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When it comes to sports cars, there are few so iconic as the 911 Turbo. The 911 Turbo is so different from the standard 911 and Carrera that it warrants its own separate piece – the wheel offsets, the power mods, the exterior are all different, so why not?

In this piece we’ll be taking a look at the best mods for the Porsche 997 Turbo, from how to unlock major horsepower gains to how to make the car look and handle its best. Of course, it being a turbo car, that means there’s tons of potential to make more power. Check it out in the following text.

Porsche_997_Turbo_oN_HRE_FF15_LiquidSilver (2)

While the Porsche purists will tell you that the factory wheels are perfect, we’re somewhat inclined to disagree – sure, some of the factory wheels look great, but the vast majority really take away from the rest of the car.

That’s why an aftermarket set of wheels in a handsome design, paired with high performance tires, is the first mod we recommend for your Porsche. Not only do the wheels influence performance, but they’re also a large part of the visual real estate of the car – since they’re so much of the car’s appearance, they’re one of the first things people notice, and it’s one of the things even non-car people take notice of, even if they may not know quite what it is that makes your particular Porsche look so good.


Given that your Porsche is rear engined, the fitments needed are going to be wildly different than basically anything else on the road – not to mention that funky bolt pattern, so really, you’re going to need wheels made for a Porsche. No worries, there’s no shortage of manufacturers offering Porsche wheels.

Porsche_997_turbo_on_HRE_FF01_Liquid_Silver (3)

One of our favorite options for the 997 is the HRE FF01, offered by the legendary HRE Performance Wheels. Known as an industry giant for decades, HRE has recently expanded into a new lower level offering of flow-form wheels.

Porsche_997_turbo_on_HRE_FF01_Liquid_Silver (1) The mesh design and sharp lines of the FF01 compliment the 997’s contours nicely, creating that aesthetic of precision that screams “PORSCHE”.Porsche_997_turbo_on_HRE_FF01_Liquid_Silver (6)
Available in tarmac black and liquid silver, the FF01 is a perfect fit for the car with performance from a name nearly as storied as Porsche.

Porsche_997_Turbo_oN_HRE_FF15_LiquidSilver (4)

HRE also recently debuted their second flow form wheel style, this time opting to go for a classic multispoke design – the HRE FF15.
Porsche_997_Turbo_oN_HRE_FF15_LiquidSilver (2)

The HRE FF15 offers that classic LeMans racer look at a price that’s a bargain compared to some of the car’s factory options. We keep HRE FF01s and FF15s in stock here at ModBargains, but of course, there’s always the rest of HRE’s classic line.

Porsche 997tt Forgestar CF5V Race Gold Render Front

Forgestar CF5V in Race Gold on Porsche 997 Turbo

Another lightweight and strong option is a set of Forgestar Wheels. Named for their Rotary Forged manufacturing process, a set of these babies offers premium performance at a budget price.

Porsche 997tt forgestar cf5v race gold side view

Forgestar CF5V in Race Gold on Porsche 997 Turbo

Featuring a concave split 5 spoke design with flowing organic curves, the Forgestar CF5V is a unique compliment to your Porsche.


Forgestar CF5 Matte Black Wheels on Porsche 997 Turbo

Forgestar wheels are custom made to order, each set tailored to the specific car it’s intended for, factoring in things like widebody, big brake kits, whether or not it’s lowered and so on.

Porsche_997_Turbo_Black_Forgestar_CF5_Silver_Img001 A set of 5-spoke Forgestar CF5s is a great way to go, offering a clean 5-spoke look with a hint of concavity.Porsche-9972-911-turbo-Forgestar-F14-GM-img001

The Forgestar F14 is another popular option from Forgestar wheels, seen here in Gunmetal.

Offering a race-oriented aesthetic, the Forgestar CF10 is another great looking option for the wide hips of the 997 Turbo.


The straight 10 spoke design is contrasted by the concavity of the wheels that fills out the rear fenders completely.

Of course, there are still more options.

Porsche_996_widebody_Fifteen52_turbomac_Forged (4)

Considering a set of Forged wheels? Check out this set of fifteen52 Forged Turbomac wheels on this Porsche 997.1 Turbo.

Porsche_996_widebody_Fifteen52_turbomac_Forged (2) With a totally custom finish, these beauties are an amazing compliment to any build that will turn any enthusiast’s head.
Porsche_996_widebody_Fifteen52_turbomac_Forged (9)

So if exclusivity and customization is as important to you as functionality, a set of fifteen52 Forged wheels may be the right thing for your 997.


