When Tesla announced the production of its Model 3, a lot of us knew it was ahead of its time. It’s an extremely affordable car and has the potential of looking sporty in so many ways. The aftermarket for electric vehicles is notably more limited than gas vehicles, but the aftermarket manufacturers are catching up and providing Tesla customers the benefit of building their dream electric cars. Earlier this year we shared the Best Mods For Tesla Model 3 and here at ModBargains, we are always doing our best to help our customers build the cars of their dreams. Our customer, Peter recently brought in his 2020 Tesla Model 3 already equipped with a Volta Front Lip Spoiler, Volta Rear Diffuser made by Vorsteiner, and ADV5.0 Flow Spec wheels by ADV.1. You’re probably asking, what more could be added with the limited amount of available mods? Peter spoke to our Sr Mod Expert Kevin and brought up the idea of getting an AP Racing Brake Kit with J Hook rotors installed. We’ve covered the AP Racing Big Brake Kit for Porsche in the past and Sr Mod Expert Kevin immediately knew that it would be the best option for Peter’s 2020 Tesla Model 3.

AP Racing Brake Kit with J Hook Rotors

Let’s talk about these brakes that Peter came in for. The AP Racing Brake Kit with J Hook rotors will give Peter a significant improvement in stopping power for his daily driving. The brake kit will provide low noise, vibration, and harshness for a very similar original equipment-like experience during his daily driving. Tesla’s stock rotors are 320x25mm on the front and 335x20mm on the rear—whereas, the J Hook rotors have a huge 380x36mm, 72 vane discs that fill up the wheels and overshadow the OEM brakes. J Hook rotors are designed to give a driver benefit of both drilled and slotted rotors without the drawbacks. The large directional vanes also give the rotors superior cooling abilities. Peter’s Tesla was nearly murdered out with a satin black finish on his ADV5.0 Flow Spec Wheels. He wanted to take advantage while he was getting new calipers and knew he could further improve his Model 3’s appearance even a little bit more. Instead of sticking with the plain silver finish on the calipers, he requested our technician Juan to paint them white. As you can see from the images it ended up being a great choice and complimented the car altogether

ADV1’s ADV5.0 Flow Spec Wheels 

We all know that getting a set of wheels can fully transform the way a Model 3 looks to the public eye. Especially when your Tesla is sitting on a set of ADV5.0 Flow Spec wheels. The ADV5.0 is ADV1’s take on the timeless split 5 spoke design that everyone loves and admires. With attention to detail in mind, the spoke design really provides the wheel a fresh and even classier look than most competitors. Flow Spec is ADV1’s manufacturing process that allows for a stronger and lighter weight wheel over a traditional cast wheel. 

Vorsteiner Volta Complete Aerokit for Tesla Model 3

Something you’re able to immediately recognize is the two carbon fiber pieces that Peter had on his Model 3 prior to coming in. These two carbon fiber pieces were the Volta Front Lip Spoiler and Volta Rear Diffuser by Vorsteiner. While Tesla’s front and rear bumpers for the Model 3 already look great—Vorsteiner really created something eye-catching. However, you may have noticed that Peter’s Model 3 wasn’t equipped with the full Volta Aero Kit. Everyone has their own style and tastes, and for those that want a full kit, Vorsteiner offers Volta Side Skirts and a Volta Trunk Spoiler. After all, it will definitely make your Model 3 stand out with a more aggressive and sporty look.Our Sr Mod Expert Kevin and technician Juan were happy with the outcome of Peter’s 2020 Tesla Model 3. Peter was stoked on the results as well! We’re excited for him to put the AP Racing Brake Kit with J Hook rotors to use. We look forward to assisting him with more upgrades in the future! If you’re interested in any mods or other parts for your vehicles, please reach out to one of our ModExperts (714-582-3330 | salse@modbargains.com) or check out our website modbargains.com