If you’re in California, sorry, this part isn’t for you as CARB strictly prohibits the use of ECU tuning on vehicles.

We have just learned that Burger MotorSports (Burger Tuning) just finished their Stage 1 Performance Tuner for the VR30. They are legends in the BMW tuning world and if anyone knows turbo tuning, it is Burger.

Red Sport owners are seeing numbers in the 400 whp range (translating to over 500 HP at the crank), and not too surprisingly “Silver Sport” owners are seeing close to the same numbers. There is still a lot to learn about these motors but from the information we have on the turbos, these numbers are probably going to be the limit until someone makes replacement turbos.


Wheels…(page 1)

Tires…(page 2)

Suspension…(page 3)

Exhaust…(page 4)

Intake…(Page 5)

Exterior…(Page 6)


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