Rohana RF2 Matte Black 20×9 20×12 on Porsche 997 Turbo

Rohana Wheels also offers some great options for the platform.


Rohana RF2 Matte Black 20×9 20×12 on Porsche 997 Turbo

Offered in more impressive 20in and 19in fitments only and not offered in smaller fitments, Rohana wheels specializes in large diameter fitments. Rohana offers a variety of styles and colors and their range is available in Porsche fitments.

Porsche 997 Turbo - Matte Black Ruger Mesh - agwheelsAvant Garde offers a collection of wheels manufactured specifically for Porsche vehicles – given the unique widths, offsets and lug pattern of Porsche vehicles, they really have to be their own line given how different things are. Ruger Mesh wheels, seen in Gloss Black on the 997 Turbo above, are one of their most popular wheel options.avant-garde-m590-19x85-19x11-brushed-porsche-911-turbo-997tt-img003

Porsche 997 Turbo on Ruger Mesh 19×8.5 19×11 in Satin Silver

Also available in satin silver (and can also be custom powdercoated for a little extra), the Ruger Mesh works brilliantly with the 911’s bodylines.


Porsche 997 Turbo on Ruger Five 19×8.5 19×11 in Satin Silver

If five spokes is your thing, Ruger has you covered there too with the obviously named Ruger Five, seen here in Satin Silver. Contrasted against the Forgestar CF5, the Ruger 5 is a more flat-faced wheel with sharper lines and less concavity.


Another handsome option is the Ruger Split. With its widely spaced, thin spokes and sharp lines, these wheels look amazing on the 997.avant-garde-ruger-split-grigio-on-porsche-997-img003

Just as important as your wheels is a set of high performance tires to match. You bought a Porsche because you wanted to go fast and look good doing it, right? Well, if you cheap out on tires, that’s like wearing an Armani suit with a cheesy bowtie from Kohls. A cheap, inferior tire will let you down when you need it most, scenarios like hard corners, sudden braking, and so on – and suddenly you wrecking the car is the next sensation on youtube. But that’s totally avoidable simply by opting for quality tires with the performance to match the car. Michelin Pilot Super Sports are one of our favorite street tires, and the Hankook Ventus V12 Evo2 is a great budget performance option, and we stock these tires and many other brands in the performance sizes needed right here at ModBargains.

Ready to get a grip with a fresh set of wheels and tires to beautify your 997 and enhance its performance? Talk to our team of Mod Experts – call us at 714-582-3330, chat live at ModBargains.com or just stop by the ModAuto showroom during business hours.

With wheels and tires out of the way, let’s move on.


GMG Racing Lowering Springs for 2009-13 Porsche 911 [997.2] Installed at ModBargains.com

Your Porsche’s suspension is the next order of business. They may be world-class engineers over in Stuttgart, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t improve upon their work. Lowering your Porsche eliminates the excess wheel gap that sours the look of the car and lowers the center of gravity, sharpening handling further.

Porsche 997tt Turbo HR Springs

H&R Springs for Porsche 997 are another favorite among enthusiasts

Given the car’s rear engined nature, the 997 Turbo Suspension needs more attention paid to it than that of a RWD car like a 3-series.

The right suspension for someone else may not necessarily be right for you; people’s opinions are always subjective, so be sure to think about what behaviors you want out of your suspension and to inquire about how a given part affects ride quality before purchasing.

GMG Racing Lowering Springs for 2009-13 Porsche 911 [997.2] Installed at ModBargains.com

There’s a few ways you can go about lowering your Porsche 997 turbo, ranging in expense from a few hundred to a few thousand, it all really depends on what you like and what you want to do with the car.

One of the most popular ways to lower a car with the lowest cost of entry is a set of lowering springs.

GMG Racing Lowering Springs for 2009-13 Porsche 911 [997.2] Installed at ModBargains.com

GMG World Challenge Springs for Porsche 997.1

One of the best lowering spring options available for your 997 is offered by our friends at GMG. Their World Challenge Springs for the Porsche 997 Turbo lower the car 1.2in for 997.2 models and 1in for 997.1 cars.

GMG Racing Lowering Springs for 2005-10 Porsche 911 [997.1] at ModBargains.com

GMG World Challenge Springs for Porsche 997.2

The unique thing about the GMG World Challenge Springs for Porsche 997.2 and 997.1 is that these are a completely new design that maintains ride quality and also preserves the function of the Porsche Active Stability Management dampers, meaning they’re designed to work with the factory shocks/struts as a direct replacement for your factory springs.

Porsche-997-Carrera-2S-Bilstein_Damptronics-img001 (1)

The next option after that is a set of coilovers. A set of coilovers completely replaces both your springs and shock absorbers. Pictured above is a set of Bilstein Damptronics Coilovers for a 997.

Porsche-997-Carrera-2S-Bilstein_Damptronics-img001 (5)To give you a better idea, here’s a photo of what the Bilstein Damptronics Coilovers look like installed.

Shop Ohlins Road & Track Edition Coilovers Porsche 997 (1998-2005)@ ModBargains.com

Ohlins Coilovers for Porsche 997 Turbo

If you’re serious about trackday performance, a set of Ohlins Road & Track Coilovers for Porsche 997 Turbo might be the right choice for you. One of the most storied names in racecar-grade performance suspension, Ohlins offers technology not offered by other manufacturers in their performance coilovers.

Shop Ohlins Road & Track Edition Coilovers Porsche 997 (1998-2005)@ ModBargains.com

Coilovers offer benefits that springs just can’t match, like adjustable ride height, adjustable damping, camber caster adjustments and more (depending on what brand/model coilovers you opt for) allowing you to tailor your ride height and ride quality.
Porsche-997-Carrera-2S-Bilstein_Damptronics-img001 (4)

Bilstein Coilovers Installed w/aftermarket Rear LCAs & Sway Bar on Porsche 997 Turbo (reference photo)

Beyond coilovers, there’s another way you can alter the balance of your 911 Turbo – a set of Sway Bars goes a long way too. Given their experience racing, it’s no surprise GMG has developed a great line of sway bars too.

GMG Racing Lowering Springs for 2009-13 Porsche 911 [997.2] Installed at ModBargains.com

Also compatible with the PASM Dampers, GMG Front & Rear World Challenge Sway Bars for Porsche 997.1 are adjustable, with 30, 45 or 60% stiffer than OEM up front and 15, 20 or 35% stiffer than stock in the rear.

GMG Racing Lowering Springs for 2005-10 Porsche 911 [997.1] at ModBargains.com

Not sure what suspension type might be the best for you? Consult the Mod Experts – give us a call at 714-582-3330, chat live at ModBargains.com or just stop by the showroom during business hours.


Fabspeed 2010-12 Porsche 997.2TT Maxflo Cold Air Intake System

Fabspeed Cold Air Intake for Porsche 997.2 Turbo

For years, it’s been a well-known fact that Porsche controls the output of their engines by restricting the intake and exhaust systems. Unlike most cars where you just have to switch out the intake arm and filter, there’s more to be had than just replacing that bit. Increasing the flow rate of your intake will increase horsepower and torque, sharpen throttle response and allow you to better hear your turbochargers spool up.

We’ll start with the intake arms themselves – check out this Fabspeed Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake for Porsche 997.1 Turbo models.

Featuring genuine carbon fiber construction and a dry oil-free filter element, this intake increases the flow rate with both a more streamlined intake tract and greater filter media surface area for superior airflow. The end result is a gain of 17-21whp on average.

Scope out the gains for yourself on the dyno chart below – this system performs as good as it looks.


Some of you might be saying, “well what about the 997.2 Turbo?” – no worries, there’s also the Fabspeed Cold Air Intake for Porsche 997.2 Turbo 911 models.

Fabspeed Cold Air Intake for Porsche 997.2 Turbo

While your 997.2 is likely old enough to be outside of warranty coverage, the Fabspeed Cold Air Intake for Porsche 997.2 Turbo is Porsche factory warranty compliant, and yields a not-insignificant 17-21 horsepower to the wheels. Featuring a heat shield to exclude engine bay heat from the intakes, this system keeps intake air charge temps nice and cool.

AS we said before though, the intake arms are only part of the intake restriction problem. The bigger issue stares you in the face every time you pop the rear bonnet- that Y-Pipe that feeds into the throttle body and the intake plenum itself.

IPD Intake Plenum for 2005-10 Porsche 911 Turbo / S [997.2] 97274.2

The Y-Pipe itself is the single biggest restriction in the intake system. Easy to install and straightforward, this is seriously painless power. The IPD Porsche 997 Turbo Intake Y-Pipe, shown here installed, by streamlining the intake path, power is dramatically enhanced thanks to 126 more cfm than the factory pipe with an additional 15-20 whp, in addition to whatever other modifications you may have.

So named because of its shape, the IPD Y-Pipe for Porsche 997 Turbo offers a ridiculous gain in performance.

Check out the video above explaining the purpose and the benefits of the IPD Y-Pipe and why it produces the gains it does.

IPD Intake Plenum for 2005-10 Porsche 911 Turbo / S [997.2] 97274.2

IPD High Performance Intake Plenum for Porsche 997 Turbo (997.1 and 997.2)

After the Y-Pipe, the real place you pick up power is the plenum. Good for a staggering 30-35whp / 35-40wtq, the Plenum makes a huge difference in response. Scope out the dyno below on a MUSTANG dyno. Mustang Dynos are infamous for their notoriously low outputs, giving them the nickname “the heartbreaker”, but if you’re making those kind of gains on a Mustang Dyno, that’s some serious improvement.


Given that the car remained strapped to the dyno for the duration, both before and after the installation, heat soak would be expected to dampen the output, right? Even warm, the plenum itself yielded a major gain across the entirety of the rev range.

997.2 Turbo IPD Intake Plenum 74mm Part 97274.2 img004

The reason for the gain is the obvious improvement in flow. Check out the difference in diameter and the hard 90* turn the incoming air charge has to make when it his the plenum on the OEM plenum. HARD turn.

Enhancing your intake system’s performance is a great way to significantly improve power output across the entire revband and make that engine bay a lot prettier to look at. If you have questions or want to know more about modding your intake system, ask our team of Mod Experts. Give them a call at 714-582-3330, chat live at ModBargains.com or stop by the ModAuto showroom any day during business hours.

After the intake system, the next order of business is naturally the exhaust system.


Your exhaust system is the next thing that people notice when you arrive – and we don’t mean just by looking at it either. Your engine note announces you’ve arrived, and the Porsche flat six has a signature sound unlike any other engine.


A set of performance headers is a great place to start – on the 997TT there’s no cat, so you can install an upgraded set of headers without issue from the smog guy.


The Porsche GT2 RS, aka Project 727, a reference to the Nissan R35 GT-R’s Nurburgring lap time (and internal target) is one of Porsche’s fastest cars ever. AWE Tuning improves upon its already amazing exhaust note even further with their exhaust systems for the 911 Turbo and GT2 RS.
AWE_Porsche_9971TT_07-09_Muffler_3010-11074 (1)


The AWE Exhaust for the Porsche 997.1 911 Turbo is a solid option for the average Porsche driver’s preferences – featuring a clean, muscular exhaust note yet remarkably civil when at partial throttle, this system is a fantastic choice.

AWE_Porsche_9971TT_07-09_Muffler_3010-11074 (2)

Offering the additional benefit of shaving 30lbs off the rear of the car, allowing you to accelerate faster and corner harder, the AWE Exhaust for the Porsche 997.1 Turbo is sure to win over any P-car enthusiast.

AWE_Porsche_9971TT_07-09_Muffler_3010-11074 (3) Smooth, refined and powerful all at the dame time, this system also yields a gain of 24 horsepower and 30lb/ft of torque, all from a drone-free exhaust system.AWE_Porsche_9971TT_07-09_Muffler_3010-11074 (4) Here’s a look at the underside of the system.awe_porsche_9971TT_muffler_installed_3010-11074_img001Available in a range of exhaust tip options to suit any style, this system brings out the best in your 997.1 – however it’s worth noting that all AWE Porsche exhaust systems are for off road use only.
Porsche_9972_911_Turbo_AWE_Tuning_Exhaust_3010-42012_img004If you have a 997.2, there’s also the AWE Tuning Exhaust for Porsche 997.2 Turbo.
Available with your choice of tips as well, including these handsome RSR versions, it looks great on any 997.2 – and like literally all other exhaust systems for the Porsche 997 Turbo, this system is for off road use only.
AWE Tuning is by no means the only option.
This Remus Exhaust for Porsche 997 Turbo yields a 10-15hp gain and features handsome staggered 76mm/84mm tips that suit Porsche design language beautifully.



One other option for the 997 Turbo we’d like to mention is the Akrapovic Exhaust for Porsche 997.1 Turbo models.

modbargains modauto porsche 911 turbo exhaust system slip on akrapovic

modbargains modauto porsche 911 turbo exhaust system slip on akrapovic

With a massive gain of 21hp/25tq and a deep aggressive exhaust note with handsome oversized exhaust tips, the Akrapovic Exhaust for Porsche 997.1 Turbo looks as good as it sounds.

modbargains modauto porsche 911 turbo exhaust system slip on akrapovic

Check out the dyno graph above.

Have a listen to the system in this sound clip above. Like all Porsche exhaust systems, the Akrapovic Exhaust for Porsche 997.1 Turbo models is strictly for off-road use only and may never be used on public roads in the USA. Do whatever you want in Europe, though, we could care less.


