UPDATE 4/21/2015 (originally published 4/13/2015): Brandon’s had the Solo-Werks coilovers fitted for a few weeks, so we’ve added Brandon’s take on how the coilovers feel in his own car.

This BMW E92 328i is really quite the unique car – it’s not easy for a non-M car to rock a ///M3 rear bumper, but Brandon has made it work. It takes effort but if you put your mind to it, you can have what you want even when others say it isn’t possible. Today he’s brought his N/A straight six Bimmer to the shop at ModAuto to give the car the stance to match the aggressive exterior of this E92.

Solo-Werks was founded by former engineers from one of the world’s leading suspension manufacturers, and they’ve brought their experience and engineering knowhow from that top shelf brand to deliver a quality product within reach of the average enthusiast with none of the extra fluff and marketing expense that can make a name brand coilover as expensive as it is. That’s why Solo-Werks Coilovers for BMW E92 Coupe were a great choice for this E92.

Now that Brandon’s had them on the car for a few weeks, here’s what he has to say about living with the Solo-Werks Coilovers for BMW E92:

“Of course, when I first heard about these I had my fair share of reservations, but once I heard of who they were made by- my faith was restored.

WOW, these things amazed me the moment they came out of the box as I watching the install. You can just see the high detail craftsmanship. Of course, once they were installed, I went very low, Maxing out the front about 2.5″ and the lowering rear about 1.5.”

I must say these have impressed me beyond belief. The sacrifice of ride quality is not as bad I thought it would be, you can truly tell these were made for this car specifically.

Not to only mention the gains in looks, but handling has also improved. I would say in all honesty, around 90-90% of the body roll is gone (mind you the Coilovers are the ONLY suspension modification I have thus far, plus my wheels are stock). These things really stick, I daily drive this car and the ride is just right. I am about 500 miles in on them and no problems at all. I live by canyons, and drive them everyday, pretty hard, Piuma, Mullholland, etc. Overall verdict, if you can, DO THESE COILOVERS. The value for the performance you get is insurmountable. I can’t begin to imagine these paired with new wheels and new tires as well (coming soon).”


Setting you back just a hair under $600, Solo-Werks S1 coilovers feature fixed damping but have a PLATFORM-SPECIFIC shock paired to their springs- that’s right, Solo-Werks tests on each platform they release a coilover for and tailor the shock accordingly, rather than using a “one shock fits all” approach of some of the other inexpensive brands – hands down these are probably the least expensive way possible to completely transform the look and handling performance of your E92.

BMW_E92_328i_Solo-Werks_coilovers_M3_bumper_BRANDON_-3 BMW_E92_328i_Solo-Werks_coilovers_M3_bumper_BRANDON_-4 BMW_E92_328i_Solo-Werks_coilovers_M3_bumper_BRANDON_-4-2

BMW_E92_328i_Solo-Werks_coilovers_M3_bumper_BRANDON_-6 BMW_E92_328i_Solo-Werks_coilovers_M3_bumper_BRANDON_-6-2
The install team at Mod Auto made quick work of fitting the E92 with coilovers, and before we knew it, the car was finished and back on the ground.

BMW_E92_328i_Solo-Werks_coilovers_M3_bumper_BRANDON_-17 BMW_E92_328i_Solo-Werks_coilovers_M3_bumper_BRANDON_-26 BMW_E92_328i_Solo-Werks_coilovers_M3_bumper_BRANDON_-25 BMW_E92_328i_Solo-Werks_coilovers_M3_bumper_BRANDON_-24 BMW_E92_328i_Solo-Werks_coilovers_M3_bumper_BRANDON_-23 BMW_E92_328i_Solo-Werks_coilovers_M3_bumper_BRANDON_-22 BMW_E92_328i_Solo-Werks_coilovers_M3_bumper_BRANDON_-21 BMW_E92_328i_Solo-Werks_coilovers_M3_bumper_BRANDON_-18
With the car dropped we have to say the new stance gives the car character to match the aggressive rear end and handling to boot.

Interested in getting more handling performance out of your E92 without breaking the bank? Solo-Werks S1 Coilovers for E9X are available for just $599 for this E9X (and many other BMW platforms!) and will allow you to lower the car to exactly where you want it to be, and the fixed damping means there’s no shock setup to hassle with. Just bolt on, and go! (Well, you’ll need an alignment too just like when you install any other suspension part)

To get your car lowered, click here to make an appointment, or give the Mod Experts a call at 714-582-3330 to find out what options we have for you!

Thanks for reading, see you next time!

Story & Photos Nick Gregson