This year marks the first year ModBargains & ModAuto have been a part of the massive Fabulous Fords Forever car show. For decades, this show has taken over the entire Knotts Berry Farm theme park lot, which accommodates well over 1000 cars, and this year drew more than 1300 Fords of every year and body style – the single largest gathering of Fords classic and late model this side of the rockies. We brought out our Project Fiesta ST and Michael Heintz was kind enough to bring out his spectacular track-run Ford Mustang Boss 302.


This year, we didn’t have to ‘sneak in’ to get our Fiesta ST onto the lawn of the show and into the Ford display – this year we were right where we were supposed to be.


We’ve just established a relationship with local parts fabricator Rally Innovations, which is fairly well known in the Subaru community and has established itself as one of the leading aero parts suppliers for EcoBoost Fords like the Fiesta ST, Focus ST, Fusion and Mustang EcoBoost.ModBargains_ModAuto_FabFords-2015-BoothPic-4 Michael Heintz’ Boss 302 rides on a set of Forgestar F14 wheels for Mustang in semiconcave front and deep concave rear, wrapped in beefy Toyo Tires R888.ModBargains_ModAuto_FabFords-2015-BoothPic-3

Yes, that massive wing and front splitter are totally functional, and help Michael lay down blistering lap times.

Mountune USA had its MP215 Ford Fiesta ST and MP300 Ford Focus ST out on display with Ford Racing. Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-2
Gene Tjin’s Fiesta ST also made an appearance, as controversial as ever with its unique appliance-beige paint scheme and classic Rally style wheels. Love it or hate it, you have to admit it did exactly what it was designed to do – grab your attention. Believe it or not, this thing still sees Daily Driver duty as well.Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-5One of the few other Fiesta ST’s in north america with Projector headlights, the Tjin All-Star Fiesta ST features custom retrofitted projectors.
Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-6We particularly enjoyed the look of Brian Reich’s ‘Surf Tiki Hot Hatch’ Tangerine Scream Focus ST.
Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-8 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-9A set of Fifteen52 Cup Spoilers looks especially killer.Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-10

Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-11 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-12 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-13 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-14 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-15 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-16 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-17 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-18 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-19 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-20 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-21 Besides Brian’s FoST, there were quite a few other Focii and Fiestas showing off their engine bay candy, like this COBB’d out Focus ST with enough carbon fiber under the hood to rival a supercar.Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-22


Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-23 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-24 This unusual Focus sedan is slowly being converted to be one of the few examples of a Focus ST SEDAN.Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-25 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-26 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-27 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-28 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-29 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-30 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-31 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-32 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-34 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-35 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-36 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-37 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-38 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-39
This white Fiesta ST rocks a set of ESM Wheels ESM-002Rs, which aren’t available anymore in 4x108mm, making them surprisingly rare.
Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-40 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-41
Our friend Aaron was in India, but his Fiesta Zetec S tribute still made the show, even if the owner was literally on the opposite side of the planet.

Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-44Another view of the Fiesta RS wing
Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-46 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-48 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-50Derek P showed his stanced Fiesta ST, sitting low on H&R Coilovers and rocking a set of Aristo Collection Retromesh 18in wheels.
Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-51 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-52
Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-55 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-56 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-58 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-59 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-60 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-61 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-62 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-63
Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-65 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-66
Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-68 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-69
Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-71 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-73 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-74 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-75
Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-77 Up front, the astute observer might note a Mishimoto M-Line Front Mount Intercooler.Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-80
Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-82 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-83 This Tuxedo Black Fiesta ST sports the extremely rare Fiesta RS rear spoiler.Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-85 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-86 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-87 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-89 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-90 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-91 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-92 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-93 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-94
Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-96 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-97 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-98 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-99 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-100 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-101
Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-109 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-111
Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-122 Fab_Fords_Forever_Fiesta_ST_Focus_ST-123

