The Q50 is a victim of the all too common 4×4 factory suspension problem. When the ride quality engineers set up cars so they won’t bottom out when clueless people drive over potholes and speed bumps, the resulting extra fender gap added for clearance is a huge eyesore and takes away form how the designers intended the car to look. While the large fender gap and high ride height means you can scale mall parking curbs with a single bound, it doesn’t benefit the car aesthetically and makes performance worse by raising the center of gravity.

Lowering your Q50 will make it look worlds sexier if you’re on stock wheels, and if you have a nice set of wheels already, that drop will make them REALLY pop. There’s three primary ways most people lower their vehicles, and those are lowering springs, coilovers, and air suspension.

Lowering springs are the most cost effective option and will also retain the adaptive suspension that is standard on sport models (Silver Sport and Red Sport). RS-R is the only company that offers springs specifically designed for the 3.0t, as the dampers changed in design slightly, and more importantly, the valving is different than the outgoing 3.7 models because the difference in weight is enough to completely alter the handling balance.

RSR SuperDown Springs 2016+ Q50 3.0t


RSR offers their lowering springs in two versions: DownSus and SuperDown. DownSus springs lower the Q50 by 1.35 inches Front and 1.2 inches rear. SuperDown Springs lower the Q50 by 1.75 inches Front and 1.5 inches Rear.

Coilovers are the next level of performance suspension upgrades. Combining a more aggressive spring with a properly paired shock will not only insure better performance, it also keep the ride very civil and sometimes even better than stock. Most coilovers are height and dampening adjustable so you can setup your suspension exactly the way you want it. If your Q50 has more than 50,000 miles, your OEM shocks are due for replacement anyways. A set of coilovers are a surprisingly economical option instead of replacing the worn out OEM ones while also lowering the car,because coilovers take the same amount of labor to install as a set of springs or shocks/struts.

RS-R Coilovers are a high end coilover that focus on comfort and performance. RSR engineers their coilovers to outperform the factory suspension in handling, comfort, and quietness.

Engineered in Japan and tailored to specific vehicle applications, RSR Coilovers are the among the best coilovers for the Q50 and include features such as Titanium Springs and Rubber Dampened Mounts.

RSR Sports-i Coilovers for 2016+ Q50 3.0t

BC Racing Coilovers are a high quality, budget friendly coilover option that gives you everything you want in a coilover system. BC offers custom spring rates and valving, and come standard with 30 way adjustability, for the suspension experts out there.

At around ten benjamins as of press time, they offer a lot of bang for the buck. These can also be combined with custom Swift Springs for a tailor-made handling solution.

BC Racing Coilovers for 2014+ Infiniti Q50


There is no getting around the fact that the Q50 is a large sedan. The car does carry its weight rather well when it comes to handling, but there is still noticeable understeer present. Most cars come setup from the factory to understeer for safety reasons.


In general, the average person doesn’t know what to do when a car oversteers, so they balance towards understeer – this does take away from a lot of the fun of driving a RWD or AWD car. One of the best ways to help bring that handling back to neutral balance is a rear sway bar, and both STILLEN and Tanabe offer performance swaybars for the Q50.


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