forgestar-f14-17x9et25-18x12et26-sdc-gunmetal-on-1972-detomaso-pantera-red-img001 At ModBargains, our Forgestar fitment specialist and general wheel-fitment the Mod Experts have been in the wheel game for nearly a decade now- and in that time he’s done thousands of fitments for all sorts of vehicles, so it takes a really special car to stand out against an ocean of beautiful and exotic sheetmetal. That something special is this 1972 DeTomaso Pantera – an American built, Italian-bodied, mid-engined rip-snorting exotic. When you’re dealing with a wider, RWD mid engined car, the rules are a little different than the fitments you’d see on any other car. Technically considered a “Ford”, for classic Mid-Engined Ford Supercars, we’re not sure whether we prefer the Pantera or the original GT40. It’d be a tough choice, for sure!

Happening upon our selection of mods for Fords on the site (primarily for 2011-14 Mustang, 2015+ Mustang and the new Focus ST and Fiesta ST), this set of Ford wheels caught his eye. This owner wanted to give his Pantera a look that’d be a bit different than what the other guys at Fabulous Fords show up with, and so he reached out to the Mod Experts to custom-order a set of Forgestar Wheels for this classic Ford.

In factory form, the Pantera came stock with a 351 Cleveland V8 in the back, and even in 1972 with smog-control choked engines the Pantera was a monster – but who knows what evil beast lives under the rear glass – the mystery of what could be there makes it especially menacing. Given that a 351 is already torquey as hell to begin with, the Pantera needs BEEFY, wide rear tires – while we don’t know the exact tire sizes/fitment, we know the rear is a 335-series.forgestar-f14-17x9et25-18x12et26-sdc-gunmetal-on-1972-detomaso-pantera-red-img004

To give the Pantera the unique look it deserved, it called for staggered diameter wheels – whereas most of us are used to seeing staggered width (18×8.5 / 18×9.5 etc), staggered diameter is a whole other animal. Up front are a set of 17in Forgestar F14 wheels for Ford – 17×9 ET25 in Semi-Concave, whereas in the rear, the Pantera wears 18×12 Forgestar F14 Super Deep Concave wheels for Ford to provide a wheel wide enough for that 335 series rear tire.
forgestar-f14-17x9et25-18x12et26-sdc-gunmetal-on-1972-detomaso-pantera-red-img005 forgestar-f14-17x9et25-18x12et26-sdc-gunmetal-on-1972-detomaso-pantera-red-img006


With the new Forgestar Wheels mounted, this Pantera is ready to break necks for another 43 years with iconic style and wheels that will stand the test of time. With the Mod Experts fitment advice, the Forgestar Wheels on this Pantera has to be one of my all time favorite fitments. Thanks to the Mod Experts and this customer for sharing his incredible Pantera with us.

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Story & Photo Editing by Nick Gregson
Photos Courtesy of Owner