At ModBargains, we’re committted to using our Experience, Expertise and Enthusiasm to make the world a better place for our fellow auto enthusiasts. One of the ways we’ve put that philosophy to use is in the videos we produce here at ModBargains. In today’s world, many enthusiasts, ourselves included, want to see and hear how the product we’re interested in buying will look and sound when installed on our cars, so we can make our buying decisions with confidence.


That’s why at ModBargains, we have our own internal in-house video team to produce the photos and videos you see on the ModBargains YouTube Channel, on Facebook, Google Plus and of course, right here on the ModBargains blog.

IMG_0235We’re focused on bringing you quality video content that lets you really get a feel for the parts that we offer, and the main reason our videos look as good as they do is because of our in-house Videographer/Editor, Ian Wright. Making the beautiful pieces of finished work you see on youtube isn’t just as simple as pointing a camera and hitting record – Ian puts in serious legwork to get the right lighting and aesthetic angles that really showcases the vehicles we share with you and truly captures that feeling. How he makes that happen could be any number of ways, using another car, a ladder- part of the art of videography is how creative you get shooting the film. After the car leaves our shop, Ian then spends hours editing the videos he shoots to turn raw footage into a finished piece.


Born in North Carolina to a family of photography enthusiasts, Ian has been heavily involved in photography and film both in his childhood and adult life. Further developing his gift for the visual arts, Ian graduated from college with a BA in film studies. Ian’s talents have been indispensable in creating the content that our customers have come to expect from ModBargains.


It takes work to get those Magazine ready glossy shots that everyone loves, and it really takes an eye for both photography – and the subject matter. Before moving to CA, back in North Carolina, Ian built and customized several Jeeps – meaning he’s no stranger to automotive modifications himself.


If you’ve ever worked on a car yourself, you can probably appreciate how hard it can be to get your hand or tools onto tricky nuts and bolts. Well, with a camera, it’s a lot trickier, because the camera has to get in there to “see” what it is you need to see that’s a part of that installation process.


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Story by Nicholas Gregson
Photos Doug Johnson