Over the weekend KW Automotive group announced that it will be purchasing high-performance automobile wheel design company BBS later this year, June 2021. This is important news for our industry and as a preferred KW dealer, we are always interested in their ever-growing expansion and excited to see the opportunities that unfold from their acquisition of BBS. Check out our recent video on our new channel “Talking Mods” down below!

If you’re not familiar with either of the companies we’ll start off with BBS. BBS wheels was founded in 1970 as BBS Kraftfahrzeugtechnik AG in Schiltach, Germany, and has established itself as the go-to aftermarket wheel for tuner cars, sports cars, race cars and more. Its production of lightweight aluminum alloy wheels provided strength for the most demanding performance vehicles, while its distinctive flair and function-focused aesthetic were highly sought after by the lifestyle car community. Companies as well often used BBS wheels as OEM suppliers for their fleet, with BMW, Porsche, and Audi commonly seen partnering with BBS for its performance cars.

Insolvency administrator Thomas Obere, KW automotive founder and Managing Director Klaus Wohlfarth and entrepreneur Mathias Albert (from left).

KW Automotive’s main plant is located in Fichtenberg, Germany and has international subsidiaries in China, Great Britain, Japan, Switzerland, Taiwan and the United States. They provide development, production and distribution of individual suspension solutions while focusing on coilovers, racing suspensions for touring cars and GT Sport. KW has the largest aftermarket suspension portfolio with more than 26,000 coilover applications and develops software and hardware for virtual motorsports.

BBS has filed for bankruptcy twice before—back in 2007, 2011, and in 2020 due to the pandemic that most of us struggled with. Words from KW Automotive, “KW automotive participated in the following investor search process and was successful in convincing all parties involved in the negotiations with a pioneering acquisition concept to secure the traditional BBS brand.”


“I am very honored that we were able to win the trust of the parties involved in the proceedings with our acquisition concept. By reaching an important milestone, I was able to inform all BBS employees about our plans on March 4, 2021. Until full responsibilities are assumed in June, there are still important agreements to be negotiated, which are the responsibility of the insolvency administrator,” Klaus Wohlfarth said in a statement.


KW Automotive Group is committed to Germany as a business location, and its future concept “BBS 2024″ will deliver major investments in new manufacturing processes and flexible and competitive structures. Now BBS can fully face the challenges and opportunities of the future again and pay tribute to its roots a bit,” said Klaus Wohlfarth. The former subsidiary BBS of America will be fully owned by KW automotive North America, Inc. with headquarters in Clovis, California, and Braselton, Georgia.

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