Intake: suck, suck, suck

As with many cars, the factory intakes on the Q50 are a bit restrictive to begin with, and given the Q50’s positioning as a ‘luxury’ vehicle, they’re also very quiet. Loosening up those restrictions will not only enhance power, but also allow you to hear the engine. Since one of the most viscerally satisfying parts of the “Turbo Car” experience is the howl of the turbos when they’re spooled up and making boost, which means that an intake is a particularly fun upgrade.
In terms of performance, upgraded intakes on the 3.0t Q50 have been shown to produce noticeable gains in the middle of the rev range, with the benefit of delivering a bit of much needed engine noise. If you don’t want to sound like a Eco Box when you drive by, intakes will definitely do the trick!

The AMS Red Alpha Intake System provides everything you want from an intake. Power gains, turbo spool sounds, and no drivability issues. Designed to be fully compatible with OEM ECU tuning or AMS’s optional Red Alpha Tuner.

AMS Red Alpha Cold Air Intake System

Going back to another familiar name, STILLEN was also the first to release an intake system for the 3.0t Q50. The STILLEN Q50 3.0T Intake System is a nice short ram setup that comes with all new plumbing to the turbos, as well as some heat shields with some slick STILLEN logos, so people know your engine isn’t stock when popping the hood.

STILLEN claims a power gain of 17 whp and 28 wtq gains from their intake on the 300hp version of the 3.0t Q50 (RedSport numbers are not yet available), so we can be sure that regardless of which version you have, you’ll be putting more power to the wheels.

These are just a few of the options available for the Q50, since it’s a new power plant, it will take the aftermarket a while to offer the same selection as we enjoyed with the VQ35 and VQ37, so we’ll be updating this article as more systems become available.

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