Whether you’re out on a night in town or attending a business meeting, no outfit is complete without a

nice pair of shoes. One could wear the most expensive suit money can buy, but a pair of Old Navy

sandals just wouldn’t fit the occasion. Likewise, many OEM wheels simply do not cut it when it comes to

the respective vehicles they are on. Take a look, for instance, at the stock wheels that came on a B8.5

Audi S4 Premium Plus.

The base B8/B8.5 S4 wheels were always somewhat lacking.

The base B8/B8.5 S4 wheels were always somewhat lacking. Do you really want it to stay this way?

While the wheels are not as ugly as some of the other wheels that come on competitors, it still leaves

much to be desired. In fact, they detract from the rather sleek bauhaus lines that the B8/B8.5 offer and

fail to bring the car even close to its full potential. As a matter of fact, just simply changing the wheels

brings arguably the biggest change to the cars aesthetics, changing it from “not bad” to a potentially

“neck-breaking” show stopper.

Luckily, ModBargains offers a wide array of options that are sure to bring out the best in your B8/B8.5

Audi S4. We offer countless sets of wheels, and can even pair them up with tyres that can be mounted

and balanced on the wheels before they’re even shipped to your door, so all one would have to do is

bolt them right onto the vehicle. With hundreds of wheels and tyres in stock ready to be shipped at our

warehouse, we can have your car looking great in no time.

With that being said, here is a short list of what we think are the best wheels for your S4. These wheels,

in our opinion, are the ones that complement the design of the vehicle the best and are guaranteed to

fit your vehicle perfectly no matter what look you are going for.


These Forgestar CF5v's really make the car pop!

These Forgestar CF5v’s in a 19×9.5 square set up truly give the car the aggressive look it deserves.

As one of the largest distributors of Forgestar wheels in the world, we sell dozens of sets per

week for a wide variety of cars. Forgestar differs from many manufacturers in that every set is

custom built to the right specs for every application, rather than having one set specification

designed to fit multiple vehicles. In addition, these wheels are rotary forged which means they

are built with strength and light-weight design in mind. As a matter of fact, they weigh

substantially less than most wheels at that price point which makes a huge difference when it

comes to things such as acceleration.

Take a look here at the CF5V’s pictured here. With an aggressive design, they really do make

the S4 “pop” from other cars on the road.

It's amazing just how much a set of wheels transforms a car's design.

It’s amazing how much just a set of the right wheels can positively transform a car’s design.

These wheels are also offered in different finishes as well, from silver to gold, which can be further

tailored to your taste. The F14’s are also a great choice, as they offer more of a style similar to that

found on the B7 Audi RS4.

These F14's are a favourite of our customers!

These F14’s are a favourite of our customers!


HRE has been a major player in the automotive tuning world and has been regarded by many as

the standard. Indeed, they offer everything from flow formed cast wheels to custom 3 piece

options depending on what you are looking for, all built with a high-quality bar to be set.

However, one of the best options they offer for the S4 also happens to be one that is much

more budget-friendly than some of their other choices. The FF01, in our opinion, looks fantastic

on the S4 and it almost seems like the wheels were specifically designed with this car in mind.

We absolutely love the FF01's.

We absolutely love the FF01’s.

The 19×9.5’s shown on our customer’s S4 here fit with the understated yet aggressive lines all

while being an ultra-light weight and strong wheel that can handle even the worst of roads much better

than what a standard cast wheel would do. The body accents Audi does such a good job with are

somehow enhanced with just a set of wheels, and the Michelin Pilot Super Sports we set him up

with offer superior grip when it comes to daily driving conditions.

An absolute classic set up.

An absolute classic set up.

The wheels can also be had in an assortment of finishes. So whether you’re going for a stealthy batmobile-like blacked-out look, or want something a bit more unique to give the car some more extra flair, we have you covered.

The Satin Bronze finish really flows well with the metallic grey colour of the car.

