An intake is one of the easiest ways to get extra power out of your car. The reason you would install an aftermarket intake on your car is that most factory intake systems are very restrictive and often have a resonator attached to muffle the sound of the intake. Therefore the benefit is twofold, an intake will make your engine sound a lot more aggressive when you’re driving and you get some extra power out of it due to the increased flow.

Available Now

Injen – SP3087 (2.0T A4 Only)

Injen is the absolute go to company for aftermarket intakes. They put so much engineering and testing into every intake they design that you can always count on them to provide a quality product. Their A4 2.0T intake is no exception. Their super nano-web filter technology and dyno tested intake tubes ensure maximum airflow and gives the A4 an extra 14 hp and 12 ft. lbs of torque on average. Multiple color option also give you the option of customizing your engine bay to your liking. If you own an S4 then you’ll have to wait a while until they finish development of their intake for the 3.0T.

Coming soon

AWE and Eventuri

AWE currently has intakes for both the A4 and the S4 in development. AWE intakes are historically very well built and give good power gains so if you aren’t a fan of the Injen intake (or own an S4) then the AWE intakes will definitely be worth waiting for. If you’re looking for a very high end show quality intake then keep an eye on Eventuri. Their intakes are expensive but they are some of the most high quality and visually appealing on the market.


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