The BMW E90/E92 3 series is one of the best platforms for all enthusiasts across the board. They are very aesthetically pleasing and still look very current. During its time they set the standard for modern luxury and sporty aesthetics so they really are good looking cars for being upwards to 10 years old. The performance aspect of the 3 series (especially the 335i), is the best bang for your buck you can get with any car on the market today. With the prices dropping to very reasonable levels it makes no sense to why you wouldn’t want to get one!

These cars are starting to show its age, and most should have miles that average out to about 60k on the low end, and over 100k on the higher end. It is highly recommended that once your E9X reaches past 80k, it’s definitely time for new suspension. Here at ModBargains we always recommend our customers to do a full coilover suspension upgrade when replacing their worn OEM suspension. Coilover suspension provides a higher quality replacement than OEM, and features adjustability that can improve look and performance of the car. In this article we break down the best coilovers for the E9X platform. We separate the coilovers in tiers from good to best, so read further to find out what coilovers may suit your needs!


Tier 1

Looking at the 1st tier we go over entry level coilovers that are the best bang for your buck. These coilovers will definitely be a solid replacement for those looking to either upgrade or replace their OEM suspension and are more budget conscious. For the price point we can really only recommend Solowerks coilovers. These coilovers are perfect for those looking for an improvement in the handling department and having the liberty to adjust ride height but aren’t sure if they want to break the bank.



Solowerks are a great option and one of our favorites here at Modbargains. They are the bare bone of what a coilover system should be: quality suspension that offer adjustable ride height at a very fair price point. For $599 you can NOT go wrong with these coilovers. All Solowerks coilovers use progressive spring rates and are fine tuned to match each application for solid ride quality and performance. Each system is made of Zinc Coated Galvanized Steel to reduce cost while helping to prevent rust and ensure longevity. For more information on this system, check out the Solowerks post recently featured on our blog!

solowerks coilovers galvanized steel suspension e92 e90 bmw 335i 328i

solowerks coilovers e92 335i mineral metallic gray sportline 8s modbargains

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Tier 2 Coilovers – Basic

Tier 3 Coilovers – Mid-range

Tier 4 Coilovers – God Tier


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