The Satin Bronze finish really flows well with the metallic grey colour of the car.

Stealthy, Sleek, all words we'd use to describe this B8 Audi S4 on HRE FF01's.

Stealthy, Sleek, Sporty. All words we’d use to describe this B8 Audi S4 on HRE FF01’s.


Another perfect example of how amazing the S4's can look.

Another perfect example of how amazing the S4’s can look.

VMR and Audi in a way go together like catsup and crisps. For many years now, VMR wheels

have been one of the top choices consumers have gone with on their Audis, and for good

reason. Whether you have a B5, C6, a B8.5, and so on, VMR makes wheels that are designed

very well with Audi’s in mind. Furthermore, they offer cost-effective choices that offer great

quality at every price point whether it’s for a cast wheel or forged.

The V710’s pictured on this black S4 for instance, looks great in the 19×9.5 ET45 option with

255/35/19 tyres.

One can't go wrong with VMR's on a B8/B8.5.

One can’t go wrong with the V710’s on a B8/B8.5.

Another one of our favourites from VMR is the V803, which offers a simple yet luxurious design that is made using the latest in state of the art flow-forming technology. In our opinion, it is one of the best “bang for the buck” wheels as you get a wheel that is incredibly high-quality and light-weight at a fraction of the cost.

With looks like these, you will be sure to make a bold statement wherever your destination may be.

With looks like these, you will be sure to make a bold statement wherever your destination may be.

4. Avant Garde Wheels

Avant Garde, abbreviated as AG, has become one of the top players in the aftermarket wheel

world and it is no surprise why. They offer some of the best designs in the industry and like the

others, they offer everything from cast wheels to custom 3 piece options. I personally have ran

AG wheels as well on own personal Audis and Volkswagens and each time did not disappoint.

One of our personal favourites is the M590. Take a gander here yourself at the ones on this red


The M590's, with a 19x9.5 ET40 square set up, complement this red S4 like a Swiss watch on a wrist.

The M590’s, with a 19×9.5 ET40 square set up, complement this red S4 like a Swiss watch on a wrist.

It also looks great with white, grey, black, or whatever colour S4 you have.

AG M590 19x9.5 ET40

AG M590’s in 19×9.5 ET40. The perfect fit for the B8/B8.5 platform.

In addition, these custom M590’s in a 20×10 square setup with a brushed grigio finish simply

look out of this world.

Brushed Grigio Finish on 20x10 Avant Garde M590's.

Brushed Grigio Finish on 20×10 Avant Garde M590’s.

We are also big fans of the M510’s, pictured on this S4 in a 20×10 square setup.

20x10 square AG M510's

20×10 square AG M510’s

5. The Beauty of Choice

Life is all about choice, and to list just five best choices for the S4 would be nearly impossible to

do. Whether you go with other offerings we have, such as those from Rotiform, BC Racing,

Fifteen52, MRR, and so much more, there is sure to be a wheel that’s right for you. ModBargains

only offers the best of what the industry has to offer.

The Rotiform SPF’s on Chuuey of Audizine’s S4 for example, epitomises everything that is right with the vehicle when paired with the right modifications.

Rotiform SPF 20x10 ET35. A jaw-dropping neck-breaking setup as featured by Chuuey of Audizine.

Rotiform SPF 20×10 ET35. A jaw-dropping neck-breaking setup as featured by Chuuey of Audizine.

We hope that this article helps you in picking out the right wheels to transform your stock S4 into

something that becomes nothing short of stunning. Our Modification Experts are available Monday

through Friday 8-6 PST and Saturdays 8-5 PST to help right fit the best options for you, in addition to

having years of expertise when it comes to the right tyres that are sure to be needed when upgrading

your wheels and upping your performance. Give us a call at 714-582- 3330 and we will tailor to almost all

of your aftermarket performance needs.

Thank you and we hope to see you again! Stay tuned for more as we cover nearly every aspect of the B8/B8.5 platform.