Much like the obsessive, endless possibilities of modifications for the Nissan 370Z’s older sister, the Nissan 350Z, the latest chassis (Z34) in the Fairlady Z line up is no exception. With a lot of aftermarket support and plenty of different, unique styles from car enthusiasts around the world, the Nissan 370Z is now the current Z standard and thus, well-deserved. Over the years we’ve come to see the 370Z age well, like a good evening scotch, and with all its popularity, is one of the most recognizable sports car in the car community.


2016 Nissan 370Z in Brilliant Siilver


2016 Nissan 370Z in Brilliant Siilver

A stock 370Z is cool, like really cool, but, of course, it’s stock…gross. With all that potential just sitting there, why even keep the Z stock at all? Every car has room for improvement, and I mean every car. With the Nissan 370Z, probably the very first thing you absolutely must do is change the stock wheels. If you have been following us for a while, I’m sure you’re well aware that we at ModBargains are HUGE on switching up the wheels on your ride. It’s a pretty obvious change since it’s the first thing that separates you from the normal crowd.


Quickly rising in popularity for practically every car on the market are the Forgestar F14 Wheels and for good reason too. With sizes and offsets available to fit virtually whichever car (with a 5-lug pattern), you can rest assured these wheels will make your car look legen – wait for it – dary. It’s wheels like these in a good color in conjunction with the car color itself that the whole picture, the vision of the car if you will, all comes together.

*NOTE* – Some fitments listed below are considered “super aggressive” and will possibly need custom fender/bumper work…


Fronts 19×10 et10 / Rears 19×11 et-21 (Super Deep Concave)


Fronts 19×10 et10 / Rears 19×11 et-21 (Super Deep Concave)

See what I mean? They look absolutely gorgeous! These Forgestar F14 Wheels are available in numerous finishes, and this finish in particular on this 370Z is called “Bronze Burst”.


Fronts 19×10 et10 / Rears 19×11 et-21 (Super Deep Concave)


Fronts 19×10 et10 / Rears 19×11 et-21 (Super Deep Concave)


Fronts 19×10 et10 / Rears 19×11 et-21 (Super Deep Concave)


Fronts 19×10 et10 / Rears 19×11 et-21 (Super Deep Concave)

Complete with special colored lug nuts, the aggressive wheels and custom finish pop out way more! Definitely eye-catching, and clearly a look that will make anybody stop, stare, pull out their phone and take plenty of photos.


Fronts 19×10 et10 / Rears 19×11 et-21 (Super Deep Concave)


Fronts 19×10 et10 / Rears 19×11 et-21 (Super Deep Concave)

The Gunmetal and Matte Black finishes are probably the “go-to” finishes for a lot of wheel choices and will look especially great on a neutral colored car like white, black, or any shade of gray.

forgestar-f14-wheels-nissan-370z-white (4)

Front 19×9.5 / Rear 19×11

forgestar-f14-wheels-nissan-370z-white (7)

Front 19×9.5 / Rear 19×11

Personally, I like neutral colored cars because that would mean that any color wheel would essentially look awesome on the car. I once owned a 350Z, and mine was silver, so naturally, I am more inclined to love silver cars like this 370Z shown below. I would definitely rock the Matte Black Forgestar F14 Wheels because they just look so good…


Front 19×9 / Rear 19×11


Front 19×9 / Rear 19×11


Front 19×9 / Rear 19×11

The darker color of the wheels are actually more noticeable when they’re on a silver car and, in my opinion, and compliment the car very, very nicely. The Nissan 370Z kind of look likes a shark, doesn’t it?


Front 19×9 / Rear 19×11


Front 19×9 / Rear 19×11

What a gorgeous, side profile shot! Look at the sharp but smooth lines of the newest Fairlady. No Matter which angle you look at it, the 370Z, stock or modded (preferably modded) is a gorgeous piece of eye-candy art.


Front 19×9 / Rear 19×11

Available in A LOT of different custom finishes, below are the Candy Red and Tiffany Blue finishes.






