BMW E92 M3 Black Forgestar F14 SDC GM (3)

From the outset the V8-powered E9X BMW M3 – which came in three flavors, E90 M3 Sedan, E92 M3 Coupe and E93 M3 Cabrio – is quite the beast. It’s as precise as a scalpel yet can be as brutal as a hammerblow. However, as with any M3, there are a few nagging issues from the factory that prevent this otherwise badass canyon-carving monster from performing its best. As clever as the boffins at BMW are, they sometimes miss things or tame things a little too much.

For instance, just a 15 minute hard session on track can send your 8,000RPM screamer of a V8 into limp mode – and the factory wheels on the E9X M3 are our least favorite factory wheel for any BMW ///M car. We asked our team of Mod Experts (several of whom own E92 M3’s themselves) for their picks for top mods for E9X BMW M3 and with feedback from the community, we’ve put together this compilation of the best mods for the V8 BMW M3.


In this article we’ll tell you how to get more horsepower out of the V8 and the simple fix to get your M3 ready to carve the canyons without the worry of overheating – we’ll be covering all this and more in the 7 best mods for E92 BMW M3 Coupe and E90 M3 Sedan.

So without further adieu, let’s get started.

1. Wheels & Tires

As we mentioned previously, the stock wheels on the E9X BMW M3 have to be the worst looking to come stock on any M3. While beauty’s supposed to be in the eye of the beholder, stylistically they’re pretty gross. Because the stock wheels are so awful looking on the E9X M3, this means replacing them with a much better looking, lighter weight set is an ideal upgrade you’ll notice every time you look at the car, and feel every time you drive. People who don’t know cars will take notice – and they won’t know why, but they’ll think “hey, that looks pretty nice.”.
We’ve said it again and again, but it really is true, especially in the case of the E92 BMW M3, wheels and tires are the best “first mod”.
BMW E90 M3 Forgestar F14 19x10ET20 SDC Hankook V12 275-30-19 295-30-19 Alan (2)

Forgestar F14 Semi-Gloss Gunmetal 19×10 ET20 F/R Hankook Ventus V13 Evo2 275/30-19 / 295/30-19

With an M3, you’re probably going to want a performance-oriented wheel that can stand up to track use – so a lightweight and strong Flow Form (also called Rotary Forged) wheel or outright Forged or Multipiece Modular Wheels (if you’re not afraid of the “caviar” price that comes with true Forged wheels), rather than Gravity Cast or Low-Pressure Cast Wheels.

It’s important to note that ANY wheel, no matter the brand, can crack or bend if you hit a pothole hard enough – hell, you could have wheels Forged in Valhalla by Odin himself and blessed by the Norse Gods and still bend one if you hit it at speed on something hard. That’s why Race Teams have multiple sets of both wheels and tires. No wheels are invincible, so try to watch for road hazards.

Our Mod Experts know the fitments for the M3 like the back of their hands and can vouch for the quality of the many fine wheels we offer here and can tell you from experience what issues you might run into or how to achieve the particular look or fitment you’re after. Our extensive experience in particular with the E9X platform means that we’ve been dealing with all the popular wheels on the market for so many thousands of sets of wheels, there’s virtually no problem we haven’t already seen – so we can confidently tell you “these wheels will fit your E92 M3”, and know we’ll be right – and can give you some guidance to what wheels might be right for you.

Of course, wheels are only as good as the tires you mount on them – so high performance rubber like Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires, Toyo Proxes T1 Sport Tires or Hankook Ventus V12 Evo2 Tires are some of the better options available to wrap your rims with.

Forgestar F14 Super Deep Concave on 2007-13 BMW M3 E93 SemiGloss Gunmetal at 1

When it comes to M3 fitments, Deep Concavity has been the “in” thing for the past 3-4 years now, and the concave look really looks great on the M3, especially because the M3’s wider fenders allow for much more aggressive fitments than you can do on a regular 3-series. The E93 BMW M3 above is rocking Forgestar WheelsF14 flow form wheels in Super Deep Concave on all four corners for an amazing look.

Here’s a closer look at what we mean by concavity on a staggered 19in set of Forgestar F14 Wheels for E92 BMW M3 – there’s depth, it sinks in towards the center in a “concave” shape. The cool thing is that Forgestar wheels are very customizable, they can be ordered in a wide variety of colors, three levels of concavity (depth) and each set is custom machined to your specific car, taking into account things like whether you’ve got a big brake kit, have lowered the car and so on.

Forgestar has a few other great options, like the Forgestar CF10, which offers the classic touring car multispoke look, perfect for the M3.

The Forgestar CF5V is another handsome offering from Forgestar, with a forked split 5-spoke design that has a distinctly motorsports feel to it and looks great on nearly any color.

One of the newer entries to the flow form market comes from HRE Performance Wheels – an icon in the motorsports wheel industry. Their new HRE Flow Form line is a monoblock Flow-Formed wheel line rather than multipiece modular or Forged as with the wheels HRE is historically known for. Designed in house at HRE in San Diego (well, Vista technically, but whatever) – their FF01 and FF15 offer the style, performance and quality you’d expect from HRE but at a surprisingly attainable pricepoint.


This E90 M3 Sedan is on a set of HRE FF01 Wheels for BMW E92 M3 in Tarmac finish – which is the black color you see here, but it’s also available in a bright Liquid Silver. With a 19×9 / 19×10.5 staggered fitment, the look really “finishes” the M3 and gives it the aesthetic it should have always had.

A long time manufacturer of wheels for BMWs, VMR Wheels also has some flow form wheel options that look great on the E9x. VMR V803 Wheels for BMW look great on the E92 coupe (nevermind that it’s an is above)

VMR’s new V810 Wheels for BMW E92 M3 offer handsome classic motorsport styling with lightweight flow form construction – these offer a different look than some of the other wheels on the market you’ll see more often but they’re a distinctive and classy choice for the E92 BMW M3.


Last but not least, VMR Wheels now offers their classic V710 design in a flow form version – the VMR V710FF Wheels for BMW in Matte Graphite in 19×8.5 / 9.5 / 10.5in fitments are another great flow-form option from VMR.

Avant Garde M359 Hyper Silver 19×10 / 19×10 on E92 335i w/M3 Fenders

If you’re looking for something different with a touch of class, Avant Garde Wheels also has some choice offerings for the E9X M3 as well- like Avant Garde M359s, which offer a clean classic look that suits the M3 perfectly, seen here in Hyper Silver on a 335i with M3 fenders.


Avant Garde also offers M359 Wheels in Matte Black for BMW fitments.

Whatever your style or budget, there’s an option that’s just right for you and your M3. We invite you to check out our full selection of Wheels for E90/E92/E93 BMW M3 here, or chat with one of our Mod Experts online or over the phone (714-582-3330) who can offer some options you might like based on your preferences.

2. Drop It Like It’s Hot with BMW M3 Suspension Upgrades


E90 BMW M3 Competition Pkg on Forgestar F14s with Eibach Pro-Kit Springs for BMW E90 M3

The next thing after a set of wheels, cosmetically in terms of getting the car to look right, more “balanced”, is giving the BMW E9X M3 Suspension a drop. With the M3 there’s quite a few ways to accomplish a lowered look, ranging from simple lowering springs to height adjustable springs to coilovers to air ride. It all depends on your goals and what you want to spend.


For most daily driven cars, you’re probably going to be looking at either lowering springs or coilovers. Since Springs are the simplest and technically the least expensive option (on the face of it, more on that later) – we’ll start with those.


Eibach Pro-Kit Springs for E9X BMW M3 are one of the safest choices – most people will be okay with the drop and the ride quality, but just as we all like our hamburgers served with different toppings/fixin’s, not everyone likes the same ride.

Eibach Pro-Kit Springs are middle-of-the-road, offering a slightly firmer feel than stock and a conservative drop of .8in / .6in front and rear on M3 hardtops that won’t make the car unusably low.

E90 BMW M3 Competition Pkg on Forgestar F14s with Eibach Pro-Kit Springs for BMW E90 M3

As you can see on the E90 above, the drop eliminates most of the wheelgap but leaves enough room to still ensure proper fender clearance – and the elimination of the wheelgap really “makes” the look of the car and visually completes any set of wheels and tires.

BMW_E92_M3_RPI_Exhaust_Black_tips_Eibach_Springs-13E92 BMW M3 on Curva Wheels with Eibach Pro-Kit Springs for BMW E92 M3

The drop is about the same for both coupe and sedan, as you can see in the photos above.

But let’s say you wanted a firmer, more sporting feel. Staying with lowering springs, a set of H&R Springs might be just the thing for you.

