Mercedes_C117_CLA250_Red_Before-1 The Mercedes Benz CLA250 is a great new offering from Mercedes, however it is kind of lacking in the style department with some of the factory trim. We’ve said before that the best first mod for any car is a set of wheels, and a set of Mercedes CLA250 wheels was just what the doctor ordered to give this brilliant red CLA the look it deserved. Senior Mod Expert Alan Wei already has had some experience modding the CLA, so he was up to the task of finding the right set of wheels for this C117. Mercedes_C117_CLA250_Red_Before-2

Here’s one last look a the stock wheels. The kind of plain 5-spoke design leaves a lot to be desired and the painted aluminum wheels don’t really go with the dark trim of the car- so a set of darker wheels would be ideal to bring out the beauty of the CLA.

Mercedes_C117_CLA250_Red_Forgestar_CF10_Black_ (1) A set of Forgestar CF10 Matte Black Wheels for Mercedes proved to be the perfect match, like Cinderella putting that glass slipper on, with the CF10s, the CLA just looked “RIGHT”.Mercedes_C117_CLA250_Red_Forgestar_CF10_Black_ (3) The stock wheels aren’t exactly light weight, so the extremely lightweight and strong construction of Forgestar Wheels created by their flow form manufacturing process means that these offer superior performance to stock. See, a lighter weight wheel means the car doesn’t have to work as hard to accelerate. Mercedes_C117_CLA250_Red_Forgestar_CF10_Black_ (4)While on the face of it, let’s say your stock wheels are 22lbs, and let’s assume the Forgestars are like 17lbs (offhand we don’t know, so this is just hypothetical) – though only 5lbs seperates each wheel, you have to take into account the effect of centrifugal force and rotation. Remember being on a merry go round as a kid and how the g-force would try to pull you off? That same force is in effect every time your car is moving. At 65mph, the “effective” weight of your wheels is around 4 times what they are still, so that 5lbs of difference becomes 20lbs of difference per wheel, resulting in a net 80lbs reduction in weight that the car’s motor doesn’t have to push anymore.Mercedes_C117_CLA250_Red_Forgestar_CF10_Black_ (5) What’s more, wheels are considered “unsprung weight” as a part of your CLA Suspension – they’re outboard of the springs and so their weight is not compensated for by the suspension like the rest of the car, meaning a lighter wheel also contributes to better handling performance.Mercedes_C117_CLA250_Red_Forgestar_CF10_Black_ (6) Mercedes_C117_CLA250_Red_Forgestar_CF10_Black_ (8)


The rear profile of the car on the CF10s is outstanding. With a little help from Mod Expert Alan Wei, this CLA the same luxuriant look as its pricier siblings – personally, I think these wheels MAKE the look of the CLA.

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson