This gorgeous white B8 Audi A4 came through the shop the other day to have a set of Avant Garde Wheels M590 Wheels for Audis installed.

Though the OEM wheels of the A4 aren’t that bad to begin with, the sharp lines of the M590 are an excellent complement.




The semi-matte finish on the M590s gives them a frosted look that ties in beautifully with the color of the headlamps and suits the white nicely. In addition the wheels, this A4 also sports AWE Tuning Resonated Midpipes and AWE Tuning Catback Exhaust system, giving the car a healthy but subtle purr.

Here’s a short video of the car rolling into the shop – and rolling out wearing Avant Garde wheels for Audi.

Audi-B8-A4-Avant-Garde-M590-008 Audi-B8-A4-Avant-Garde-M590-004 Audi-B8-A4-Avant-Garde-M590-007

The car sits lower than stock as well – this kind of drop is just as bit further than a set of drop springs might be, meaning it likely sits on coilovers. The overall effect of the car is fantastic and we hope we see more of it in the future.

Story & Video Nick Gregson
Photos Doug Johnson, The Driven Lifestyle