If the Forgestar F14 Wheels aren’t your style, that’s completely okay. We at ModBargains invite a wide diversity of designs and we believe that the Rohana Wheels, particularly the RF2 model, are definitely something truly unique and creative, to say the least.

*NOTE* – This Rohana RF2 Wheel fitment shown in photos are SUPER AGGRESSIVE and will DEFINITELY need custom fender/bumper work as well as highly-adjustable suspension to accommodate the excessive negative camber needed to fit the ultra wide wheels.


Fronts 20×11 / Rears 20×12


Fronts 20×11 / Rears 20×12

These Gloss Red Rohana RF2 Wheels look thoroughly magnificent on the Nissan 370Z. This particular finish is Gloss Red and on a white Z with custom headlights with red rings, the RF2 Wheel is menacing, jaw-dropping, and just downright spectacular to feast your eyes on.


Fronts 20×11 / Rears 20×12


Fronts 20×11 / Rears 20×12


Fronts 20×11 / Rears 20×12

These photos leave me nearly speechless and I’m pretty sure those of you reading are thinking to yourselves either one of three things: 1) Wow that looks really crazy and I have no idea how he drives like that. 2) Look at how cambered that rear set up is! What a boss! And 3) What in the world am I looking at…? In any case, this wheel looks ridiculous in a good way and will for sure garnish an uncontrollable amount of attention. No matter what your preference is, the Rohana RF2 Wheels look utterly exceptional.

Next up is the Rohana RC7 Wheels for the Nissan 370Z and these wheels look stunning no matter what your “idea” of a good looking wheel is. They sport a simple design, yet have a distinctive “Rohana” look to them. It doesn’t really matter what color your 370Z is, this Machine Silver finish will just about make your Fairlady look like a sexy lady.

Nissan_Z34_370Z_Rohana_RC7_MachineSilver_20x9_20x11_img009Nissan_Z34_370Z_Rohana_RC7_MachineSilver_20x9_20x11_img008Something about this Rohana RC7 wheel just really compliments the sharp lines of the Nissan 370Z and really separates you and your car from the rest of the crowd at both car shows and local car meets.Nissan_Z34_370Z_Rohana_RC7_MachineSilver_20x9_20x11_img006Nissan_Z34_370Z_Rohana_RC7_MachineSilver_20x9_20x11_img005With a proper drop (more on that below), the Rohana RC7 Wheels are probably one of the best choices of wheels you can get for your 370Z. The smallest details of the wheels are what makes it so special.Nissan_Z34_370Z_Rohana_RC7_MachineSilver_20x9_20x11_img004Nissan_Z34_370Z_Rohana_RC7_MachineSilver_20x9_20x11_img003With intricate attention to the molding and the cutting of the RC7 wheel, it definitely is a wheel that you can just stare at, appreciate, and love more and more the longer you look at them. These wheels are like that one girl in movies that doesn’t necessarily strike you at first glance but as you continue watching the movie, the girl would seemingly become hotter and hotter which results in you, the viewer, loving her (both the actress and probably the character too).Nissan_Z34_370Z_Rohana_RC7_MachineSilver_20x9_20x11_img002Nissan_Z34_370Z_Rohana_RC7_MachineSilver_20x9_20x11_img001

Sometimes, you might wonder what certain wheels actually look like on a track-inspired version of your car. You can always use your imagination, but every now and then photos of wheels on the car you drive is immensely helpful.

Nissan 370z - 20x10" / 20x10" Dolphin Grey M368

Nissan 370z – 20×10″ / 20×10″ Dolphin Grey M368

Yes, wheels might look awesome on a show car and might damn well have amazing performance qualities, but nothing quite gives you full-on satisfaction like seeing wheels on [your] Nissan 370Z that’s actually prepared to race and not in a random location somewhere on the planet. The Avant Garde M368 Wheels are a great track performing wheel and dynamic design will bring out the voluptuous curves of your Fairlady.


