Let us ask you a question. And be honest.

Why did you buy your Q50?

We’ll bet it probably wasn’t for the amazing gas mileage. The Q50 is a luxury sport sedan that competes with the likes of the BMW 340i, Mercedes C43 AMG, and Audi S4- you bought a nice sporty sedan to set yourself apart from the average person schlepping to work in their boring Camry or Accord. You bought a Q50 because you wanted a sport sedan, right? A proper performance car always has a fantastic exhaust note when you hit the GO PEDAL, right? Sadly, the noise the Q50 3.0t makes does really help the cars case as a “sport sedan” – in fact, it’s the absence of noise. If it weren’t for the badging you’d never know there were a high performance 3.0L turbo V6 under your hood. We all want that nice aggressive sound that grabs attention (some more subtly than others), and an exhaust is a change you’ll notice every time you get in the car. It announces your arrival, it frees up a few more ponies that are otherwise lost for greater acceleration, and it dresses up the rear end of the car.

A legend among Nissan/Datsun enthusiasts for decades, STILLEN is one of the long standing tuners in the Nissan/Infiniti world, so it is no surprise they were among the first to release an exhaust specifically designed for the 3.0t Q50. The Stillen exhaust features a dual into single back to dual design similar GT-R systems. Power gains on the RedSport were quite impressive making an additional 26 whp and 29 wtq at 4700 rpm. Sound levels are fairly modest, but definitely noticeable.

STILLEN Q50 3.0t Cat-Back Exhaust

ARK Performance became a trusted name in the Nissan/Infiniti community for 370Z and G37 owners, so it is not surprising that the Q50 crowd have followed suit. ARK redesigned their best selling GRiP Cat-Back System to work with the 3.0t version of the Q50. Fit and finish are fantastic and the sound makes driving your Q50 far more exciting.

ARK Catback exhaust for Infiniti Q50 3.0t RedSportARK Catback exhaust for Infiniti Q50 3.0t RedSport

ARK Performance GRiP Cat-Back Exhaust System

At the far end of the spectrum, we have Meisterschaft (GT Haus), the ultimate in “look at me” exhausts. No head goes unturned when you drive by (which can be a good or bad thing). The volume is definitely on a higher end of the spectrum but is a favorite among some enthusiasts. They sound incredible and everyone will take notice… including your local constabulary, so be mindful of where you’re rolling.

Meisterschaft GT Haus Q50 Exhaust

If you are looking for extra sound and more power (and don’t live in California)? Apart from tuning, lower down pipes give the biggest performance gain for the dollar and are pretty easy to install. Because they do not remove the primary catalytic converters they are considered EPA Legal (just not CARB Legal). It is typical to see 20-30 hp gains from these pipes and a nice increase in exhaust volume. Be forewarned though, it adds a raspy tone as well.

If we are going to talk about performance there is no bigger name in the Nissan world than Alpha MotorSports (AMS). AMS is well known for their GTR performance parts (they also work with Audi, BMW, McLaren, Mercedes,  Mitsubishi, Porsche, and more) so it only makes sense that they would take on the Q50 VR30 motor.

The AMS Lower Pipes are made of stainless steel and are a direct bolt on modification. No check engine light (CEL), no tuning required, just pure power and sound.

AMS Red Alpha Lower Pipes

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