BMW E93 M3 Forgestar F14 19x10et20 SDC FR HR Springs-1-2


BMW E93 Cabrio on H&R Sport Springs for BMW E93 Cabrio with Forgestar F14 19×10 ET20 SDC Wheels

H&R Springs for E9X BMW M3 are noticeably firmer than Eibach Pro-Kit, meaning they may not be ideal for everyone’s tastes. However, that said, H&R has built a reputation over the decades for quality suspension upgrades, and you’ll find that to be the case here as well. Offering a more aggressive drop of 1.0in front and .6in at the rear, these H&R Springs will be a slightly tighter fit than the Eibachs but likely will be a bit sharper in the corners.

On the other hand, what if you wanted a lowering spring that kept ride quality as close to stock as possible while still lowering the car? A set of Vogtland Lowering Springs for E90 BMW M3 might be something to consider, offering a 1.0in drop front and rear, these springs have been engineered to offer a compliant, comfortable ride while still delivering the drop necessary for visual impact and the sharpened handling you expect of a sport spring. TUV Approved and manufactured in Austria, these are a quality spring that’s suited to the car.

With any lowering spring, you have to consider that with a lower ride height, the shock absorbers and struts are now sitting lower than they were engineered to when “at rest”, meaning they may not perform as well as intended and can wear out prematurely. Not to mention, it takes literally the same amount of labor to install a set of lowering springs as it is to install a set of coilovers, which replace both the spring and the shocks/struts for a complete upgrade.

If you’re not sure you want to go all the way to coilovers, but still want precise control over your ride height, there’s a new option available for the E9x from KW Suspension.

This option is basically a “Sleeve-over” setup that converts your existing factory struts/shocks to coilovers and replaces the springs with lower ones with a threaded perch to allow for ride height adjustment. KW calls this their KW Height Adjustable Spring Kit for BMW E9X M3.

bmw e92 m3 modbargains mod auto black forgestar F14 wheels

KW Height Adjustable Spring Kit for BMW E92 M3 Installed

This option may be preferable for those who’d like to retain their factory shocks or retain full EDC functionality, and are slightly less expensive than outright coil-overs.

Like we said, it costs exactly the same to install springs as it does coilovers (consider a different shop if you get quoted more for coilovers than lowering springs – it’s the same price for either at ModAuto, our install shop in La Habra, CA) – and when you factor in that coil-overs replace both the shocks and the springs as a unit – it’s more economical than you’d think to go with coilovers. What’s more, because they’ve been engineered to work together, a coilover’s spring and shock will outperform a lowering spring on a factory shock.

With the M3, its suspension is inherently more complex than that of a standard 3 and as such its parts are more specialized, which is why a part for an M3 may cost more than a similar part for a 335i. Call it the M3 tax – however one of the great exceptions to that rule is a set of BC Racing Coilovers for BMW E92 M3 & E90 M3.

Coming in at a thousand bucks flat (+tax/shipping etc) as of press time, these coilovers for BMW M3 offer a hell of a lot of bang for the buck, with 32 way adjustment on all four corners for less than a set of fixed-damping coilovers from better known competitors. BC Racing BR Coilovers are a quality coilover with a lot of bang for not a lot of money – if you’re okay with spending a little more, one of the biggest steals in suspension right now is BC Racing’s External Reservoir Coilovers for E9X BMW M3. Known as the ER Series, these things are a steal, since as of press time they’re $1850, but offer a level of comfort and suspension response unparalleled by standard coilovers – ModBargains co-founder Ron swears by the set of External Reservoir Coilovers on his W204 C63 AMG.

BC_RACING_W204_ER_COilovers (1)

Of course, there are a few other options for your M3 Suspension – we also offer OHLINS.

If you’re a hardcore trackday enthusiast and don’t mind the premium that comes with the name, OHLINS is some of the best suspension components money can buy – and the Ohlins Road / Track Coilovers for BMW E9X M3 are a great option.

KW Clubsport Coilovers BMW E92 M3 @ ModBargains.comKW Clubsport Coilovers BMW E92 M3 @

Another option is a set of KW Clubsport coilovers for E92 BMW M3, which offer a similar level of performance as the Ohlins but slightly different components and track-oriented calibration.

