With summer show season fast approaching, the Mod Fever has hit some of us especially hard. If you’ve got a BMW E9X (That’s E90, E91, E92, E93 – Coupe, Sedan, Touring/Wagon, Convertible), these are a few mods that will help you get more power and performance out of the Ultimate Driving Machine.

Start Summer Fresh on Coilover Suspension

bmw-e90-coilovers-white-335i-ssk-kw-coilovers-004bmw-e90-coilovers-white-335i-ssk-kw-coilovers-4 bmw-e90-coilovers-white-335i-ssk-kw-coilovers-005

By now, your E9X BMW 3-series probably has more than 50,000 miles on it, and that’s about where the OEM shocks begin to start showing signs of fatigue and failure. This means they’re due for replacement – since they’re due anyways, it’s a great opportunity to convert to Coil-Over shock suspension. While many enthusiasts are of the opinion that Coilovers are for track days and serious racing, not everyone is aware that coilovers, chosen and set carefully, can offer a comfortable ride on the street as well as a set of lowering springs. There are numerous coilover options for the E9X 3-series, ranging from extreme performance to affordable drops. Shown above is an E90 BMW 335i dropped on a set of KW Street Comfort Coilovers, which are specifically designed to maintain ride quality.

ModBargains offers Coilovers from BC Racing, KW Suspension, ST Suspension, Bilstein, CKS Suspension, Eibach, H&R Suspension, Ohlins and RS-R.

Take the years off with a new pair of Kidneys




Simply replacing the original Kidney Grilles of your E9X with a set of Gloss Black or Carbon Fiber Kidney Grilles for E9X like these freshens the look of the car and helps shave years off the front end appearance of your E9X.

Hear The Rumble of your V8 & the trumpet of your Inline 6 with an Exhaust

bmw-e92-m3-ae-cat-back-exhaust-1 bmw-e92-m3-ae-cat-back-exhaust-2 bmw-e92-m3-ae-cat-back-exhaust-5 bmw-e92-m3-akropovic-axle-back-exhaust-7 bmw-e92-m3-akropovic-axle-back-exhaust-8

An exhaust system is a great way to give your car an injection of character, and offers you a lot of options – catted, catless, resonated, straight piped, catback, turbo back, axleback – the choices you make have a huge impact on the sound and performance of your BMW’s exhaust, so we have plenty of options to give you lots of choice. A performance exhaust system will deliver more than 10rwhp on the average E9X (more, depending on model and exhaust type) and the change in exhaust note is something you’ll really notice. The BMW E92 M3 Exhausts shown above are the Always Evolving Exhaust System for M3 and an Akrapovic Titanium Axle-back. Check out our Exhaust Systems for E92/E93 and Exhaust Systems for E90/91 here.


STOP – When it’s Hammertime with a Brake Upgrade

As you’ve probably already discovered, when you push down hard on the accelerator pedal, shock of shocks – you go faster. Your BMW is capable of quite brisk acceleration, so it’s critical that your brakes be capable of slowing you down as quickly as you gain speed.
Upgrading your BMW E90/91 Brakes or BMW E92/E93 Brakes is easier than you think. For maximum performance, there are always Big Brake Conversions, but a Stage II Brake Upgrade for E9X like this is a great way to get the most out of your car’s stock brakes. A Stage II upgrade from StopTech, R1 Concepts or Brembo replaces the OEM rotors with performance iron-alloy rotors with optional cross-drilling and slotting, stainless steel braided brake lines and Motul Brake Fluid to match will make a significant improvement in your car’s braking performance – the Braided lines will firm up brake pedal feel and the higher temperature fluid will keep brake fade at bay for a longer period of time. The performance rotors are paired with a set of matching High-Performance Compound brake pads, offering an increase in mechanical brake grip.

These “OEM+” type upgrades mean your car is still easily serviceable and will also allow you to use the brakes to the fullest of their potential.

Be Seen with An Angel Eye Upgrade
bmw-e90-328i-angel-eyes-install-1 bmw-e90-328i-angel-eyes-install-2 bmw-e90-328i-angel-eyes-install-3If your BMW came factory with incandescent Angel Eyes, upgrading to a brighter set can really give your BMW E9X a much nicer, upmarket aesthetic simply by replacing the incandescent bulbs in the halos with a set of LED or HID lighting. We offer Angel Eye upgrades for BMW E90/E91 and Angel Eye Upgrades for BMW E92/E93.

Get New Shoes Before Back To School Day

bmw-e92-335i-st-coilovers-001 bmw-e92-335i-st-coilovers-install-1


Back when you were in school, shoes were often just as important as the rest of your outfit. Give your summer a fresh aesthetic by ditching your stock wheels for a set of Performance Wheels for BMW E92 or Wheels for BMW E90 to change the look of your summer completely. A set of nice BMW wheels can really set off the look of your car, and as one of the easiest things you can install, it’s a simple upgrade. We’ve got more wheels than you can shake a stick at and have a huge inventory on hand of wheels in popular fitments for the E9X platforms. We offer Avant GardeForgestar WheelsVMR WheelsiForged WheelsTSW WheelsConcept One Wheels, Beyern Wheels and many more. If you don’t see the brand you’re looking for, just ask – call us at 714-582-3330 and one of our Modification Experts can recommend a wheel style – and fitment – that’s right for your taste, your car and your pocketbook.

Hopefully this has given you a few ideas on how to make the most of your E9X this summer, and regardless of what you do, we hope you enjoy the drive.

Story by Nicholas Gregson