Many cars come and go as far which are remembered for being awesome and which are remembered for not being awesome. There are so many cars out there with multiple generations of chassis and platforms that, in some cases, the entire car’s lineage is forgotten because it might not have left a lasting impression on drivers nor had any sort of aftermarket support with modifications. The Ford Mustang GT is definitely not either of those cases as it is an iconic car that spans over decades and has touched the hearts, and clutch foots, of many car enthusiasts. It’s been considered a legendary vehicle and, as of recently, been given a lot of monstrous consideration like sleek & sexy, modern styling, an interior to die for, and a massive, super uber powerful 5.0L V8 engine (on select trims only). It seems to be that wherever the words “Ford Mustang” are muttered, there’s always at least 5 people around the corner ready to share some stories about their yester-year with the ‘stang or even current generation dudes looking to tap into the power that is only brought into the world by Ford.

In stock form, the Ford Mustang GT can’t help but be caged within its own glory. We at ModBargains have personally witnessed Ford Mustang GTs go from zero to badass freakin’ hero! Below are just some of the best modifications you can get for your Ford Mustang to roar across the horizon and look magazine ready any time you decided to step back and snap a photo. The new Ford S550 Mustang GT is just pure, All-American freedom in automotive form and does an incredible job at creating and maintaining that stupid smile across your face.


1. Wheels To Make Your Mustang Look Fantastic!

The stock wheels just clash hard with the rest of the Mustang GT’s looks and lines. Upgrading and replacing your stock wheels is mandatory for not only Mustang owners, but with all car enthusiasts alike. It’s a set of wheels that separates you from them and makes your car, your baby, original and tells the world that your ‘stang is all yours and that it is a living, breathing extension of you.

Being able to distinctly notice a car almost entirely depends on the wheels and the look of whole car. There are some great wheels to choose from in the market, but there are a good handful of worthy mentions that the team here at ModBargains just can’t go on without talking about.


With a wide variety of fitments, an excellent track record, and quality designs that have been proven on numerous occasions on multiple kinds of vehicles and environments, the VMR Wheels are one of the best brand of wheels you can compliment your car with. The VMR V710FF Wheels in Matte Graphite are the most recent in VMR’s lineup and those wheels are quite special. The “FF” means “Flow Form” which means not only will the wheel be much stronger than your average wheel, but also considerably lighter.

Search for something unique and prestigious? Look no farther than the ADV.1 Flow Spec wheel line. Famous for their incredible forged wheels, ADV.1 decided dip into the flow formed market and offers some of the coolest wheel designs we have ever seen.
The ADV5.0 is an aggressive split 5 spoke that looks both aggressive and classy. The Flow Spec (flow formed) construction gives it both great strength and low weight so it won’t hamper performance. Available in 19 and 20 inch sizes, you can get just the look you want for your Mustang. Standard colors include Satin Black and Platinum Black.

ADV.1 ADV5.0 – 20×9.5 et35 (front) / 20×10.5 et45 (rear)

If you’re looking for something a little more aggressive in style you should check out the ADV005. With it’s aggressive split 5 spoke design it fits the personality of the Mustang perfectly and really shows off things like Big colorful brake calipers.

Another great wheel choice are the Forgestar CF10 Wheels for Ford Mustang GT. Forgestar is known to make work aggressive fitments and wheel specifications that would surprise most people as to how it was able to fit. Forgestar wheels offers custom offsets for plenty of wheel sizes and diameters as well as the option to get a type of concavity to the face of the wheel. With a wide range of sizes to choose from, virtually anything you can imagine can be created for your Mustang GT.

Forgestar CF10 Wheels Ford 19"/20" 5x4.5in 5x114.3mm

Particularly, the Forgestar CF10 Wheels add style in a way that directly compliments he aggressive nature of the Mustang GT. The simplicity of the 10-Spoke design makes for a smooth, sleek look that won’t shout obnoxiously at whoever is looking at them, but rather, make them stop in their tracks and appreciate the overall good-looks of the wheel plus the car together. The Forgestar CF10 Wheels are just classy and downright great to stare at.