Nissan 370z – 20×10″ / 20×10″ Dolphin Grey M368


Nissan 370z – 20×10″ / 20×10″ Dolphin Grey M368

These are the 20×10 size wheels and really fill up the wheel well very nicely. It fits the car’s persona exactly and just works great with the 370Z’s sinister looks. Posted up at the Irwindale Speedway in Irwindale, CA, this Nissan 370Z is ready to tear it up!


Nissan 370z – 20×10″ / 20×10″ Dolphin Grey M368


Nissan 370z – 20×10″ / 20×10″ Dolphin Grey M368

Below you can see that the Avant Garde M368 Wheel on (again) on a gray / dark silver 370Z and it just about looks as extravagant as seeing your favorite meal hot-n-ready for you to drool over on a brisk, calm Sunday morning. Beautiful.

m368-dolphingrey-370z-frontsidem368-dolphingrey-370z-rearside In the City of Angels, probably the secondary home for the Fairlady Z other than Japan, having these Avant Garde M368 Wheels on a 370Z screams out to you that it’s epic, it’s legit, its raw and down for whatever. There’s a certain wildness that comes with the 370Z and you don’t contain that wild nature, you let it out into the atmosphere and show the world that your Nissan 370Z is the most breathtaking car you’ve ever driven.m368-dolphingrey-370z-frontside-2
m368-dolphingrey-370z-rearside-2 The sky is lit up by the fireball hovering over the ground and it’s as if it’s fully aware that YES this car needs all the warm sunlight love I can give to it to accentuate the lustful goddess that is the Fairlady Z. The Avant Garde M368 wheels mutate the Nissan 370Z into fallen angel that still sings gracefully enough for you to get goosebumps and shivers up and down your spine. Even the flying creatures in the day time sky know how monumental this car is and even post within frame for a fantastic photo.m368-dolphingrey-370z-side


By far, the Nissan 370Z is a great looking sports car and deserves equally amazing wheels to match. Another impressive wheel to consider is the VMR V710 Wheels because they are affordable for most non-baller people while also being offered in the perfect fitment for whichever look you’re aiming at!


VMR Wheels | 19″ Hyper Silver V710 on Platinum Gray Metallic Nissan 370Z


VMR Wheels | 19″ Hyper Silver 5×114 V710 on Pearl White Nissan 370Z

These wheels are styled in such a way where the “mesh” look stays a current, relevant design that fits all cars and all project builds. These wheels just catch your eye and making you not only appreciate the wheels themselves but appreciate every line and curve of t he Nissan 370Z in every which way you can look at a car.


VMR Wheels | 19″ Hyper Silver V710 on Platinum Gray Metallic Nissan 370Z


VMR Wheels | 19″ Hyper Silver V710 on Platinum Gray Metallic Nissan 370Z


VMR Wheels | 19″ Hyper Silver 5×114 V710 on Pearl White Nissan 370Z

This wheel fitment is spot on for daily driving and also is built to perform to your standards in any track event. Super aggressive wheel fitments are only good for one thing: looking at. But the VMR V710 Wheels come in 18″ and 19″ and are really easy on your wallet.


VMR Wheels | 19″ Hyper Silver 5×114 V710 on Pearl White Nissan 370Z


VMR Wheels | 19″ Hyper Silver V710 on Platinum Gray Metallic Nissan 370Z

I love these wheels. I want these wheels. These are the wheels I know I can realistically afford and can thrash around on at the track AND look awesome in! The show-quality build of the VMR Wheel line up are so superb, that I would get the VMR Wheels for not only my current car, but for future cars in my garage. These particular 370Zs shown in the photos are simple, clean, and because of the simplicity and cleanliness, very attractive.


VMR Wheels | 19″ Hyper Silver V710 on Platinum Gray Metallic Nissan 370Z

To some people, these wheels aren’t “fancy” or “cool” enough but in the grand scheme of things, especially in the car world, just having a set of aftermarket wheels that FIT RIGHT will already set you apart from everybody else. The VMR V710 Wheels come in Hyper Silver, Matte Black, and Gunmetal. They’re also available as a “Forgestar V710FF Flow Form” wheel which are even lighter than the already light regular V710 wheel.

