While not always the most exciting of vehicles, the BMW 5-Series has always been a favorite for anyone looking for an executive mid-size sedan. It is renowned for its consistently conservative yet attractive styling and always comes with a wide variety of engine options, so you can focus on technology while keeping engine size small or go all-out on a top of the line model with the biggest engine available. Executive sedan doesn’t automatically mean boring though, in this article we’ll be showing you all the best G30 5-Series mods whether you have a 530i or a full fledged M550i xDrive.


Wheels are a crucial part of any build. You could have a boat load of parts on your G30 but if you’re running around on stock wheels it’s just gonna look a bit…completely wrong. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered no matter your budget.

Unfortunately for those who have wheels from a previously owned/leased BMW, not only will they likely not have the right offsets for your G30, you won’t even be able to bolt them up. BMW has decided to do away with their 5×120 bolt patterns of old and join the likes of Audi and Mercedes in using the more common 5×112. Luckily the selection of 5×112 wheels is quite respectable and there are already wheel companies making specific fitments for the g30.

Stock sizes for the G30 start at a 18×8 ET30 with an option for a staggered 19×8 ET30 / 19×9 ET44 set on standard trim levels, or a 20×8 ET30 / 20×9 ET44 option for the M-Sport package. While these are respectable sizes they suffer from the usual problem of factory wheels being a bit too thin with way too high offsets. The G30 can run wheels anywhere from 18s to 22s but looks best with 20s or 21s without losing too much comfort from low profile tires.

For ideal aftermarket wheel fitment you’re going to want to look for roughly 9″-9.5″ widths in the front with an offset that pushes the wheel out approximately 15-25mm from stock (i.e. a 9.5″ ET30 will sit 19mm out from stock). For the back 10″-11″ would be ideal with an offset that brings it 25-35mm out from stock (i.e. a 10.5″ ET35 will sit 28mm out from stock). However, be aware that the further out the wheel protrudes the more careful you will have to be about tire fitment and wheel alignment to avoid rubbing, fender rolling may be required for some more aggressive fitments. If you want to be on the safe side try to stay under 20mm out from stock in the front and 30mm in the rear. If you’re not exactly sure how to do that we highly recommend contacting our team of Mod Experts as wheel and tire fitment is a specialty of ours.


ADV.1 has some of the most stunning wheel designs in the industry. Famous for their forged wheels, ADV.1 brings the same level of designs and quality to the flow formed market with their Flow Spec line.


The ADV5.0 is an aggressive split 5 spoke that looks both aggressive and classy. The Flow Spec (flow formed) construction gives it both great strength and low weight so it won’t hamper performance. Available in for your G30 5-Series in 20 inch sizing, they are the perfect fit for your BMW. Standard colors include Satin Black and Platinum Black.

AVD.1 ADV5.0 – 20×9.5 et28 (front) / 20×10.5 et32 (rear)


If you’re looking for something a little more aggressive in style you should check out the ADV005. With it’s aggressive split 5 spoke design it can give your 5-series and even more aggressive look. If you have the M-Performance brake calipers these wheels will do a great job showing them off. Available in 20 inch sizing.


We can’t really talk about wheels without talking about Forgestar. At Modbargains we’re huge fans of Forgestar because of their affordability and customization options. Basically what you’re getting with a set of Forgestars is strong, lightweight, rotary forged (flow formed) wheels that are tailor made for your vehicle. You decide what wheels and widths you want and then Forgestar will determine perfect offsets for you based on your suspension and fitment preferences. You also get 20+ color options to choose from so no matter your paint color or your personal preferences you can get a finish that perfectly compliments your G30.


The Forgestar wheel we most often recommend is of course the F14. It is a very versatile split 7 spoke design that is very versatile and looks good on a wide variety of vehicles. This wheel just has so many options to it you can really make it your own. Diameters available range from 17″-22″ and widths up to 12″. You also get choices for concavity ranging from Semi-Concave to Super Deep Concave so you can get just the right stance for you.