Another fantastic option for the S550 Ford Mustang are the always-classy and never dismissed HRE FF01 Wheels.  We see these wheels on a lot of different cars and every time we unbox them, we take a few moments just to appreciate the craftsmanship that only HRE can offer.

With a beautiful design and an eye-catching finish, the HRE FF01 Wheels are the wheels you want to put on your car if you want to be different from your baby-boomer neighbor with another Mustang but also want to be envied by the rest of the guys at the car meet and if you’re looking to wow yourself and take triple-takes as you walk away from your car. These wheels are so sexy in person, that you’ll even question your own relationships. They look so good, that not having these wheels on your Ford Mustang makes will be one of the biggest regrets you’ll ever have in your entire life.

They fit nearly immaculately and every time you get a good look, your jaw will just drop to the ground. Whether you see this car down the street or your move a few inches away from the wheels, the HRE FF01 FlowForm Wheels are magnificent.

Such a great look for the Mustang, right? These wheels look amazing even just staring at them in the box. HRE Wheels have been considered one of the best, strongest, lightest wheel in the automotive community and their quality definitely shows. The attention to detail for all their wheel models are very apparent and will really move your car into a different level.

Whether you like the Tarmac Black or the Liquid Silver, both finishes will help make your Ford Mustang a car that not only is one of the fastest out there, but also a car worthy of being in a show. The HRE FF01 Wheels are one of the best “bang for your buck” if you want a Flow Form wheel at a price tag that doesn’t burn a hole through your wallet.

HRE FF01 Flow Form Wheel Ford


2. Suspension to Lower and Improve Handling!

With an ongoing discussion amongst every car enthusiasts everywhere, the idea of “lowering” a car can get very skewed. With suspension modifications, the concept and understanding of lowering a car get’s a bit misconstrued and people do the wrong  things for the wrong reasons. Lowering a car means improved suspension handling characteristics from a lower center of gravity, better spring/shock rates dependent on what time of driving (spirited/track) you’re aiming to do, and closes the gap between the wheel and the fenders. The latter can be taken either with a grain of salt or from trial-and-error.

The first of many available suspension modifications you should take into consideration are lowering springs because they drop your car around the 1″-2″ range, depending on which brand and model you get. Lowering springs are ideal for when you just want to mildly drop your Mustang but still maintain a relatively comfortable ride while also improving suspension performance. There are a lot to choose from, but the Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs, The Eibach Sportline Lowering Springs (which lower the car a little more than the Pro-Kit), the H&R Sport Springs, and the wildly popular, Mustang-oriented BMR Lowering Springs.

Ford Mustang GT 2015 Eibach ProKit BMR Sways etc Roush Wheels-14

Eibach Pro-Kit Performance Lowering Springs for Mustang at ModBargains.comUp first to talk about are the tried and true Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs for the 2015+ S550 Ford Mustang.  These are a fantastic entry-level lowering option if you’re completely new to the world of car-modifying. Lowering the car approximately 1″ in the front and 1.1″ in the rear, these lowering springs will feel 99% like the stock suspension in terms of comfort, drivability,  and noticeably improved corner handling. It’s a very subtle mod indeed, but a mod that can a big different when applied the right way!


Eibach Pro-Kit Springs for 2015+ Ford Mustang GT 35145.140 on HRE FF15 Wheels

Next up are the Eibach Sportline Lowering Springs which are a slightly more aggressive set of lowering springs than it’s brand-sibling Pro-Kit springs. The Eibach Sportline Springs are more aimed towards drivers who want to push the boundaries of their car without heavily changing the car from it’s entirely stock form. They lower the car about 1.5″ in the front and 1.3″ in the back and the tenths of an inch in difference is actually very much obvious. The ride might be a tad bit more rough than the Pro-Kit counterpart, but if you care more about transforming your car into a race-inspired vehicle, these are a great choice to think about!

H&R Sport Springs 2015+ Ford Mustang GT [S550] 51691If either of those two springs just aren’t making the cut for you and you want a spring set that can handle even more abuse and drops the car even lower, the H&R Sport Springs and H&R Super Sport Springs are the lowering springs you want. The Sport Springs lower the Mustang GT just about 1.3″ in the front and 1.1″ in the back. That doesn’t sound like a dramatic difference from any other brand, which would only prompt a brand preference when buying any sort of modification.



What are really unique are the H&R SUPER Sport Springs because those bad boys lower your car a considerable 1.6″ front and and 1.75″ rear. That’s a pretty major drop in comparison to other lowering springs and even compared to the heights that the guys with coilovers run. The H&R Super Sport Springs truly change the suspension characteristics of the S550 Mustang GT and specifically it changes how hard you can take a turn in conjunction with how much more traction you gain just from these springs.




Out of all these, despite the awesome feedback from already so many S550 Mustang GT owners, no other brand is more popular with American Muscle cars, specifically the generations of Mustang cars, than the BMR Suspension Products.

bmr suspension mustang GT V8 lowering springs modbargains mod auto Sp080

As far as lowering springs go, the BMR Lowering Springs for the Ford Mustang GT has a long heritage of performance awesomeness with their name. These are more than likely the best of the best suspension brand for your S550 Mustang GT as it has been solely and almost exclusively catered to accommodate the beastly-ness and untapped potential that is the Mustang. They will lower your S550

BMR SP080 - Lowering Springs, Set Of 4, Performance 2015 Mustang GT

Made right here in the U.S.A., the BMR Lowering Springs were designed not only to lower your car but to also maintain ride quality and give your car the ultimate suspension handling for nearly any road or track application. These springs are such amazing, all-around lowering springs that after installing these, you’ll feel as if you’re stock BUT when you step out the car to double check if you really are stock, you’ll be all “whoa, I’m not stock, I’m actually pretty sexy and lowered and the BMR Lowering Springs are amazing!!

A lot of times, people who buy springs, or are even still on their stock suspension, get over the whole “fixed ride height” thing and want a suspension set that offers full adjustability.

ISC Suspension Coilovers offer a wide variety of adjustability such as dampening, camber, and ride height. They’re especially cool when you decide you want t o lower your car to a certain height to completely eliminate wheel gap AND if you ever want to raise your car to fit bigger wheels or when you go to the track for some aggressive racecar driving.









The ISC Suspension Coilovers for the S550 Ford Mustang GT are a great option if you’re looking to upgrade not just your springs, but your shocks too. It comes as one unit and within that one unit you get 1″-3″ of ride ehight adjustability, camber adjustability, and dampening adjustability for if you want a soft, comfortable ride or a stiff, super uncomfortable ride. Both extremes have their pros and cons. Typically, softer dampening is aimed more towards daily driving and if you’re knowingly going to be driving on roads with uneven surfaces or even potholes. Stiffer dampening generally is applied more when you want to fine tune the driving feel of the car when you’re on the track. Drivers want the car to be a bit stiff when on the track because they want to feel the road underneath them to correct any sort of driving skill to give themselves the best possible outcome on the track.










With lowering suspension, a great complimentary modification as well as one of the most significant in terms of its affect on the way the car moves around corners, are the Sway Bars. Sway bars (aka anti-roll bars) are designed to reduce the body roll of the vehicle and body roll can be most noticeable when you turn at a considerable speed. You’ll know your car has significant body roll when, while you’re turning “spiritedly”, your car essentially leans away from the direction of the turn. That’s bad. If you go fast enough, body roll can ruin your lap time, mess up your driving line, or even flip you over. It sounds preposterous, but it really can happen!



Above is the ever-popular BMR Suspension Sway Bar Set which are pretty epic as far as body roll reduction. With those little holes you see on the ends of the bars, the understeer and oversteer of the car can be fine-tuned to your preferences for grip driving, time attack, drifting, or just cleaning up the cornering in the Mustang GT.


  • Get Sharper Handling And Outcorner Other Mustangs with BMR Sway Bars
  • Corner Harder than Ever with Dramatically Reduced Body Roll
  • 35mm Front Sway Bar offers 3-way adjustability for fine tuning your suspension between 28%-70% stiffer than factory
  • 25mm Rear Sway Bar Offers 3-way adjustment for 63%-208% increase in stiffness over stock
  • Front & Rear Sway Bar Feature Greaseable Polyurethane Bushings, Zinc-Plated Inner Sleeves and Billet aluminum Anodized Saddles for Longevity


Sway bars are definitely worth the money if you want to further improve the suspension characteristics drastically and set yourself apart from the other wannabes on the track. It’ll be the difference between that guy who’s turning too wide and you who will be turning tighter than a lid on a jar that hasn’t been opened in years

Another sway bar set to consider are the Eibach Front + Rear Anti-Roll Sway Bar Kit for the 2015 Ford Mustang GT because it’s long history of providing high-quality parts to numerous makes has been proven both on and off the track. Eibach is a house name and having Eibach anything on your car immediately reforms the car for the better. This set comes complete with greased urethane bushings for improved responsiveness and all mounting hardware and instructions are included for an easy installation.


OEM bar: 32 mm (1.3 in)
OEM measured bar rate: 52 N/mm (295 lbs/in)

Eibach bar: 35 mm (1.4 in) Tubular
Eibach measured bar rate: Adjustable
P1: 65 N/mm (372 lbs/in)
P2: 83 N/mm (475 lbs/in)
P3: 90 N/mm (515 lbs/in)


OEM bar: 23 mm (0.9 in)
OEM measured bar rate: 22 N/mm (123 lbs/in)

Eibach bar: 25 mm (1.0 in) Tubular
Eibach measured bar rate: Adjustable
P1: 35 N/mm (198 lbs/in)
P2: 41 N/mm (234 lbs/in)
P3: 50 N/mm (285 lbs/in)


3. Sound Like a True Mustang with Upgraded Performance Mods!


With a monumental 5.0 Liter V8 engine under the hood of the new 2015+ Mustang GT, gaining more power is almost too wicked to believe. But I assure you, there are ways to improve the power performance. Amidst the multitude of options available for the ‘stang, immediately you should upgrade and replace your stock intake for the Injen Intake for the 2015 S550 Ford Mustang GT.

Installing this intake on your Mustang will decorate the power range and add an impressive +14 horsepower to the wheels and +7 lbs/ft of torque. These numbers can easily be dismissed, but you can’t deny that such a simple modification on an already powerful engine can squeeze even more power out of it’s 8 cylinders.

Injen Intake for 2015 Ford Mustang GT 5.0L S550 [EVO9201]


At this point, you might be thinking about why your Mustang GT doesn’t exactly sound as beefy as it looks. For any car make/model, the stock exhaust is highly, highly restrictive and it is most likely capping your car’s performance and preventing it from being 100% awesome like it should be. Nobody like’s being limited, and everybody enjoys a high-quality, high-performance, raw muscle car.


Nothing screams “I’m a freakin’ badass and there ain’t nothing you can do about it –  ‘MURICA!” like the MBRP XP Series SPORT Cat-Back Exhaust for the S550 Ford Mustang GT. With a distinctive, aggressive sound, this exhaust will absolutely squeeze out more ponies out of your Mustang GT and without a doubt put a silly grin on your face. The  3″ cat-back system with 4.5″ exhaust tips are made from T409 Stainless Steel that pretty much withstands all the forces of nature and the elements. The worries of salt, tar, and grime are a thing of the past and with this exhaust, your Mustang will actually sound like a real muscle car! When cruising around town, this exhaust rocks a subtle, unnerving sound that wouldn’t wake up a baby. However, once you climb up the RPMs, expect to hear a thunderous, chest-vibrating orchestra of sounds that will make even Zeus and all his lightning sound lame.


If you wanna go all out and have even bigger cajones than the other mustangs, the MBRP XP Series RACE 3″ Cat-Back Exhaust is the one you want. It is louder and sounds 2x more awesome, but with that comes the association that your Mustang is loud as hell and is not a car to be messed with.

Of course, there are many other exhaust options out there and this is just one.

 mod bargains auto ProCharger Pro Charger Mustang GT Supercharge kit OEM style

However, if you really want to make serious horsepower, look no further than fitting a ProCharger Supercharger for S550 Ford Mustang GT. With this one kit, you can bolt on TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY horsepower more than stock (Stage II version). Sure, you might blow your whole tax refund on it, but consider, this a direct bolt on that installs in just FIVE HOURS (with a competent professional tech – YMMV) and it’s 49-state emissions legal (we hear CARB is pending).


4. Don’t Crash! Upgrade Your Braking Power

So now that you have all this godly power, and you’re wreaking havoc everywhere you go, how do you get yourself to stop moving? Who’s to say that your stock brakes will handle these power mods and that massive V8 under the hood? While the stock brakes work, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re “the best” option for your car. An upgraded braking kit should be a top priority on everyone’s minds when it comes to owning and driving a high-performance vehicle, but too many times is it dismissed. Many people do all other mods first and just completely forget that their car also needs to have equally awesome stopping power to match all that moving power.


When it comes to braking, AP Racing is second to no one. Their Big Brake Kits have been stopping insanely powerful racecars for years and have developed a system for the S550 Ford Mustang GT that truly excite the driver and is trusted by many car enthusiasts and professionals alike.


The AP Racing Radi-CAL Front Big Brake Kit is not only gorgeous, but is unique with their exceptional J-Hook slotted design on the rotors and the obvious and very fat, bright red caliper is surely to drop some jaws.


You might be thinking, “Hey, those calipers are the same size as the OEM Brembo Calipers and are also 6-piston just like the factory Brembos, whats the difference with the AP Racing BBK?” Well, I’m glad you asked! Yes, they are the same BUT the key factors of the AP Racing BBK is within it’s construction. The AP Racing calipers are forged, which means it is 20% stronger AND 25% lighter than the factory calipers. It’s a night & day difference and when you’re flying through the corners in the track, you’re gonna be very, VERY thankful for the lightness and extremely grateful that your BBK can handle the high-stress of hard braking.


5. Improve the Exterior Styling – Don’t Settle for Ordinary!

What do people see first when it comes to a nice looking ride? They don’t see the engine first, they don’t see the exhaust first, they don’t even notice that big brake kit you just bought and installed on it. No, the first thing you or any other car enthusiast notices is the overall, whole image of the car. It’s honestly the smaller things that really stand out and make the car different from the rest.

At night is where you need good lighting the most, obviously. Every car out there is equipped with a working set of headlights and taillights but in a lot of instances, aren’t very fancy or cool to look at. Headlights and taillights are what distinguishes your car in the darkness from the other cars next to you. They’re what allows people to break their necks and remember that the car next to them is something amazing, something that is so stunning that they can’t help but stare at the Mustang GT.



What I’m talking about are the Diode Dynamics Daytime Running Lights LED Multi-Color Boards for the 2015+ Ford Mustang. These LED circuit boards allow for the daytime running lights to switch colors between blue, amber, green, purple, red, and white. It sounds outlandish, and it kind of is, but that’s why they’re so cool. Having the option to change colors makes the S550 Mustang GT even more desirable. With DRLs like these, everyone will get out of your way!

To further improve the front end styling of your Mustang, there is one modification that nearly everybody does and for good reason too. That one thing would be to add the Rally Innovations Aluminum 3-Piece Front Splitter specifically designed for the S550 Mustang. It’s an exterior mod that actually helps the car and not a mod that is installed for looks.

With the Mustang GT, pure, unadulterated speed is its best feature. With that speed, the car would naturally be inclined to “lift” which is pretty much your car somewhat being raised by the forces of air around/underneath it. I know that sounds very cool, but it isn’t. The whole point of a front splitter is to increase “downforce” so that the car is more stable at higher speeds. Without any science lingo, “downforce” is the amount of downward thrust that basically keeps the car down on the ground when moving. It’s especially effective when turning a corner at relatively higher speeds. More downward thrust = more vertical force on tires = more grip.

With these modifications on your S550 Ford Mustang GT, your uber powerful muscle car will be set apart from the other normal, regular Mustangs next to you. A lot of times, modifications go unnoticed but with a car like the monster 5.0 Liter V8 Mustang GT, modifications are a definitely must. This generation Mustang is fairly new to the automotive community but already there is a large enthusiast collective excited to make this modern Mustang GT truly one of the best of all time.

If you have anymore questions about your S550 Ford Mustang GT and any of its aftermarket parts, don’t hesitate to call ModBargains! Our number is 714-582-3330 and we have Mod Experts ready and willing to answer all your questions and help you get the best products for your car to make the best it can possibly be.

Story by Jaybee Valledor