VMR Wheels | 19" Hyper Silver 5x114 V710 on Pearl White Nissan 370Z

VMR Wheels | 19″ Hyper Silver 5×114 V710 on Pearl White Nissan 370Z

At the end of the day, wheel looks and wheel fitments are entirely up to you and what you want to achieve with your car. Regardless of the choice you make, whether it be one of these four wheels talked about above or not, your Nissan 370Z will be 100% a better looking car.
Along with the necessity of aftermarket wheels, and along with the 350Z, lowering suspension is of the utmost importance when making your 370Z perform at its ultimate best. The BC Racing BR-Type Coilovers are probably one of the best “bang for your buck” complete coilover kit you can get for your Fairlady as it has 30 Levels of dampening (whether you want a soft/stiff ride), the ablitty to adjust the compression of the valves, and a wide range of lowering between 1″ to almost 3″. Built to perform, the BC Racing BR-Type Coilovers for the 370Z are ideal for those of you that want to kill all the tires and drift your Z, hit the apex on every corner for time attack driving, or even just cruising comfortably for daily driving. On its full soft dampening setting, these coilovers are really nice and will make you second guess if you’re even still on stock suspension. I had these on my 350Z and I absolutely loved these. I had lowered my car 1.5″ all around, with probably close to 2″ of thread left to lower and these things can go stupid low.

ef55f742-9ed3-48ee-ae9b-48df88362c2d370bc-7122b7caBuilt to perform, the BC Racing BR-Type Coilovers for the 370Z are ideal for those of you that want to kill all the tires and drift your Z, hit the apex on every corner for time attack driving, or even just cruising comfortably for daily driving. On its full soft dampening setting, these coilovers are really nice and will make you second guess if you’re even still on stock suspension. I had these on my 350Z and I absolutely loved these. I had lowered my car 1.5″ all around, with probably close to 2″ of thread left to lower and these things can go stupid low. e9d0f7b5-0aef-4017-a1cb-abd84528fe81af6543c5-096d-463e-bf73-0f6f1e4518e8

If “bang for your buck” isn’t a philosophy you necessarily live by, and you’re thinking you want a more tried & true suspension brand that has its humble, race-inspired history dating back to 1995, the KW Coilover Suspension Kits are without a single doubt among the best of the best when it comes to race winning, handling enhancing coilovers.


Nissan 370Z on KW Coilovers



Nissan 370Z on KW Coilovers

Available in three different versions, KW has aimed their design to accommodate to the average joe like possibly yourself and offers the KW Variant 1 Coilover System. This partciular model is aimed more towards comfort but will also change your car’s suspension characteristics like the difference between apples oranges. It’s a game-changer.


Nissan 370Z on KW Coilovers


Nissan 370Z on KW Coilovers


The KW Variant 2 and 3 were engineered to provide a progressively stiffer ride to really get that track corner feel and are mainly recommended to an enthusiast when he/she are planning to push the limits of their Nissan 370Z on a raceway a few times to a handful or more times a year. They might be a little more expensive than what you might expect, but trust me, they’re definitely worth the money. The KW brand suspension has provided championship winning Porsches the edge over their competitors and the developers at KW believe the Z deserves no less than the win.


Nissan 370Z on KW Coilovers


Nissan 370Z on KW Coilovers

Another great suspension option for your car for those of you that don’t want to drop a grand or more on coilovers are the H&R Sport Springs, the Eibach Pro Kit Performance Springs, and the Swift Spec-R Springs. Many enthusiasts will want to lower their car at some point in their car-driving life but some might not care for the 2″+ lowering or might not care about the dampening option.


LEFT – Stock / RIGHT – Swift Spec-R Spring

Perhaps known and loved by car enthusiasts everywhere you go, the Swift Spec-R Springs offer the most streetable drive quality while being considered the best in cornering ability compared to its competitors. All qualities of highly subjective, but even I think these springs are top dog in the the suspension world. With a 1.2″ drop in the front and a 1.0″ drop in the rear, the Nissan 370Z gets an unquestionable, healthy drop while earnestly maintaining ride comfort and increasing handling ability. Springs aren’t just “springs. Swift Spec-R Springs are “springs”.