Beyond the hot hatches, Fab Fords showcases an amazing array of vehicles. Check out what we mean.Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-1 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-2 The Ford Bronco scene is strong and well represented.Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-3 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-4 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-5 We especially like this Pumpkin Orange canvas top classic Bronco.Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-6 The Pinto guys, having to live with the Pinto stigma, are especially bold and their modding style has a very distinct swagger to it.Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-7 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-8 We love the back end of the classic Ford Torino, certainly one of the more under-appreciated Muscle cars out there.Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-9 The Ford Pinto Pangra is an especially odd vehicle, but they CAME this way!Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-10
Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-12 This pair of Marauders is more than the Crown Vic pulling you over for speeding. These factory built sleepers sported the Mustang Cobra’s 32V DOHC V8 under the hood and sportier suspension and brakes to make these panther platform Fords perform more like a sport sedan.Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-13 Representing an entirely different side of car culture was this Lincoln LS.Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-14 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-15 The old Contour guys even came out, too!Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-16 We really like these classic Euro Fords.Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-17 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-18 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-19 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-20 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-21 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-22 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-23Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-30 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-24 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-25 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-26 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-27 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-28 This car’s a bit more Mad Max than patrol cruiser…Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-29
Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-31 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-32 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-33 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-34 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-35 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-36 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-37 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-38 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-39 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-40 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-41 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-42 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-43This Cab Over Engine classic Ford truck embodied the art deco look.
Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-45 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-46 This Fox-body sedan is a thing called a Fairlane, and most of the Fox Mustang’s mechanicals are totally interchangeable, making it easy to hot up the other fox-platform classic Fords.Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-47 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-48 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-49 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-50 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-51 The Taurus SHO guys were even there too, rocking their Yamaha V6 power under the hood proudly, though parts scarcity has led to fewer and fewer SHOs being around each year, sadly.Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-52This guy was apparently having a blast in his Falcon ‘vert while his lady looks less than amused.
Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-54 The DeTomaso Pantera packs a Cleveland 351 V8 under the rear bonnet, marrying a brutal American V8 with a mid engined italian supercar body. The result is a classic that’s easy to keep running and will break necks at any car show, classic or late model, and the styling has aged so well, most people have no idea just how old it really is.Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-55

Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-58 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-59 We really liked the GULF paint scheme.Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-60 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-61 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-62 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-63 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-64 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-65 As the show was winding down, we tried to snap a few of these special cars as they’re meant to be seen – in motion.Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-66 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-67 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-68 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-69 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-70 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-71 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-72 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-73 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-74
Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-76 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-77
Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-79Back on the Concours green where our display booth was, we caught these classic Ford drag race cars leaving – seeing them moving certainly had much more of an impression than seeing them sitting still.
Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-82 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-83 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-84 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-85 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-86 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-87 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-88 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-89 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-90 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-91 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-92 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-94 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-95 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-96 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-97 Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-98 Can you see the MOD AUTO booth in this photo?Fabulous_Fords_2015_other-fords-99


Fabulous_Fords_2015_Mustangs-1 Fabulous_Fords_2015_Mustangs-2 Fabulous_Fords_2015_Mustangs-3
Fabulous_Fords_2015_Mustangs-5 Fabulous_Fords_2015_Mustangs-6 Fabulous_Fords_2015_Mustangs-7 Fabulous_Fords_2015_Mustangs-8 Fabulous_Fords_2015_Mustangs-9 Fabulous_Fords_2015_Mustangs-10 Fabulous_Fords_2015_Mustangs-11 Fabulous_Fords_2015_Mustangs-12 Fabulous_Fords_2015_Mustangs-13 Fabulous_Fords_2015_Mustangs-14 Fabulous_Fords_2015_Mustangs-15 Fabulous_Fords_2015_Mustangs-16 Fabulous_Fords_2015_Mustangs-17We had a blast at Fabulous Fords 2015 and look forward to being back again next year. We hope you enjoyed our photo gallery as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you.

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Thanks for joining us, and we’ll see you next time!

Story & Photos Nick Gregson