Now we get into the fun mods, the ones that make the car sound better and give it a little more oomph. And an intake is generally what you would look into first as they are a very affordable mod that will give you a little extra power along with making your engine sound a lot more lively. The reason for this is that factory intake tubing utilizes resonators and restrictive connectors, thus robbing you of some power and totally muting the noise of the engine. And aftermarket tube and filter can counteract this by using an upgraded filter and high-flow tubing (where applicable).

Burger Motorsports Intake

The Burger Motorsports Intake for the G30 530i and 540i is a super affordable mod that will really add to the fun factor of your vehicle. It is a simple piece that is basically a small MAF housing and a high flow cone filter, but it allows your engine to breath freely for the first time. You’ll notice immediately that throttle response is improved and there’s now a ferocious growl from under the hood. Do not be alarmed, your engine is just telling you how happy it is.



This section is unfortunately a little sparse at the moment but we will be updating it when new options become available. Be sure to check out G30 Intakes page for the most up-to-date information.

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