Nissan 370Z on Swift Spec-R Springs


Nissan 370Z on Swift Spec-R Springs

Nissan_370Z_Z34_Swift_Springs_img017 Looking at these amazing photos, it’shard to believe that this car is JUST on Swift Spec-R Springs. But with the right wheel combination and fitment, the Nissan 370Z on lowering springs might just be the most excellent thing you’ll see all day.


Nissan 370Z on Swift Spec-R Springs

Looking at these amazing photos, it’shard to believe that this car is JUST on Swift Spec-R Springs. But with the right wheel combination and fitment, the Nissan 370Z on lowering springs might just be the most excellent thing you’ll see all day.


Nissan 370Z on Swift Spec-R Springs



H&R Sport Springs Nissan 370Z

The H&R Sport Springs offer a slightly lower drop than the Eibach Springs but will also provide a greater improvement over stock springs in terms of body roll, turning sharpness and overall drive-ability and looks. The H&R Sport Springs lower just about 1″ all around. Both brands of lowering springs will do exactly what they’re built for: lowering your car. Springs alone are meant for the mild-mannered car enthusiast that enjoys a mild-mannered drop while also realizing that yes, I COULD go lower, but I choose not to because I’d like to focus my build on other things”.


Nissan 370Z on H&R Sport Springs


Nissan 370Z on H&R Sport Springs


Nissan 370Z on H&R Sport Springs


Nissan 370Z on H&R Sport Springs

If you didn’t know any better, you would think these cars are just sitting on on a coilover system and have maybe spend some 4-digit number on a high-end kit. But now that you know that these 370Zs are on springs, how happy is your wallet and how many teeth are you showing when you smile?


Nissan 370Z on H&R Sport Springs


Eibach Pro-Kit Springs Nissan 370z

The Eibach Pro Kit Springs offer an approximate 0.8″ lowering both front and year but can vary slightly with the settling of the springs after they have been installed. You still will get massively improved handling characteristics and a better looking car. People tend to think that “lower is better” but honestly it’s not even about the ride height that will make the car “better”. Yeah, lowering springs will never go nearly as low as coilovers can go but a modest drop might actually be all you’ll really need to make your car look and perform a million percent better.


Eibach Pro Kit Performance Springs Nissan 370Z

After you’ve chosen which variety of springs/shock combination for your Nissan 370Z, next on the list is to further reduce body roll but in a big way. If you’ve never thought of upgrading your sway bars, you should definitely consider it. Sway bars, also known as “anti-roll/sway” bars are thick, bent pieces of metal that connect the opposing axles together which prevents the wheels from staying where it would be when the car leans to one side. Typically, you’d want to reduce the amount of body lean and would make a great decision if you plan on going to the track and making those turns quickly and aggressively. Sway bars are greatly beneficial for a lot of situations as they increase car stability, flatten your cornering, increase the traction of your tires onto the road, and dramitically imroves steering and chassis response.


Probably best known for their sway bars, the popular, lightweight Hotchkis Sway Bars for the 370Z are hollow bars both for front and rear and the best part about it is that the rear sway bar is 3-Way adjustable for different levels of roll stiffness over the stock sway bar. With greasable polyurethane bushings and all hardware included, you really can’t go wrong with Hotchkis. Below shows how much stiffer the Hotchkis Sway Bars are over the stock sway bars for the Z34.

Front Sway Bar

  • 35mm (01.375″) Hollow
  • Spring Rate: 1970 lbs/in
  • +205% Stiffer than Stock 370Z
Rear Sway Bar

  • 28.5mm (01.125″) Hollow 3-way Adjustable
  • Spring Rate: 930, 1160, 1490 lbs/in
  • +70, 110, 170% Stiffer than Stock 370Z

If you bought or are thinking of buying anything Eibach related, Eibach made upgrading your suspension simple by having all their products directly compliment each other if the Nissan 370Z has full Eibach Suspension parts installed. A great addition to your suspension components, the Eibach Anti-Roll Sway Bar Kit for Nissan 370Z, prove its worth with strong, consistent performances both on and off the track and will definitely not disappoint in terms of build quality and reliability.


 Front Sway Bar

  • Stock Front Sway Bar – 26.5mm / 416lbs/in
  • Eibach – 32mm Hollow 2-way adjustable
  • 730 lbs/in – +75.5% Stiffer than Stock 
  • 900 lbs/in – +106% Stiffer than Stock 
Rear Sway Bar

  • Stock Rear Sway Bar – 24.3mm / 374 lbs/in
  • Eibach – 29mm Hollow 2-way Adjustable
  • 627 lbs/in – +32.5% Stiffer than stock
  • 741 lbs/in – +101% Stiffer than stock
  • 860 lbs/in – 113% Stiffer than stock

Both sway bar brands offer different beneficial characteristics and if you’re really unsure on which to go with, first figure out for what purpose you would use these upgraded sway bars for and second, give our Mod Expert Jon a call and he can help further explain in detail which type of suspension upgrades would be best for the goal you’re trying to attain with your Nissan 370Z.


Looking at the Nissan 370Z from an objective point-of-view, it has very sharp and striking features that is purely Japanese in nature and is also decidedly “Z”. With the most recent rendition of the infamous VQ engine, underneath the hood of sits a VQ37HR that pumps out a strong 332 horses and 269 lb/ft of torque. Those numbers are definitely nothing to play with and can only get more monstrous from there.

Stillen_Exhaust_System_370ZProbably the best exhaust choice for any generation of Fairlady Z would be the trophy winning, race-bred, power-proven Stillen Dual Catback Exhaust. This gorgeous hunk of metal will add a dyno-manifested 18 horsepower to the wheels and that is a BIG improvement over the stock exhaust. With a Stillen-esque distinctive sound, this exhaust system not only will generate a roar of a sound the moment you turn your car on, but will look amazing once you take a gander at the rear end of your car.



504355 DYNO


An exhaust, particularly the Stillen Dual Catback Exhaust, is one of the most essential modifications you can do for your car and will garnish not only a power gain and a sound gain, but will give an increase in driver confidence as nobody wants to drive around a quiet, Prius-sounding sports car. The Nissan 370Z is a genuine, performance sports car and should definitely at least sound like a sports car.

Another option for your Nissan 370Z would be the ARK Performance GRIP Exhaust System. I say this because though some exhausts will decorate the horsepower graph with more gains than others, the ARK GRIP Exhaust will [maybe] sound better than anything you’ve ever heard before. This exhaust sounds so damn good, that anything else that doesn’t sound remotely like it just falls miserably short.

Hear what I mean? Videos almost never do a car’s beefy exhaust setup any justice but even in our own video, the ARK Performance GRIP Exhaust sounds marvelous. With its polished piping and the choice of burnt or polished tips, nothing will please you more than the sight of its massive 4″ exit coming out from underneath your 370Z.

ark-nissan-370z-exhaust (5)ark-nissan-370z-exhaustark-nissan-370z-exhaust (6) - CopyIt’s a clear and obvious difference between the stock 370Z exhaust and the ARK Performance GRIP Exhaust. You can see this from a mile away and you’ll just naturally develop a stupid grin on your inspired face.Nissan_Z34_370Z_ARK_GRIP_Exhaust_SM0901-0209D-4T-img013Nissan_Z34_370Z_ARK_Grip_Exhaust_SM0901-0209G-5T-img002

Yes this exhaust definitely sounds beast as hell, BUT if you want to keep it cool and lay low, ARK Performance has created magic where when you’re cruising around the city, the exhaust stays at a calm 87 decibels which is hardly noticeable by anybody. It’s only when you mash on the gas and climb the tachometer than you hear the monster that is the Nissan 370Z thundering down the stretch of open road.

