Without a doubt the new Audi B9 S4 is a marvel of engineering. Audi have improved upon the B8 S4 with a new turbocharged V6 replacing the previous supercharged V6, giving the B9 and extra 21 hp and 44 lb-ft of torque for a total of 354 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque. It also over 250lbs lighter than the previous generation so the power is even more noticeable. Furthermore, the all-wheel-drive system has been improved for even better road holding and responsiveness. However, we’re enthusiasts. To us cars are not complete when we get them from the dealership, they are instead a canvas onto which we will impart our personality and our ambitions. We want our cars to look better, corner faster, and accelerate harder because we are not the type to settle for ordinary.

We’d like to preface that this is not a complete article, the B9 S4 is still relatively new and unfortunately does not have a large amount of mods available for it. Instead this will be a living document where we will add new parts and update information as it becomes available.

In this article we will also be going over parts the S4 shares with the B9 A4 as well as some parts unique to the A4. We will be sure to go over what will and won’t fit both models and why so you aren’t left in the dark.


For any enthusiast wheels are a go-to first mod. Factory wheels are generally very heavy, far too thin, and sometimes they’re even offensively ugly. The advantages of getting yourself some aftermarket wheels are a better weight to size ratio, greater width to fit wider tires, and being able to choose the exact style and size you want. Luckily the new B9 S4 has a very similar chassis to the previous B8/B8.5 so your favorite wheel and offset configurations will still fit and look good, although the more precise flush fitments will need to be more carefully measured. Like the previous model you will be looking at wheels between 8.5 and 9.5 inch widths and 19 or 20 inch diameter. Your sweet spot for offsets will be between ET25 and ET45 depending on what width you decide on and how flush you want the fitment (for help choosing you can always call and speak to one of our Mod Experts). Because the B9 A4 wheelbase, track, and body shape are shared (minus aesthetic pieces) all wheels and fitments mentioned will fit both the A4 and the S4.

Please note that some of the wheel photos below will be on the B8/B8.5 because we could not find photos of them on the B9. If you have a B9 with any of the wheels mentioned below we’d love to add it to this article so others can see what they look like on a B9. Please submit your photos to Sales@Modbargains.com with a the subject line being “Photos of Audi B9 with [your wheels brand and model]”.


HRE is a very well known and respected wheel company who put out very high quality wheels with very classy designs. Our recommendations come from their FlowForm line of wheels which are rotary forged for high strength and low weight. When you buy a set of HRE wheels you know you’re buying a wheel that is going to be light, durable, and look amazing.


The FF01 is a split seven-spoke design that goes well with the Audi’s European styling. The mesh design has a distinct presence but leaves enough room to see the brakes.


The FF04 is a wider split five spoke design that looks very aggressive and shows off the large brakes on the S4 quite nicely. If you want a more intimidating look then these would be a great choice.


The FF15 is a 15 spoke fin style wheel with wide fins so you can still see the big brakes behind the wheel but you also have more substance to the wheel itself.


VMR is a very well known brand in the Euro market and for good reason given their utilization of flow forming and attractive designs. Their wheel designs work well with the S4 and give it a very aggressive aesthetic.


The V710FF is a split seven-spoke mesh wheel that is light weight and strong due to its flow form construction. Alternatively if you like the design but don’t mind a cast wheel you could also opt for the normal cast V710.


The V803 features a widely spaced split five-spoke design which really shows off the big brakes on the S4. The wheel is flow formed so you won’t be adding too much rotating mass to your vehicle.


The V801 is a flow formed split ten-spoke mesh design which gives a striking look to the S4. It’s a less “Euro” design than the others featured here and definitely has a unique aesthetic to it.

Avant Garde

Avant Garde is a very prestigious and respected brand in the enthusiast community. Avant Garde earned their reputation for quality through their amazing fitments and beautiful finishes. If you want show quality wheels with superb designs then Avant Garde is a great buy!


One of Avant Garde’s most popular designs is the M590. It is a split seven-spoke mesh design with a satin silver finish. They are low pressure cast so they’re lighter and stronger than gravity cast wheels but not quite as strong as a flow formed wheel would be. However if you’re looking for excellent show wheels then these are a great pick.


The M610 is part of Avant Garde’s “Advanced Rim Technology” or A.R.T lineup. It is made using flow forming (generically referred to as “rotary forming”) so the resulting wheel is very strong and lightweight (more so than low pressure casting). The design is reminiscent of the M590 so if you want a similar spoke layout but with a more performance oriented construction then the M610 is a solid buy.


If you’re looking for a very unique design the M621 is a great choice. It’s a ten-spoke directional design that goes very well with Audi body lines and the spokes are widely spaced to show of your big calipers as well.


No list would be complete without mentioning Forgestar. Forgestar wheels are, like many other brands, very strong and light thanks to being flow formed. However, Forgestar allows you to pick your own offsets when you order them, giving you the freedom to pick your perfect fitment (our Mod Experts can always help for those unsure of what fitments they need).


The Forgestar F14, named after the fighter aircraft piloted by Tom Cruise in the hit 1986 action flick “Top Gun” (not really but we like to imagine they are), is a striking split seven-spoke design that compliments the B9’s sporty body lines. The spokes on this wheel are narrower which give it a sharper and more aggressive look than some other split seven-spoke wheels mentioned in this article. They are flow formed and offer a wide variety of colors so they’re the number 1 pick for many enthusiasts for both track days and shows.


The CF5V (unfortunately not named after a fighter jet) is a split five-spoke design that is great for showing off those big brakes on the S4. Flow form construction once again means that these wheels are light and strong so you can take them to the track when you’re not turning heads at the shows.


305Forged is a wheel manufacturer that has handled the production of wheels for many big brands in the past, but recently they decided to get into designing their own models. Their Flow Tech series is comprised of beautifully designed flow formed wheels that are lightweight, look great, and don’t break the bank.


The FT-101 wheels are a split five-spoke design that looks great on Euro vehicles. Its wide spokes show off big brakes well and you can get a great concavity on them if you go wide enough with low offsets.


The FT-102 is another split seven-spoke design with interestingly stepped spokes to give a bit of depth to the look and draw focus to the wheels. This design unfortunately does not have quite as much concavity to it so if you’re looking for a deep concave you’ll want to consider other options.


The FT-107 is a very unique design that is what could be called a branching split five-spoke. The sharp lines and angles give it a very aggressive look that most people will not have seen the like of before. If you like the design these wheels will really help your car stand out.



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