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Forgestar CF5 on BMW E70 X5

You know, for the E70 X5 being as closely related as it is to the 3 and 5 series and their super-moddable powerplants, the X5 doesn’t get as much love as it deserves. In the next few paragraphs we’ll be recapping the best mods for the E70 BMW X5.



The best mods for the E70 X5 are actually pretty straightforward. Outside of the mighty E70 X5M and the E71 X6M, there’s not that much out there that’s a direct bolt on, which can make modding tricky. That’s why we’ve laid out the direct fit options to make your X5 the best it can be.

1 Wheels


Forgestar F14 Bronze Burst 20×9. 5 ET35 20×11 ET35 on BMW E70 X5

The first mod you should consider when getting started is a set of wheels for BMW E70 X5. I mean, why drive around looking like every Orange County Soccer mom? Give your X5 some personality – and wheels are a huge part of your X5’s aesthetics and the right set of wheels can really change the look of your X5.


Forgestar F14 Gunmetal 20×9.5 / 20×11 Super Deep Concave

And when it comes to wheels for the X5, you need a set of rolling stock that can stand up to the weight of a beefy vehicle like the X. Forgestar Wheels’ slick and aggressive F14 wheels for BMW X5 look great in 20in fitments, giving the X a much beefier look and more imposing stance.


Forgestar F14 Gunmetal 20×9.5 / 20×11 Super Deep Concave

With a fitment setup like this, noone’s going to mistake you for one of the Real Housewives of Orange County. The Deep concavity gives the X5 more authority, a more serious feel. The Gunmetal finish looks on darker colors here like the deep blue, but say you have space gray or another silvery color?


Forgestar F14 Bronze Burst 20×9. 5 ET35 20×11 ET35 on BMW E70 X5

The Forgestar F14 can also be had in finishes like gorgeous Bronze Burst powdercoat seen above. The Bronze really pops in sunlight, and even in shadow, contrasts nicely with the finish.



Forgestar F14 22×10.5 ET34 22×12 ET34 on BMW E70 X5

Let’s say you want to get realllly aggro. Forgestar wheels are fully customizable to your taste and each set isd custom tailored to your exact vehicle’s specific fitment. Check out the aggressive 22in Forgestar F14 setup on the E70 above, riding on KW V3 Coilovers for X5, the F14s do a great job of showcasing its StopTech Big Brake Kit as well.

BMW_E70_X5_Forgestar_CF5_20in_IMG (2) Say the F14 isn’t your thing. The Forgestar CF5 for BMW X5 also looks great in 20in fitments, like the matte black 20in setup on the X5 Above.


BMW_E70_X5_Forgestar_CF5_20in_IMG (1)

There are other great options for the X5 as well, like these offerings from newcomers Rohana Wheels.

Rohana RC10 Matte Black 22×10.5 / 22×10.5 on BMW X5M [E70]

Rohana offers most of their wheels for BMW in 20in fitments, ideal for the X5. The 10 spoke Rohana RC10 in Matte Black gives any black X5 a sinister character- making the car look more like something you’d expect Darth Vader to roll up in with a set of Imperial Guards in the back.

Rohana RC10 Matte Black 22×10.5 / 22×10.5 on BMW X5M [E70]

The 22×10.5 RC10s look great on the X5M but are also available in other fitments for non M X5s.


Rohana RC22 Machine Silver 22×9 / 22×11 on E70 BMW X5

The bold 5-Spoke RC22 gives a black X5 a sharper more contrasted look on the other hand, with the bright machine silver finish and concavity giving the X5 a look something like wearing a tailored suit.


Rohana RC22 Machine Silver 22×9 / 22×11 on E70 BMW X5

If you want to give your dark colored X5 some contrast, maybe a set of these Rohana RC22’s are the ticket for you.




Avant Garde M510 Satin Silver 21×9 21×10.5

Avant Garde has some nice offerings for the E70 as well, like the M510. With its split 5-spoke face and slight concavity, they sharpen the lines of the X5 and tie in beautifully with silver or chrome accents.


Avant Garde M510 Satin Silver 21×9 21×10.5

The M510 has something of a distinguished look to it.


VMR V710 Gunmetal 20in on BMW E70 X5

VMR Wheels’ classic V710 Wheels for VMW are also available in 20in fitments appropriate for the X5, for that classic BMW Motorsport look- it looks especially sharp on quad exhaust equipped X5’s.



