Now we get to some of the most fun bits if you’re looking to stand out. Wheels are already a huge step towards making your G30 unique to you, but you can take it even further with a wide array of exterior mods. Everything from full bumpers to badge replacements. You can really go nuts with all the different options here and find something that fits your personality. We’re going to give some of our top recommendations here but ultimately exterior modding is all about personal preference, your car should be a reflection of your personality.

M-Sport Style Kit

If you have a base trim 540i our first recommendation has to be the M-Sport Style body kit. It is identical to the M-Sport kit that comes from the factory when you upgrade to the M-Sport package. This kit just gives the 540i so much more personality and although this goes against our whole “don’t want to look like everyone else” mantra, you really aren’t doing yourself any favors by not running this kit, it just elevates the look of the car by so much. If you have a base 530i you can also run this kit without any fitment issues, but the rear bumper has cutouts suited only for the 540i style exhaust so if you do want to purchase it make sure you’re OK with having round tips in a trapezoidal cutout, or factor the cost of getting some custom exhaust tips installed into your budget.



Painted Reflectors

One very simple but very awesome mod you can do is to replace your ugly stock reflectors with some color matched pieces. These painted reflectors are OEM BMW reflectors color matched with OEM BMW paint colors, so you just pop out the old ones and pop in these bad boys, instant improvement! The [front reflectors] will fit any G30 model, just find your paint color and you’re set. Please note that if you’ve purchased our M-Sport Style front bumper you do not need to purchase these reflectors as the bumper comes as a solid piece with no reflectors. For the rear reflectors make sure you check if you have the M-Sport bumper (either ours or the factory piece) before purchasing. The normal painted rear reflectors come in normal factory colors and fit the base bumper. the M-Sport painted rear reflectors only come in dark graphite metallic as they are installed in the diffuser section of the bumper.



Front Grilles

One of the first small improvements you can make to the front grille area is getting rid of that stupid black plastic section between the two grilles. If you haven’t noticed this because you have a darker color, or just haven’t looked closer at the front of your G30, we apologize for the rude awakening. However, now that you know it’s there, it’s very easily fixed with a painted center grille trim. Once that is taken care of we can address the horrible chrome surround on the kidney grilles. There are two ways you can go about this: a replacement kidney grille surround, or full replacement kidney grilles. If you like the OEM single slat look then one of our carbon fiber kidney grille surrounds would fit the bill nicely. If you want the “///M” style look then a set of our dual slat replacement grilles would be best for you. We have both gloss black and carbon fiber so you can get a set that matches your build whatever aesthetic you’re going for.




Yet another simple mod, blacked out badges. Chrome badges are just gross, a nice black or blacked chrome badge will do wonders for the back of your G30. We currently have them available for the 540i and M550i, as well as an xDrive badge. Very simple, affordable, easy to install, and makes the car look way better.



Various FRP/Carbon Fiber Pieces

We’ve covered most of what we believe to be the “essentials” to exterior modding, now we’re more in the territory of absolute personal preference. Some of these mods you’ll love, some you’ll hate, it’s all down to what you think looks good. Our G30 exterior mods page has a lot to offer, and we’re constantly adding new and exciting parts. We’ve got all the good stuff: lips, splitters, spoilers, diffusers, and more! Even if you’ve browsed our selection before you should check it out, you might find something you love.



The Next Step

If you’re itching to start modding your G30, why wait? No matter your budget there’s always something you can do to spice up the look of your car or its functionality. Not quite sure where you should start? That’s completely understandable, modifying cars is difficult sometimes and you’ll often find yourself unsure what to buy first. If you want help picking out parts or organizing a priority list why not give one of our Mod Experts a call? Our Mod Experts are highly trained with years of experience with wheel/tire fitment, part synergy, and will work hard to get you the best deal possible on your parts. They can be reached at (714) 582-3330 or by email at Sales@Modbargains.com. We also have live chat available at Modbargains.com during normal business hours.


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