Exhausts are probably one of the most widely recognizable mods out there, and not always for a good reason. Everyone knows how annoying it is to have a civic with a fart-can drive down your street at midnight. Luckily if you buy a quality exhaust from a reputable company you won’t be “that guy”. A good exhaust will give you a nice tone under acceleration but remain smooth and reserved at idle and low load, perfect for a refined vehicle like the G30. If you want to keep it as reserved as possible we recommend going with an axle-back, but if you want a more distinctive tone and better power gains you should definitely go with a cat-back for the full experience. Currently we only have exhausts available for the 540i and the M550i but we will be adding more in the future once good quality options are available for the 530i.


BMW M Performance – 540i

The G30 M Performance exhaust is specially designed by in-house by BMW to be a strict upgrade to the G30 540i. This exhaust improves upon the factory unit by offering increased flow of exhaust gases, a more aggressive tone, and stylish trapezoidal exhaust tips with “M Performance” engraved on the top. It is the perfect option if you’re looking for a very OEM+ look and sound, and it is one of the more affordable options available surprisingly.


540i Stock Exhaust


540i M Performance Exhaust



Remus Sport – 540i, M550i

Remus Exhausts and European vehicles go together like Schnitzel and Erdäpfelsalat. The Austria based manufacturer has been creating aftermarket exhausts for almost 30 years now, and in that time have built a reputation for absolutely superb quality. Their exhausts for the 540i and M550i are shining examples of Remus’s high standards of build quality and engineering. On the M550i in particular you can see some impressive power gains (max gains of 19 hp, peak gains of 11 hp) along with a general smoothing out of the whole power-band. The sound of the 540i is improved moderately, but on the M550i is where you really see the engine come alive with a deep and rich exhaust tone. Both exhausts are also valved so you get that nice aggressive tone under hard acceleration but can keep a smooth quiet tone during idle and cruising speeds. Choose between axle-back and cat-back options, as well as various stylish exhaust tips from Chrome to Carbon Fiber.




Dinan – M550i

The Dinan Free Flow Exhaust for the M550i is one of the more expensive options out there, but for good reason. Dinan has been around for almost 40 year, and their primary focus has always been on BMWs. With a Dinan product you are not only getting their expert engineering and quality control, your parts carry the name and heritage of one of the most respected names in the industry. The exhaust itself features 100% 304 Stainless Steel construction, factory valve integration, and four 4″ double-walled laser engraved exhaust tips. These exhaust tips are also the first clamp-on tip Dinan has ever fitted to one of their exhausts, traditionally using welded on single-walled tips in the past. The sound is deep and aggressive on acceleration but mellows out under low throttle thanks to the integrated valves. Dinan’s warranty is also one of their big selling points, offering to match the manufacturer warranty you currently have (so it is best to install Dinan parts when your car is fresh from the factory). If your G30 is out of warranty Dinan’s parts are warrantied for 2 years from the date of purchase.




Eisenmann – M550i

The Eisenmann Race Exhaust for the M550i is for the enthusiast who likes a bit more flash and grandeur when modifying their vehicle. Like many others in this list it is made with full 304 Stainless Steel, has a two year warranty, and is valved for those times you just want to drive in a relaxed manner. What sets this exhaust apart is the intensity of its exhaust tone under hard acceleration and its extremely stylish tip options. The tone of this exhaust is probably the most aggressive out of any of the G30 exhausts we carry, and the tip options are just outrageous. You have your normal choices like black and silver, but there are two style options to choose from, Signature and Lemans. If none of those suit your fancy you can also get carbon fiber trimmed silver tips, or if you want everyone to know you’re a Saudi prince you can opt for the carbon fiber trimmed golden exhaust tips. Just be warned, that kind of pomp and circumstance comes with a very large price tag.




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