Yesterday this AWE Tuning equipped F80 BMW M3 came into the shop to be fitted with a few details to really finish off this car.

Already equipped with BMW Performance Kidney Grilles and Carbon Fiber Side Splitters, the car sports quite a few goodies, but it’s lacking some of the little things.

EWWW just look at that nasty orange blob! Like for instance, these nasty OEM front reflectors. For years BMW has been incorporating these blobs into the front ends of our BMWs that really take away from the front end’s aesthetics.

Compare that to the Painted Reflectors for F80 BMW M3 installed on the opposite side. We had to get our camera angle just right to make it show up, because these things blend in so well. Note the M4 GT-S / M3 Competition Package snowflake wheels.

This car’s interior already has quite a bit of carbon fiber, but as you can see that silver center console bezel sticks out like a sore thumb amongst all that carbon.

To dress up the interior, we installed this slick Carbon Fiber BMW Performance DCT Center Console Cover to complete the look – much of the dash already sported BMW Performance Carbon Fiber bits, such as the Carbon Fiber Shift Selector. As we mentioned earlier, this M3 is equipped with an AWE Tuning Switchpath Exhaust for F80 M3 with the optional Diamond Black tips.

Let’s take a look at the details of this system.


The BMW Performance Rear Diffuser frames the quad tips beautifully and the AWE Tuning etched logos are a nice touch.

Of course, the combo wouldn’t be complete without a BMW Performance Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler to match along with the gloss black Competiton M3 badges.

The BMW Performance Gloss Black Sidemarker Grilles are a nice touch.

The BMW M Performance Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers are another niece piece that really brings the car’s aesthetic together, which is why we had this car in the shop for interior upgrades.

Here’s the shifter trim piece being swapped out.
And here’s the finished product.

The interior has the full tilt carbon fiber package for a high end exotic look.

Check out the Competition wheels this car’s rolling on. In the press photos, we didn’t care much for these, but seeing them in person, they’re actually really good looking.

Scope out the appearance in the rest of the gallery below.

That’s it for this car. Thanks for joining us and we hope you enjoyed the photos.

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson