If you’re looking to really stand out then the best way to make your A4/S4 really unique is with some exterior mods. There aren’t that many parts available at the moment but there are always new pieces in development because of their popularity. You will soon be seeing a wide variety of front lips, splitters, side skirts, rear diffusers, wings, etc.

Front Grille

B9 RS4 Style Mesh Grilles – GR-AUA4B90-RSxx

If you’re not a big fan of the horizontal bars on the stock A4/S4 grille then consider one of our RS4 Style Mesh Grilles. These grilles feature a more aggressive honeycomb design reminiscent of the top tier RS4 models. They come in a gloss black finish in either a standard full honeycomb or with a “Quattro” badging in the bottom section. This grille is a quick and simple way of subtly improving the look of your A4/S4 front end.

Body Kits

Morph Auto Design – Coming Soon

Morph Auto Design is a favorite for us because they are the first company to make modular body kits. What this means is that instead of buying a whole new lip or diffuser to change your look, you can just get a different attachment and completely change the look of your car. Morph has already reached out to the B9 community for feedback on their design concepts and are in the final stages of making their full B9 kit. Below you can see how the modular system works on the existing BMW M4 diffuser, as well as the concept photos of the B9 kit (production photos will be added when available).



Morph Auto Design Modular Rear Diffuser




If you have any questions about mods for your A4/S4 that aren’t answered here or just want more details our Mod Experts are always ready to share their expertise and experience. Contact us at: sales@modbargains.com or call 714-582-3330.

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