The CF5V is a striking and aggressive design that gives a very sporty look to your G30. The wide split 5 spoke design is great for showing off big brakes or just looking good in general. Available in 19″ and 20″ diameters with widths from 8.5″ to 12″. Like the F14s these wheels have three concavity options: Semi Concave, Deep Concave, and Super Deep Concave.




In the aftermarket scene the name HRE commands a certain amount of respect, as such running a set of HRE FlowForm wheels will always earn you extra street cred at meets and just in general from other enthusiasts. Their reputation for quality and style serve only to elevate your G30’s status. HRE Wheels come with a lifetime limited warranty and a 2 year finish warranty, so you can be confident that your wheels will remain good looking and strong for years to come.


The FF04 is a Flow Form split five spoke wheel with seductive modern styling that looks amazing with the G30’s body lines. The open design is great for showing off big brakes or just looking fly as hell. Although it doesn’t come with customizable offsets it is already made in a size that will fit the G30 well (20×9 ET25 front 20×10.5 ET35 rear) so you won’t have the same wait time as with a custom set.




The split 7 spoke design of the FF01 is a classic euro design that compliments BMWs very well so it would no doubt look fantastic on the G30. Like the FF04 they come in premade offsets and sizes but they are made with the same 20×9 ET25 front 20×10.5 ET35 rear sizing and as such should be readily available for purchase.



BC Forged:

With Forgestar we touched a bit on the subject of custom wheels, but what if you were itching for more? Well say no more! BC Forged is your go-to source of affordable custom forged wheels! Yes BC Forged wheels are forged, not flow formed, giving them the kind of design freedom that only forging allows for. You can choose from 44 unique monoblock designs and 64 unique modular designs (each with their own lip and face style options). You also get about 23 wheel color options, 24 lip color options (modular only) and four hardware color options (modular only). Doing some quick maths that is approximately 1 metric tonne of styling options (.98 imperial tons). Like with Forgestar you pick the diameters and widths you want and BC Forged determines ideal offsets for you to give you perfect fitment every time. Basically, if you love making something completely unique, but also want affordable wheels that are super strong and lightweight, BC Forged is the way to go for you.


One great choice for the G30 is the HCA382S. This modular wheel features an attractive split five spoke design that protrudes past the lip so you your wheel face looks very large while still giving you the depth of a stepped lip. Looking for more spokes? Fewer Spokes? Thicker Spokes? Directional? No problem! BC Forged has so many designs you’re sure to find something that suits your fancy, check out their whole lineup on our website.




Not looking to fork over the dough for a custom set of wheels? Sportline wheels offers flow formed wheels at very affordable prices. A full set of flow formed Sportline wheels will set you back for around the cost of a normal set of cast wheels, and offers much higher strength with much lower weight. Their wheels are all backed with a 1 year structural and finish warranty. If you’re looking for a budget friendly wheel that will still look and perform as well as much more expensive wheels then Sportline would be a great choice for you.


The Sportline 7S is a split seven spoke design that looks fantastic on most European designs and would compliment the body lines of the G30 greatly. The 7S comes in a 20×9 ET30 which is a moderate front fitment for the G30 with options for either a 20×10.5 ET30 in the back for a lightly aggressive look, or a 20×10.5 ET45 is also available if you want it a bit more conservative. Of course we always have spacers available if you want to fine tune the fitment more to your liking. Even with spacers a set of Sportline 7S will set you back significantly less than most other flow formed wheels will.



Avant Garde:

Avant Garde is a wheel company renowned throughout the enthusiast community for their truly stunning finish quality and fitments. Their lineup of wheels includes everything from Cast to Fully Forged so you are sure to find the right wheel at the right price point for you. They are also very specific about fitment so when they produce a fitment for a new vehicle they have thoroughly tested it to ensure ideal fitment.


The AG M359 is the first of hopefully many wheels to have G30 specific fitments developed. Avant Garde went with a 20×9 ET30 front and a 20×10.5 ET42 rear so you’ll be able to fit some nice aggressive rear tires to beef up your performance. Because they were developed specifically for the G30 you don’t have to worry about fitment at all, these will look stunning from the second you put them on.



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