The Q50 3.0t took the tuning world by storm in the middle of 2016. To everyone’s shock and from seemingly out of nowhere, Nissan/Infiniti had finally brought a turbo V6 back to the market that wasn’t attached to a $100k car. With its two power output options (“400hp” and “300hp”), the updated Q50 is quite proficient at generating ridiculous amounts of torque and transforming tires into smoke. While the Q50 is a fantastic car from the factory, there is always more you can do to free it from its shackles and make it the best it can be.

In this piece, we’ll be going over the best mods to set your Q50 apart from the rest of the pack both visually and in terms of suck-you-into-the-seat performance.

Wheels: on the bus go round & round

Wheels are a large part of every car’s exterior appearance and one of the easiest and fastest things to change, making wheels a go-to first mod for many enthusiasts. Fortunately for enthusiasts the Infiniti Q50 3.0t shares the same 5×114.3 bolt pattern as most Japanese imports which means there are almost limitless options for wheels. The proper offsets for a good fit are also in the same range as the outgoing Infiniti G37, Lexus IS, Lexus GS, and even the new Ford Mustang (S550).

Considering that there are so many options, it is important to know what brands you can trust while getting the look you want without sacrificing quality or safety.

Typically both 19 inch and 20 inch diameters will work and are popular choices for the Q50, but 20 inch is certainly more popular. After looking at some examples it is easy to see why. On the Q50, 8.5-10.0 inch widths are quite common for the front wheels, with 10.5 inch being possible with aggressive camber settings (not generally ideal). 10.0-11.0 inch rear wheels are typically the most popular. There is a lot of room in the back for wider wheels which is definitely needed for traction (especially on RWD models).

An important note for AWD owners. Despite what some people might tell you, you can safely run a staggered setup without causing issues with the AWD system. You do need the proper size tires so the rolling diameter of your front and rear wheels are within 1% of each other, but most of the popular staggered setups will work.

It’s important to note that what’s considered “ideal size” is more of a range, which also depends on fitment desired and if you have the sport model brakes (sport brakes require more clearance than non-sport brakes). This means that, while for the most part wheel offset and widths will be the same between both models, smaller widths and higher offsets are only able to work on non-sport models. It is also important to note that you may not be able to run the “sick fitment” Joe Schmo on Instagram has unless you’re willing to make some sacrifices to get that look (rolling fenders, spacers, aggressive camber, a specific tire that fits well, or just being willing to live with rub) – so take into consideration whether you want to roll your fenders to pull off a specific fitment or if you want a painless direct bolt on wheel and tire setup that doesn’t rub? If you’re not sure what is best for your car, you can always consult our team of Mod Experts.

Here is a quick fitment guide reference for a nice flush look for 19 & 20 inch staggered wheels with recommended tire sizes. The “et” indicates offset while the numbers are the offset range. For example et25-30 means that an offset of 25, 26, 27, 28 , 29, & 30 are all recommended. Lower offsets will be more likely to clear the sport brakes, but check with us if you are unsure about clearance.

  • 19 inch:
    • 19×9.0 et20-32 (f) and 19×10.0 et40-45 (r) | 245/40R19 (f) and 275/35R19 (r)
    • 19×9.0 et20-32 (f) and 19×10.5 et45-50 (r) | 245/40R19 (f) and 275/35R19* (r)
    • 19×9.5 et25-35 (f) and 19×10.5 et45-50 (r) | 245/40R19 (f) and 275/35R19* (r)

*255/40R19 (f) and 285/35R19 (r) also acceptable for these fitments.

  • 20 inch:
    • 20×9.0 et20-32 (f) and 20×10.0 et40-45 (r) | 245/35R20 (f) and 275/30R20
    • 20×9.0 et20-32 (f) and 20×10.5 et45-50 (r) | 245/35R19 (f) and 275/30R19* (r)
    • 20×9.5 et25-35 (f) and 20×10.5 et45-50 (r) | 245/35R19 (f) and 275/30R19* (r)

*255/35R20 (f) and 285/30R20 (r) also acceptable for these fitments.

Let’s take a look at some examples.

HRE is one of the most trusted names in the automotive industry for quality wheels that are both classy and stylish. Their FlowForm series of wheels are an amazing choice for the Q50 having an upscale look and reputation along with premium quality.

The HRE FF01 is a modern take on a classic mesh design. It has an upscale look that has a very European style.

The HRE FF15 is a sleek multi-spoke wheel that gives a classy look and feels a little retro. This is probably a better wheel for non-sport models as it hides the brakes a little more than the FF01, but still looks aggressive and refined.

Vossen has been one of the front runners in wheel styling and automotive lifestyle for over a decade. Their designs have inspired countless styles and looks that have set standards in the industry and they have the quality and reputation that keep their customers coming back.

The Vossen VFS5 is a beautiful take on the classic split 5 spoke design which  perfectly blends performance and luxury. These wheels really show off the brakes and the aggressive concave draws attention to the naturally aggressive lines of the Q50.

The Vossen VFS6 is an elegant split 6 spoke design that has a sophisticated and high end look. The European influenced design combines luxury and performance into a perfect package.

Forgestar is a staple brand in the import community. They were one of the first to offer a strong lightweight wheel at an affordable price. Their designs are sexy and modern and offer a lot of customization options.

The Forgestar F14 is a unique design that provides an aggressive and sporty look. The split 7 spoke design stands out from the boring factory designs and the concavity certainly appeals to many. The F10D Directional wheel they just debuted last year would also work well with the flowing, organic lines of the Q50.

Avant Garde prides themselves on being innovative and at the forefront of wheel design and style. They offer a large variety of designs and fitments for all makes an models.

The Avant Garde M590 is a budget friendly cast rendition of the classic mesh style wheel. These wheels have a classy look that everyone loves that which also suits the design language of the Q50.

The Avant Garde M621 has a show stopping directional design that really grabs people’s attention. The Flowform construction means they are both lightweight and strong.

Avant Garde M621 20×9 Front & 20×10.5 Rear

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