If you know anything about drag racing, pulling a fast time in a car that is at full weight, full interior on 93 octane Pump Gas is a hell of a thing, about as amazing as if you personally had just turned a swimming pool of water into wine. That’s why we applaud our friends over at AWE Tuning on their 1/4 Mile Record, pulling a 11.883 second quarter mile time, clocking at 116.49mph in their B8.5 Audi S5 – not bad for a street driven full weight German luxury coupe.

awe-s5-1320-001 awe-s5-1320-005

The money shot. The guys at AWE Tuning wanted to see what they could get a B8 or B8.5 S5 or B8 or B8.5 S4 3.0T could do with absolutely no prep. For the run, the car had its spare tire in place, all seats installed, full size 20″ wheels and 93 octane pump gas.


The Samoa Orange S5 shown is AWE’s shop R&D car as well as a daily driver for various AWE Tuning staff. Direct from AWE is the car’s complete list of modifications -note that every single mod is a BOLT ON. These are all off-the-shelf, ready-to-buy upgrades already available to the public – meaning that with the same suite of parts, you can have your S4 or S5 running very similar times.

Here’s the complete build list.

The AWE Tuning B8.5 S5 Build List:
1.         AWE Tuning B8.5 Stage 2 Pulley Kit with G.I.A.C. Stage 2 Performance Software
2.         AWE Tuning S5 3.0T Performance Exhaust with 102mm Diamond Black Tips
3.         AWE Tuning Audi B8 3.0T Resonated Downpipes
4.         AWE Tuning B8.5 S-FLO Carbon Intake Kit with S-FLO Filter
5.         AWE Tuning ColdFront™ Heat Exchanger with Protection Screen
6.         AWE Tuning ColdFront™ Reservoir
7.         AWE Tuning ColdFront™ Coolant Pump
8.         AWE Tuning Vent Mounted Boost Gauge with AWE Tuning 3.0T Boost Tap
9.         G.I.A.C. DSG DL501 S-Tronic Transmission Software
10.       H&R Street Performance Coilovers
11.       H&R 30mm Adjustable Front and 24mm Non-Adjustable Rear sway bars
12.       Brembo 380mm GT Brake kit
13.       Forgeline 20×10” VX3C Concave Wheels 275/30R20 Falken Azenis FK453 Tires
14.       SPC Adjustable Front Control Arms w/AWE Tuning Wiring Harness Relocation Kit
15.       EuroGear Carbon Fiber Front Splitter

awe-s5-1320-002 awe-s5-1320-004
Again, congratulations to our friends at AWE Tuning on their record-setting run!

Photos Courtesy AWE Tuning
Story by Nicholas Gregson in Collaboration With AWE Tuning