Along with a better exhaust comes the option to further help the increase of gases from engine to axle back. The stock catalytic converters are highly restrictive and pretty much lets your car breathe like you’re plugging your nose with your fingers while breathing through mouth whilst running a mile. It might sound like I’m exaggerating, but I’m not. The Berk Test Pipes / High Flow Cats (cat is short for catalytic converters) and the Motiv Concepts Test Pipes and Motive Concepts High Flow Cats free up that blockage in your exhaust system and as a result gives you A LOT more horsepower.

_1329392266 What you see here to the left are the Berk Technology “Test Pipes” as they do not have any form of catalytic converter designed within them. This releases the most power out of the Nissan 370Z’s VQ37HR engine. This is what you want if you want to achieve that extra few horsepower to really squeeze as much juice out of your Z or if you just want to be the loudest on your block…or city.


If deafening mid-size human beings isn’t your thing, then get the Berk Technology “High Flow Cats” instead. Don’t worry, this will still give you a eye-widening, ear-drum shattering amount of power BUT controls some emissions of the gasses vomiting out of it. These High Flow Cats are OBDII and are smog compliant with 49 states.




Considered by some to be the superior competitor in Test Pipe / High Flow Cats modifications, the Motiv Concepts Test Pipes and High Flow Cats offer a 100% Stainless Steel build with a U.S. made Rath Gibson 2.5″ tubing. The remote possibility of a check engine light is non-existent thanks to Motiv’s design on their o2 bungs being spaced out just a tad. It might not sound like an improvement, but seeing that annoying CEL light at the corner of your peripheral eye is quite annoying. Additional aftermarket parts, however, might just trigger the light (FYI).

1 (1) With actual catalytic converters designed in, the Motiv Concepts High Flow Cats are well worth your money for the sake of controlling the emissions that an aftermarket exhaust component creates. Don’t worry about loudness, it will still be very, very loud, but in a good way!1

Doing away with those highly bothersome, obnoxious catalytic converters will grant your Nissan 370Z way more breathing capability. The Motiv Concepts Test Pipes are what will give you the truest, rawest power gain of them all. Of course, without the catalytic converters, the exhaust setup as a whole are way more prone to regurgitating more harmful gases into the air. But hey, since you’re gonna be using these babies at an “off-road” location, why not go big on loudness AND power?

*NOTE* – Any modification to or replacement of the catalytic converter with a NON-OEM spec part within your vehicle is illegal in the state of California and said aftermarket part is for off-road (non-public) and track use only.


Much has already been said about “the flow of gases” with an exhaust upgrade, but not much has been mentioned about intakes and their huge benefits to the power gain for the Nissan 370Z. Stillen has a pretty epic track record for their high-performance products for the Fairlady Z and they didn’t cheap out when it came to an intake system that provides a big power increase and instant speed the moment you touch the throttle.

_1331294826The Stillen Generation 3 Long Tube Cold Air Intake for the Nissan 370Z is such a huge modification for the 370Z since it manifests a whopping 17.5 horsepower to the wheels. A cold air intake is designed to suck in cold air which goes directly into the engine to make bigger explosions for MORE POWAAAA. A CAI (cold air intake) is a definite must in conjunction with an exhaust system if you don’t want your Nissan 370Z to be breathing like it’s suffocating under under a pillow.




  • HUGE dyno proven power gains
  • Uses 2 large K&N air filters
  • Utilizes polished stainless steel pipes
  • Installation only takes 2 hours
  • Great fitment
  • Urethane splash guard included
  • 2009+ Nissan 370Z (402852)


_1317810601Another popular option for an intake would be the Injen Intake For Nissan 370Z and it’s gotten its reputation from the many people I have personally met with this Intake System in their Z34. It’s popular for good reason too!  This polished beauty makes a solid, consistent 15 extra horsepower to the wheels. The sound alone that this Injen Intake produces has got to be one of the most satisfying sounds you can hear from any Fairlady Z and that would probably be the main reason why so many people have chosen this as their Cold Air Intake of choice.



  • More horsepower and torque
  • Deeper Tone
  • Better Gas Mileage
  • Saves money over time
  • Easy to install
  • Fresh new look under your hood
  • Backed by Injen Technology’s limited lifetime warranty
  • Certified or pending by the California Air Resource Board

Injen has been around for a very long time and has proven itself with fantastic products, all the gains both on the dyno and through the enthusiast community, and not a single Z owner has been dissatisfied with their experience with the Injen Intake for their Nissan 370Z.



With all this horsepower talk and power gains, at some point I am 100% sure you will want to come to a complete HALT and get out of the car in one piece. People often dismiss the brakes as far as upgrading them because all that cross most individuals’ minds are sound and horsepower numbers. The Nissan 370Z brakes work just fine, and only fine. They’re nothing to really boast about – unless you got full NISMO upgrade from the factory – but realistically speaking, most people won’t shell out the extra dough to do anything NISMO related. Let’s face it, upgrading your brakes wasn’t even an afterthought UNTIL you read this paragraph.

streetperfpads2Reigning supreme for ultimate braking power are the StopTech Street Performance Brake Pads for the Nissan 370Z. These brake pads are so awesome, it’ll be as if your foot is pressing against a brake pedal that belongs to a sponsored racecar. These StopTech brake pads are quiet, have little to no brake dust, and are highly sensitive the moment your toe touches the pedal.


The Achilles Heel of the 370Z, like the 350Z before it, is braking. While the 370Z does not suffer to the same debilitating extent as the 350Z did – which seldom can actually complete trackdays due to brake failures. To be frank, some flaming garbage might be more effective at stopping your Z. The brakes are JUNK, and that’s the reality of the situation. Replacing the brakes is a necessity on the Z, rather than an ‘option’ as it is on other cars. Replacing the stock brakes completely is one surefire way to eliminate the problem. Unless you upgrade your brakes, I GUARANTEE you that you will not be able to enjoy driving your Z to the fullest.


In proper synchronization, the complimentary StopTech Slotted Brake Rotors only further improve the braking power of your Nissan 370Z. The slots in the rotors allow for thermal energy to be released which is typically generated during braking.  The StopTech Slotted Brake Rotors have an improved directional design which flows almost 61% more air which means hugely improved cooling and less brake fade.


Lastly, upgrading your brake lines to the StopTech Stainless Steel Brake Lines for your Nissan 370Z will surely enhance the pedal feel and greatly reduce the amount of time between applying the pedal pressure and actual deceleration. Upgrading your brake lines are seriously something that 99% of car enthusiasts overlook and it’s something relatively inexpensive that can grant you a galaxy-sized difference in stopping power.


With these five mods on your Nissan 370Z, your car will be a different animal, but the same beast. Not only will you appreciate everything that Nissan has painstakingly developed with their heart and soul over the years of their Fairlady Z heritage, but you will feel the passion and the raw Japanese nature that comes as a standard for not only the 370Z, but with all the previous generations before it. ModBagrains understands and truly respects the philosophy behind the Fairlady Z and we would love nothing more than to share our Enthusiasm, Expertise, and experience with car lovers all around the world.

Give us a call as soon as you can to transform your Nissan 370Z from its bland, boring, underwhelming stock form into the spirited, romantic, poetic sports car that Nissan has graciously inbred into the chassis and engine for your modifying satisfaction. Our Mod Expert Jon Sackett (Instagram: @getlucky370) has been playing with his Nissan 370Z for years and has dipped into it not only money, but his unique style and personality. Jon’s love for his Nissan 370Z is nearly unparalleled and his 370Z build has appeared at numerous shows, winning trophys and medals for his build accomplishments while also being one of the main cars of attnetion at least year’s SEMA Show 2015.

ModBargains can help teach you more about your beloved Z and can provide you with insight and knowledge for you to become a more weighted car lover and car enthusiast. Our number is (714) 582-3330. Not only can we sell you whichever parts you need, but we can also install your parts right here at our Mod Auto Performance Shop too! Space is limited and can only be guaranteed with a scheduled appointment. Aftermarket installations is a specialty of ours so don’t be embarrassed if you’re not too comfortable working on cars.

Story by Jaybee Valledor