If you are after a super-aggressive, savage race-car sound like the Porsche 935 and 962 monster race cars, check out Fabspeed’s muffler bypass pipes for Porsche 997 Turbo – essentially your 997 Twin Turbo will have sports race catalytic converters connected to straight pipes right to your tips on both sides. As with all exhaust systems for the 997 turbo this is for off road use only and may never be used upon public roads.

After squaring away your exhaust system, the last thing to think about is cooling.


The shortcoming of every turbocharged car is the intercooler. Every manufacturer either makes them too small or does something terrible and stupid like using plastic endtanks like some kind of moron. I mean really, you’d expect the best engineers in the world to do better than some of the most failure prone plastic I’ve seen this side of a mid 90s cars radiator.

wagner tuning evo intercooler for Porsche 997

Eliminate your undersized and underperforming stock intercoolers that hamper your 997 Turbo’s performance with heatsoak. It’s a mighty machine, but your intercoolers are junk from the factory and it’s an issue you really should consider addressing.

wagner tuning evo intercooler for Porsche 997 airflow vs oem

A pair of Wagner Tuning Evo Intercoolers for Porsche 997 Turbo offer a massive improvement in flow, reduction in air charge temperatures and therefore make more horsepower and torque, and will do so more consistently than the garbage the car came with stock ever could. What’s more, these bolt right up exactly as a factory part would for an excellent fit that doesn’t disturbo other components while still offering a massive increase in core volume and thermal transfer capacity.

AWE Tuning Porsche 911 [997TT/GT2] Performance Intercooler [4510-11046]

AWE Tuning also offers the AWE Tuning Intercoolers for Porsche 997 Turbo & GT2. This pair of intercoolers is also engineered for superior flow, consistency and thermal transfer while also offering a stellar fit, which is what makes AWE Tuning one of our favorites.

 AWE Tuning 997.2TT 911 Porsche modbargains modauto 4510-11044

AWE Tuning does all of their testing and CAD in house to ensure a precision product.

Let’s say you really want to get serious and go big. There’s always the Alpha Porsche 997 Intercooler system by AMS.

God, look at that puny piece of junk, and just like we told you, failure prone, piece of junk plastic endtanks. How shameful.

Stop letting your embarassing and underperforming plastic-endtanked garbage stock intercooler rob you of power with heat soak and an inferior drop in air charge temperatures.

Check out the massive improvement in performance. It just goes to show you how much your stock intercoolers are holding you back, driving home our point that your stock intercoolers really are quite terrible.

If you want even more power, you can always go power crazy with the totally off-road use only, ‘let’s be a racecar and forget about street legality completely and go win airstrip attack events’ Alpha 9 Package for Porsche 997 Turbo.

Forge Motorsport Intercoolers for 997 Porsche 911 Scoop

For those who prefer something more european, there’s also Forge Motorsports Intercoolers for Porsche 997 Turbo.

Forge Motorsport Intercoolers for 997 Porsche 911


Beyond the intercoolers, race cars call for custom tuning to run their best. Remapping your ECU unless CARB or EPA approved is not legal for street use anywhere in the USA and is strictly for race-car off road use only.

If you’re looking to get more power out of your car on your next hotlap, the EVOMSit Tune for Porsche 997 Turbo yields a gain of 74hp and 84tq to make your 997 turbo more potent than ever.

Another option for remapping your Porsche 997 Turbo Race Car is the Velocity AP Tune for Porsche 997 Turbo, which yields a gain of 74hp and 74tq.


Festival_of_Speed_Parking_Lot_shots_Vendors-60 Last but not least is the Cobb AccessPORT for Porsche 997 Turbo. This incredible diagnostic tool allows you to run your stock map on the way to the racetrack while scoping out every vital sign of your Porsche, and at the press of a button, install your racetrack map and let it rip.

Cobb_AccessPORT_Porsche (1) With its capabilities, the AccessPORT offers functionality you’d normally have to shell out thousands for to get the same kind of analytics and insight as some kind of option to get from Porsche.Cobb_AccessPORT_Porsche (3)

If you have any questions about intercooling or getting the most performance out of your 997 Turbo, you can always consult our team of Mod Experts at 714-582-3330.

Upgrading your Porsche will make it more fun to drive and perform better than ever.

Okay well that’s it for our wrapup of the best mods for the Porsche 997 Turbo. This is by no means the be all end all and we remind you that we can get ahold of virtually anything so be mindful if you do not necessarily see it here, that doesn’t mean we can’t get it.


If you have questions or need any CARB/EPA legal parts installed, give us a call at 714-582-3330, chat live at ModBargains.com or stop by the ModAuto Showroom.

Thanks for reading

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