The BMW M3 has long been the model everyone chases after in the 3 series lineup. However, when you want to pursue a ‘bang for your buck’ kind of vehicle that’s when the BMW F30 340i becomes an acceptable option for anyone in the 3 series market. A while back we talked about the Best Mods for your BMW 340i which you can find here. Eventually, when you get the keys to your BMW F30 340i you probably instantly want to make a few improvements to the overall look and performance of your car. At Mod Bargains our Mod Experts would be more than happy to point you to the right direction!

Our customer Brian walked into our Mod Auto facility. He had an idea what he wanted but still decided to receive some input from our Mod Expert Casey. Starting strong, Brian transformed his stock BMW F30 340i wheels to something even better, a set of HRE FF10 Flow Form Wheels finished off in Vapor (Matte Silver Metallic) and some fresh Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires. This gave him the look he was aiming for but he didn’t want to end there.

Brian wanted to spice things up and compliment his brand new wheels and tires with a set of new brake calipers. He brought in his own set of BMW M Calipers in the color orange and wanted us to install them for him, if you weren’t already aware we also do installs at our facility Mod Auto in La Habra—just give us a call regarding what you want installed and one of our Mod Experts will be more than happy to help! Anyways, back to our BMW F30 340i transformation talk, the pairing of HRE FF10 wheels and orange M calipers are definitely going to be turning heads when they’re finally combined and you’ll immediately notice how you stand out from the rest.

Apart from Brian upgrading the visual aesthetics of his BMW 340i he also cares about his car’s performance. He wanted to be sure that his brakes performed as good as they looked. That’s when Mod Expert Casey recommended a Motul RBF600 DOT4 Racing Brake Fluid upgrade. The Motul Racing Brake Fluid was created for racing purposes (hence the name of it) so when you get this on your daily driver you know you’re definitely receiving a special product that will last even during extremely harsh driving situations. Furthermore, a key benefit is that the Motul Racing Brake Fluid offers no boiling at high temperatures, this means that when you’re breaking—the power will not drop and you won’t experience the brake pedal slacken and overall you’re going to be obtaining a better response. Our technician Juan flushed out the system with new fluid and in return it will give Brian a significant improvement in his braking performance and will allow aggressive street driving.

Brian also brought in a BMW Performance Electronic Steering Wheel with shift lights for us to install along with our Competition Shift Paddles for BMW. Pictured above and below you can see the significant difference the Performance Steering Wheel gives in comparison to the stock BMW Steering Wheel. This is going to give him the bond between driver and machine, something that he didn’t have while using the stock BMW steering wheel.

The Competition Shift Paddles not only enhances the interior of your BMW’s aesthetics but it also adds to the excitement of driving. It allows you to feel like you’re truly in control and enables you to drive your car more confidently and ensures a better overall experience and performance from your car.

Our customer was extremely happy with the outcome of his 2016 BMW 340i’s transformation and we couldn’t be happier to help him. Thank you, Brian for trusting Mod Expert Casey and the rest of the Mod team! We look forward to helping you again in the future. Do you think these are the best wheels for the 340i? We think they might be! The entire installation was completed here at our Mod Auto facility in La Habra, California.

If you’re interested in any of the installations Brian received such as the HRE FF10 Flow Form Wheels, Michelin Pilot Sport 4S, BMW Performance Electronic Steering Wheel, and Motul Racing Brake Fluid for your BMW 3 series or any other parts for your vehicles, please reach out to one of our ModExperts at (714-582-3330 | or check out our website for more information.