If you read our recent blog on the new lightweight Forgestar CF7S you may have seen a sneak peak of the car we’re showcasing today. This beautiful Mercedes Benz W205 C63 AMG Coupe belongs to the wife of our General Manager Alan Wei. Before you start thinking that Alan is treating this car like a second toy to modify, you should know that Aileen is an avid enthusiast in her own right and has a rich history with modifying cars. Her previous car, the R56 Mini Cooper S, has already been the star of several of our articles so you can expect to see this C63 AMG again in the future as well. The “Burbles” license plate is a holdover from her Mini Cooper and with it comes her fun modding personality and overall love of cars.


To give you a bit of backstory into the kind of modifications she gravitates towards you should check our previous Spotlight on her Mini Cooper S and our update article for when she got some new suspension. For the lazy, here is a list of her rather impressive assortment of modifications:

John Cooper Works R112 Wheels
H&R Wheel Spacers
Way Motor Works Stud conversion kit
Project Kicks r40 neochrome lugs
KW V1 Coilovers
Brembo Front Big Brake Kit custom painted Atlantis Blue
aFe Magnum Force Pro 5R Stage 2 Intake
Wagner Tuning Competition Intercooler
Remus SPORT Exhaust
BMS JB Plus Processor
P3Car Digital Gauge
LEDs in the Turn Signals, Sidemarkers, Fog lights, DRLs, Courtesy Lamps, License Plate Lamps, and interior

As you can see, she is no stranger to modding cars, and she takes a pretty comprehensive approach to it at that. Within that list we can see performance, style, and quality of life improvements, making for a very well rounded vehicle to say the least.

Now that you have an idea of her modding history you can see why we’re excited about her plans for her C63 AMG. Obviously it will take time for this build to reach the same level of modification as the Mini Cooper, but it is certainly off to a promising start. First and foremost the car was in need of some lowering because like almost all factory vehicles it sat far too high off the ground for the tastes of most enthusiasts.

The C63 AMG Coupe is currently fitted with an R&D set of Eibach Pro Kit Lowering Springs that are not yet in production. Currently they lower the car 0.8″ in the front and 0.9″ in the rear for a nice ride height that isn’t too low for speed bumps and general driving. Ride quality is very comfortable in all driving modes and do not deviate much from the factory ride feel. When they are released to the public you can expect similar levels of lowering and the same Eibach quality you’d expect from all of their products.

The previously mentioned Forgestar CF7S wheels are the most recent addition to the car and give it a really aggressive stance fitting of the AMG name. The brushed silver finish gives the wheel an elegant high end look while remaining sporty at the same time. The fronts are a 19×9.5″ (Deep Concave) and the rears are an impressive 19×11″ (Deep Concave) to help fit some thick rear tires. The CF7S does a great job of showing off the massive AMG brakes due to the wide spoke design. For tires she went with one of our current favorites, the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S, in a beefy 255/35R19 front and 295/30R19 rear. This helps give the car much better traction overall and helps to reign in the massive power the C63 AMG V8 twin turbo puts down.

Overall the car is off to a great start and is already a lot more noticeable than a stock C63 AMG would be. Given her modding history we are confident that whatever future plans she has for the car they are sure to be tastefully executed. If you’re looking to get started on your own modding adventure be sure to take advantage of the knowledge base of our team of Mod Experts. To reach us call (714) 582-3330 or email Sales@Modbargains.com. Dial extension 8006 or email Alan@Modbargains.com to speak with our General Manager Alan who helps to make all of her mod choices into a reality.