Not sure about what suspension type is best for your E9X BMW M3? You can always consult our team of Mod Experts who can give you their take on how some of these items have been to live with from their own experience and from customers and can give you the guidance you need to find the right way to lower the car for you. To consult our team of experts, use the Live Chat function at, call 714-582-3330 or just stop by the Mod Auto showroom in La Habra, CA any day during business hours.

Now that we’ve handled the wheels and tires and addressed the suspension of the M3, we can move on to the business of going fast.

3. Exhaust

After the way a car looks thanks to its wheels, tires and suspension, how it sounds is also one of the biggest things you notice about a car. The E9X BMW M3 Exhaust system and how to upgrade it without making yourself deaf.

Without burying you in the details, here’s the fact of it – the sound of an exhaust system is every bit as important as the performance, since it’s YOU that’s going to be hearing it every time you drive the car. Since exhaust can be subjective, the right exhaust for you may not be the right exhaust for your friend who likes his car louder than you do – and so on. For these reasons, it’s important to do your research and look at all the options available to you before making your decision.

Check out this compilation video we put together featuring some of the exhaust options out there for the E9X BMW M3.


Here are a few of the options out there for E9X BMW M3 Exhaust Systems.

BMW_E92_Frozen_Blue_M3_Remus_US_RACE_CF_Lip_CSL_details-15Remus Sport Exhaust for E9x BMW M3

Eisenmann Exhaust for E9X BMW M3

Ark DT-S Exhaust for E9X BMW M3

Billy Boat Exhaust for E9X BMW M3

BMW Performance Inconel/Titanium Axle-Back Exhaust for 2007-12 BMW M3 [E90/E92/E93]

BMW Performance Exhaust for E9X BMW M3

Vanguard Titanium Exhaust for E9X BMW M3

Fabspeed Header-Back Exhaust Package for 2007-12 BMW M3 [E90/E92]

Fabspeed Header-Back Exhaust System for E9X BMW M3

These were just a few exhaust options for the E9X BMW M3, you can always ask a Modification Expert for guidance for what sort of system is best for your needs.BMW_E90_M3_Megan_Racing_exhaust (5)


Interested in spicing up the look and performance of your E90 or E92 BMW M3? Ask the Mod Experts what exterior upgrades are available for your car to change the style of your ride. Call us at 714-582-3330 for expert car mod advice and schedule your installation at the Mod Auto shop today.

After handling the wheels, suspension and letting that sweet V8 sing with a proper exhaust system, now we’ll get into getting the most out of that S65.


4. Tune & Stay Cool with an Oil Cooler

When we asked our Mod Experts and the E9x BMW M3 enthusiast community hands down, the consensus among them for their favorite mod was this. A tune.

What a E-tune like the ESS Directflash Ecu Tuner software for the E9X BMW M3 does for your M3 is right off the bat, you’ll pick up an additional 10 horsepower to the wheels and 12 lb/ft of torque across the rev band, raise the rev limit to 8600 rpm, and that’s even before we do anything else. Importantly, it has a 10-slot tune capacity, meaning you can have your car e-tuned by a professional tuner and have a tune tailored to your car’s specific mods to get the most power out of the car – and if you have an exhaust system that causes a Check Engine Light, this features a CEL eliminator function to turn that annoying light off.

Check out the dyno graph above to get an idea of what the difference is. Since you’re going to be revving a bit higher, it might be worth considering changing your oil out to a true synthetic oil like Motul at your next oil change.

It’s a maintenance item you’re going to have to do anyways and Motul actually costs less than Mobil1 European Blend Synthetic oil. We have a complete Motul BMW E9X M3 S65 Engine Oil Change kit that’s complete with all the oil you need and a filter to go with it for your convenience.

Speaking of oil – that brings us to the Oil Cooler. Remember how at the beginning of this article we told you about how you can overheat your M3 in just 15 minutes of normal track use and go into limp mode? This is how you prevent the problem.

An Upgraded Oil Cooler
If you plan to push the car at all, or ever do a trackday, this is a must. We offer this PWR high capacity, large core OEM-location -12an oil cooler developed by PWR as an option. The PWR Oil Cooler for E9X BMW M3 helps prevent overheating the oil with a larger core with greater surface area and a design that recirculates oil less frequently through it than the OEM design, which helps avoid “heat soaking” the oil itself.



It’s important to note this oil cooler doesn’t include lines, so you’ll need to factor in the -12an lines and fittings as well, so ask a Mod Expert before ordering.

BMW_E92_m3_oil_cooler_install_sean-5 Check out this example of an upgraded oil cooler for the E9X BMW M3 versus the stock one.BMW_E92_m3_oil_cooler_install_sean-8 Note that the core’s fatter with more rows, creating more surface area for more efficient cooling.BMW_E92_m3_oil_cooler_install_sean-13

After you’ve upgraded your Oil Cooler, you can confidently flog the car at your next track day.

With the tune and oil cooler out of the way, now we can address the motor itself.

The S65 V8 doesn’t need a lot of help, but BMW sure does like to cork up the motors with restrictive intake and exhaust systems. Which brings us to…

5. Unleash the S65 with an Intake Upgrade

The factory setup of the E9x BMW M3 intake is a touch restrictive, particularly the elbow feeding the throttle body – so we’ll start with the intake system.

BMW_E92_M3_CF_VRS_Lip_Remus_Exh_CF_Mirror_Whls_afeintake_img008One of the options that looks great under the hood is the aFe Stage II Intake System for E9X BMW M3, which frees up flow with a roto-molded intake elbow and a high flow air filter for a potent +18 horsepower gain and an additional 15ft/lb of torque to the wheels on its own – compound that when paired with other bolt ons.


Most noticeably, a freer flowing, less restrictive intake means that you can really hear that German V8 roar.

If you’d like to keep things simple, you can also swap out the restrictive factory air filter element with a drop in high flow air filter for E9X BMW M3, but that’s not really much of a gain, if any.

aFe High Performance Drop-In Filters E90/E92/E93 M3 Comparison

On the other hand, if you want to go crazy, there’s also this Carbon Fiber Intake System for E9X BMW M3, which features new intake ducting for a greater “ram air” effect than the factory ducting – not to mention it gives you reason to pop the hood. However for all that carbon fiber, it’ll set you back a good bit.

Here’s a better view of all the components involved, an upper and lower airbox and a two piece intake duct to draw in fresh air from behind the double kidneys.

And of course, if you REALLLY want more power… there’s always this beauty:

ESS Tuning Supercharger Kits E9X M3

The ESS Tuning Supercharger System for E9X BMW M3, which will replace your intake system completely with a centrifugal supercharger and new intake manifold. How’s 550hp and 380lb/ft of torque on crappy California 91 octane sound to you?

Of course, power has its price, so boost may not be within everyone’s budget.

6. Exterior – Painted Reflectors, Diffuser, Spoiler, Splitters, Bumpers

With so many E92s still on the road today, if you don’t want your E9X BMW M3 to blend in with the crowd, you’ll want to consider upgrades to make your BMW M3 Exterior stand apart from the other stock BMWs in your mall parking lot.

BMW Performance Black Kidney Grilles for 2006-11 BMW M3 [E90/E92/E93] 51712155451 51712155450

Some of the smaller details can really have a big impact on the M3 visually, and though the M3 is most limited in number of 3-series, it has the greatest range of aesthetic and exterior upgrades, so you can get really creative with your options.

BMW Performance Black Kidney Grilles for 2006-11 BMW M3 [E90/E92/E93] 51712155451 51712155450

One of the simplest aesthetic mods is one that looks great on virtually any M3 build – a set of Gloss Black BMW Performance Kidney Grilles for E9X BMW M3 really compliments the lines of the car, whether on a E92 M3 coupe or an E90 M3 sedan.

BMW Performance Black Kidney Grilles for 2006-11 BMW M3 [E90/E92/E93] 51712155451 51712155450

Check out how it looks on the E90 BMW M3 sedan above in gloss black.

Feeling a bit more exotic? A set of Carbon Fiber Kidney grilles for E9X BMW M3 adds an aggressive touch and can tie together other carbon fiber accessories for a more cohesive look.

Of course, with the M3 there are more grilles to worry about than just the two kidneys alone. A set of color-matched Sidemarker Grilles for E92 BMW M3 is one way to go.

Say you just want to keep things simple – there are Gloss Black Fender Grilles for BMW E92 M3 as well.

*LED Fender Turn Signals for 2008-12 BMW M3 [E90/E92/E93]

While we’re paying attention to the fender grilles, upgrading the fender grille turn signals with a set of bright crisp LEDs really updates the car’s illumination. That’s why these complete-replacement LED fender turn signal assemblies for E9X BMW M3 are such a stellar add-on to finish off the look of your fender grilles.

One of the other important details that fit almost every E9X M3 build is a set of painted front reflectors for E9X BMW M3. Made with OEM reflectors, these are painted with the correct paint codes to match your paint and get rid of the nasty orange blobs on the cheeks of the car.

Carbon Fiber Type III Front Lip for BMW E9X M3

One of the easiest ways to give the front end a whole other look is with a front lip or splitter. These can be had in a variety of materials and styles to suit your tastes and preferences. It’s important to remember that when shopping for aero upgrades for the E9X BMW M3 that parts for the regular 3-series or a “M3” bumper for standard 3-series will not fit an actual M3, by virtue of the fact that an M3 is physically WIDER than a normal 3, so be sure the item you’re looking at is M3 specific.

Carbon Fiber Front Lip for 2007-12 BMW 3-Series w/M3 Bumper + M3 [E90/E92/E93] VRS Style


This VRS Style Carbon Fiber Front Lip for BMW M3 [E9x] is another great option, offering a more blended look than the Type III Carbon Fiber lip above.

If you’re looking for more of a functional look, check out the CPS Carbon Fiber Front Lip for BMW M3 [E9x], which extends further forward and offers a more aerodynamically effective design.

Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler for 2007-13 BMW 3-Series & M3 Vert [E93]

E93 BMW M3 Cabrio Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler

In addition to adding a front splitter, fitting your E9X BMW M3 with a rear spoiler can also dress up the look of the car.

Add-On Style BMW E90 M3 CSL Style Spoiler on a BMW E90 sedan.

Here’s how the add-on type looks from above.

Compare that to this Carbon Fiber CSL Style Trunk Lid for BMW E90 M3 Sedan, which replaces the trunk panel completely.

As you’d expect, CSL Style Trunk Lids are available for E92 BMW M3 models as well – and like the sedan version, the Carbon Fiber CSL Style Trunk for BMW E92 M3 also offers an aggressive and handsome ducktail spoiler effect into the contours of the trunk lid.

Carbon Fiber CSL Style Trunk for E92 BMW M3

Back view with e92 bootlid

Carbon Fiber CSL Style Trunk for E92 BMW M3

Here’s another angle. These are just a few of the spoiler and trunk lid options available for both E90 BMW M3 Sedan and E92 BMW M3 coupe – it’s important to note however that neither of those share fitment with the E93 M3 Cabrio.


If you’ve done a carbon fiber front splitter, a diffuser to spice up the look of the rear end is also a great idea.

Carbon Fiber M3 Rear Diffuser for 2008-12 BMW M3 [E92/E93] 3D Style

If you’re looking for a diffuser that will add a touch of aggression yet isn’t totally over the top, check out the 3d Style Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser for BMW E92/E93 M3.

Feeling like you’d want something more pronounced? This Type II Carbon Fiber Diffuser for BMW E92/E93 M3 doesn’t run the full width of the bumper but extends further rearward and features several fins to create a more motorsport-inspired look.

Somewhere inbetween the previous two options is this Type III Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser for E92/E93 BMW M3, which is the full width of the bumper with aggressive diffuser fins for a racier look.

Of course, if you’re all about aggression, you can go a step further with the Type IV Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser for BMW E92/E93 M3, which offers larger more pronounced contours for both the fins and the outer edges of the rear bumper.

You might’ve noticed the last few options have been for the E92/E93 Coupe and Cabrio M3; that’s because the E90 Sedan’s rear bumper won’t fit an E92 M3 diffuser, and vice versa.
Carbon Fiber M3 Rear Diffuser for 2008-12 BMW M3 Sedan [E90] Type II Style

Just the same as with the coupe, a diffuser can definitely spice up the rear end of any E90 sedan – as you can see is the case for this Carbon Fiber Type II Rear Diffuser for BMW E90 M3 Sedan. While there aren’t as many diffuser options for the sedan, there are several choices out there.


These are just a few of the ways you can change up the look of your M3 – check out our full selection of aero and exterior upgrades for BMW E9X M3 here or ask a Mod Expert for their suggestions as to what options might work best with your styling choices.

7. Brakes

The M3’s brakes are pretty good from the factory, but like any brakes, they wear out over time and the performance pads the factory spec’d out originally are long gone if your car has normal mileage on it, which is why BMW E9X M3 Brake Upgrades are a better idea than you’d think.

BMW_E90_M3_BC_Coilovers_ (2)

The brakes needed some love too, after all, brakes are a wear item, you’re going to have to change them anyways, why not install something better than stock? Sr Mod Expert Alan recommends what we’d call a StopTech Stage 2 Brake Upgrade for E90 M3, which is a nice OEM+ level, comprehensive brake system upgrade. It’s the best thing you can do for your E90 Brakes short of a Big Brake kit.



You don’t need to step up all the way to a big brake kit to get a significant, noticeable improvement in braking performance, and since you’re going to need to replace the brake pads and rotors anyways as maintenance items, this Stage 2 StopTech Brake Upgrade for E9X BMW M3 is an ideal way to give your M3 more stopping power.

This complete package includes StopTech Street Performance Brake Pads for E90 M3 to give the calipers better bite (and new Brake Wear sensors as well), slotted rotors with improved vanes carry heat and hot brake gases away from the rotors more efficiently than stock, and last but not least, a set of StopTech Stainless Steel Brake Lines for E90 M3 firms up brake pedal feel to keep braking consistent and precise in almost any condition.


Of course, if you’re doing this kind of complete upgrade, you’re not going to leave the potentially nasty OEM brake fluid – an StopTech’s STR600 Brake Fluid is an excellent replacement for OEM BMW Brake fluid, and three bottles of STR600 are included as well for a complete installation.


Of course, these aren’t the only option- should you feel like you need more stopping power, there are plenty of Big Brake Kits available, like the Brembo Big Brake Kit Upgrade for E9X BMW M3.



These rotors measure in at a massive 380mm, 30mm and 20mm larger than stock in the front and rear respectively.

Whatever you choose, there’s a practical way to beef up your stopping power for virtually every budget. Not sure what the best option might be for the way you drive? Consult our team of Mod Experts for their input, call 714-582-3330, or chat live at


8. Interior

Last but not least, we have the interior. Traditionally, the M3 gets the nicest of everything for its interior and trim options, but that’s not to say there aren’t a few things here and there to make the cabin – where you spend all your time in the car – more comfortable and enjoyable.

The OEM BMW Performance Electronic Steering Wheel for BMW E9X M3, paired with a GMG Direct-Bolt-In Roll Cage for BMW E92 M3 would be ideal for the serious trackday enthusiast.

*P3 Cars Integrated Vent Gauges for 2007-12 BMW 335i/M3 [E90/E92/E93]

Concerned about engine vitals while you’re out on the road? The P3 Cars VentGauge for E9X BMW M3 is a great way to do that, offering readouts for a massive range of sensors, integrated cleanly into your interior as if it was stock.

Tired of the one-piece factory arm rest or fighting with your passenger over whose side is whose?

BMW Split Armrest for 2006-12 BMW 3-Series + M3 [E90/E91/E92/E93] OEM

The OEM BMW Split Armrest for BMW E9X M3 offers an ideal solution to the armrest problem.


Want to give your interior a racier look?

Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel Trim for BMW 1M & M3 E82 E90 E91 E92 E93 With Sport Steering Wheel BM-0188

Consider Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel trim for E9X M3 to spice up your steering wheel.

Finish off the details with a set of Carbon Fiber Step Covers to complete the carbon fiber accent look.

Beyond the surfaces you touch and step on, there’s one critical area we haven’t discussed – how you shift.

Get BMW E9X M3 Paddle Shifters at

If you have the DCT transmission, a set of these E9X BMW M3 Paddle Shifters offer a better feeling way to click your way through the gears.


Modified Clutch Delay Valve for BMW Late Model [E82/E87/E88/E90/E91/E92/E93]

This little doodad is a modified Clutch Delay Valve for BMW E9X M3, which eliminates the delay caused by the existence of the factory valve, creating a weird lag when you shift. Installing a modified clutch delay valve will make your 1-2 shifts worlds smoother and parallel parking will be a LOT easier, and at under $30 as of press time, this has to be the single cheapest performance mod for an M3 on the market.

Upgrading your interior will make your time in your M3 more pleasant and can make your M3 more functional, so consider upgrading your interior before considering your build “done.”


So that’s it for our recap of the best mods for the BMW E9X M3 – we hope this information was helpful, and thank you for reading.

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson