If you want serious power gains you can’t just settle for an intake and an exhaust, those are just the start of all the fun things you can do to make your G30 faster. An easy next step for any enthusiast would be to buy a flash tuner. Flash tuners are fantastic, very easy plug and play install and huge power gains for the price. The tuner will intercept the signals coming from the car’s various sensors and alter them to change air fuel ratios, boost levels, timing, etc. This results in improved power using nothing but the components your car came with. Cars are generally detuned from the factory to help them meet emissions regulations so a flash tuner just undoes some of the factory neutering. Your power gains will be even more impressive when a flash tuner is paired with an intake and exhaust so keep that in mind while planning out your mods.

Burger Motorsports JB4 – 530i, 540i

The BMS JB4 tuner is a truly impressive piece of technology, you simply wire the plugs into your engine harness and the JB4 does the rest! It can even adjust itself to whatever parts you have installed, intake, exhaust, downpipes, intercooler, whatever it may be. With a few bolt-ons you can get upwards of 60 wheel horsepower (80 crank horsepower) out of the B58 engine (540i) with slightly smaller but still impressive gains on the B48 (530i). Technology has made tuning cars not only much easier but much safer than the days of boost controllers, piggybacks, and standalone management systems. Take advantage of that convenience. Note that this tuner is not available for sale or installation in the state of California due to emissions regulations.



Dinantronics Sport Performance Tuner – 530i, 540i

Dinan actually makes several tuning solutions depending on your application and preferences. The simplest tuner they make is the Dinantronics Sport Performance Tuner available for the 530i and 540i. This tuner is in essence a boost controller. It wires into two places to intercept and alter the boost signals being provided to the ECU. This results in the ECU upping boost pressure to compensate, and readjusting fuel trim and timing to match. It is a very simple way of doing things and very effective, resulting in some nice power gains. It can even connect to your phone so you can crank your boost settings to maximum if you’re looking to do a hard pull, or reducing them as low as they’ll go if you’re handing the keys off to a valet. This tuner comes with a 1 year product warranty which does not cover any potential damages to the vehicle or subsequent labor cost. It will however soon come with a CARB EO sticker making it legal in the state of California, currently the request is submitted and approval is pending.



Dinantronics Sport Performance Tuner – 530i, 540i, M550i

If you’re OK with spending a bit more, you should consider one of Dinan’s Stage 1 kits. If you have an M550i then it is also currently the only tuner we carry that will work for you. We know the price tag can be a bit intimidating, but you really are getting a very advanced piece of technology for your money. The stage 1 kit, like the sport tuner, plugs into the engine harness and intercepts signals from certain sensors on the engine. The difference is that the stage 1 wires up to far more connections, giving it the ability to directly affect fuel trim, ignition timing, etc., instead of just upping the boost and letting the engine try to adapt to the changes. This results in a very smooth tune that is very safe for your engine, so safe that this tuner retains Dinan’s usual manufacturer matching warranty. If you install this on a brand new car it will not void the warranty and the product itself will be warrantied as long as your G30 is. Like the sport tuner this product is pending CARB EO approval so don’t worry California residents, your time will come.



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