One of the most impressive aspects about Forgestar wheels is their price point. They have the best prices for Forged wheels that I have ever seen. For example you could get a set of 19” wheels for about $1700 or a set of 20” wheels for $2100. Even their closest competitors are hundreds of dollars more for the same size, and type of forged quality wheels. For all these reasons I am a very devote Forgestar Fan. Anyone who asks me “what are a great set of wheels to get for my car” always get the same answer. “Forgestars are what I would get if it were my car”.