The body of the Q50 is definitely a big selling point for the car. The flowing, organic curves are both sexy and aggressive while managing not being over the top. However, just because the car looks great out of the box doesn’t mean you can’t add a little extra something to make it stand out a little more. Make it yours, so to speak. While you don’t have the problem BMWs have of being one in a sea of many with a more unique car like the Q50, adding that little bit of extra spice can have quite the impact.

STILLEN offers several body components that really spice up the Q50’s looks. Parts like the Front Splitter and Rear diffuser really grab attention and give the car a very aggressive and classy look. A special mention for the Side Skirts as well which are a little more rare to see. Since releasing their body components, Stillen has fallen victim to the ever present cheap knock off companies. So make sure you are getting the real parts if you want the best quality and proper fitment.

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