86fest-modbargains-1Another 86Fest has come and gone. While it seems like one day isn’t enough to get your fill of FA-20s or 4A-GEs, you’d be surprised about how much can be packed into 12 hours. Here’s a recap of the event from OUR eyes. Above we began setting up at 7am, with our two show cars arriving right on time.

One of our show cars was recently featured on the blog. Happy to join us, Alex hung out all day showing off his Brushed Titanium Forgestar F14s.

Alex is also lowered on Black-i Seres RS-R coilovers. These give him a great fitment matched with the F14s.

On the other end of the modding spectrum is JJ’s Rocket Bunny FR-S. This car (unfortunately) has not been featured on our blog yet, but we will be contacting JJ for a feature soon! If you can spot it, JJ has swapped out his RB wing for a fully function Voltex wing.

As sweet as both of our show cars are, we weren’t the only booth to have cars! Turn 14 Distribution was the main sponsor of the event, and showed up in style with Dai Yoshihara’s Formula Drift BRZ. That Falken Tire livery will never get old!

86fest-modbargains-9GReddy was also represented quite nicely by Ken Gushi’s FD machine, as well as his Pikes Peak car. Spoiler alert, that’s not an FA-20 under the hood.

BC Racing was at the show, showing off what their suspension setups are capable of.

86fest-modbargains-11Mishimoto was out showing off their highly engineered parts for the FR-S/BRZ platform. If you haven’t read our post on their new Compact Baffled Catch Can, its worth the read.

Their larger catch can is made to fit over 20 different configurations (shown here), and is available in a variety of accent colors.

Next up was Cusco. Cusco is known for their JDM racing heritage, and the ZN6/ZC6 platform is perfect for them.

As you can see, they aren’t messing around.

Not all companies there were as well known in the 86 scene, but they do deserve recognition. Works is an established company that first specialized in Evos but is now entering the FR-S/BRZ market. Be sure to check them out!

Injen is a staple name in the modding community, and they were out in full force with their intakes and exhaust components.

If you own an FR-S/BRZ, be sure to check out RS-R and their engine oil optimizer “Ran-Up”. It enhances engine efficiency with a specially formulated mixture incorporating nano ceramics. No, we’re not kidding.

One of the most eye-catching cars there was this bagged FR-S with Borla exhaust. You can’t hate on that fitment!

Of course Borla also brought a few exhaust systems to display, and a sick Hot Lava FR-S that no one has ever seen before (sarcasm).

Overall 86Fest was a great chance to talk to the 86 community and see what they are really looking for out of the modification industry. We had a great time, and we can’t wait until next year! Big thanks to Alex and JJ for coming out and supporting the community. We hope to see you out there next time!