If you don’t exactly off road your X5 or live in a snowbelt state, for your X5 to look its best, you need to bring that wheelgap down considerably. One of the simplest ways to lower your E70 X5 Suspension is by installing a set of lowering springs.

BMW E70 X5 Eibach Springs MatteBlack Eurosport Monza 20in img001

E70 BMW X5 on Eibach Pro-Kit Springs with 20in Eurosport Monza Wheels

 One of the most popular ways to do this to install a set of , but there are a few other springs options as well. The Eibachs are ideal for people who want to lower their vehicles but don’t want to make their ride overly harsh or lower the car too much, a set of Eibach Pro-Kit Springs for BMW X5 is a solid option, bringing the X5 down 1.2in up front and 1.0in at the rear.

BMW E70 X5 Eibach Springs MatteBlack Eurosport Monza 20in img002E70 BMW X5 on Eibach Pro-Kit Springs with 20in Eurosport Monza Wheels

The Eibach Springs drop the X5 just enough that its stance “looks right” but doesn’t take away from the X5’s practicality or diminish much of its ground clearance, making the X5 both a better looking and better performing vehicle.


BMW E70 X5 lowered on H&R Sport Springs

If you’re after a sportier, firmer feel, perhaps a set of H&R Sport Springs for BMW E70 X5 is more your style. H&R Springs tend to be firmer than Eibach springs, making them more ideal for a performance-minded driver who is okay with compromising a stiffer ride in return for sharper handling.

BMW_E71_X5_HR_Springs-7 The H&R Springs drop the X5 2.0in up front and 1.2in at the rear of most models, meaning the drop is more aggressive as well.

bmw-x5m-kw-v3s-1 Let’s say that just springs alone aren’t enough for you. Then from there you’ll want to consider a set of coilovers, like the KW Coilovers equipped on the E70 above.


BMW E70 X5 on KW V3 Coilovers on Forgestar F14 22×10.5 / 22×12 Gunmetal Wheels

However you choose to lower your X5, reducing the wheelgap of your X5 will make it look better and perform better, not to mention set your X5 apart from every other X in the parking lot.

Not sure what’s best for lowering your X5? Ask our Mod Experts, give us a call at 714-582-3330.

3 Exhaust


Ever hear a screaming exhaust note and have to turn your head to see what’s making that amazing sound? You almost always hear a car before you see it, and the X5 is no different. After a set of wheels, the next way to really set your X5 apart is to give it a more authoritative, German tone. The stock exhaust is set up to be quiet so all the housewives out there won’t complain about the noise… never mind the drivers that LIKE hearing their engines – so unless you like the sound of say, a Honda Odyssey, an upgraded Exhaust for BMW E70 X5 should be on your “to-do” list.

BMW_E70_X5_remus_ExhaustOne of the best options for the X5 if you want something with of an imposing sound, check out a Remus Sport Exhaust for E70 X5. Remus is the manufacturer of BMW Performance branded exhaust systems and the OEM manufacturer for most of the european marques, meaning these are quality systems. While louder and beefier sounding than stock, a Remus Exhaust system is still going to be pleasant to live with and offers minimal drone.
BMW E70 X5 Remus Exhaust The twin oval tips of the Remus Sport Exhaust for E70 X5 fill the openings of the rear bumper beautifully, giving the rear end of the X5 a more finished look.


If a louder tone is more your thing, check out an Eisenmann Exhaust for BMW E70 X5, which is going to be on the more aggressive side of things- if you’re worried about drone or offending the neighbors, this isn’t the system for you. That said, the quad exhaust tips give the rear end a much more sporting character.


Giving your BMW E70 X5 Exhaust an upgrade is something you’ll notice every time you hear the throttle and will have admirers turning their heads to look your way every time you pull up. Why drive around sounding like a Honda Odyssey when you can sound like A BMW?

These are just a couple of exhaust options out there for your X5, be sure to consult with our Mod Experts to see what options might be best for you – chat live at or call 714-582-3330.

4. Intake & Power Mods

BMS F10 535i 640i Performance Intake System

When it comes to waking up your BMW E70 X5 Performance, unfortunately the options are a bit limited.

If you DO NOT live in California, you can equip any 2011+ N55 powered X5 with a BMS Performance Intake System for N55, which frees up around 10hp to the wheels – not too shabby. Unfortunately this is more or less the only intake we’re aware of that will bolt up FOR SURE to the E70.

aFe Replacement Air Filter BMW E70 X5

As far as intake options for those of us in California, you’re limited to drop-in replacement filters.


Continuing our theme of “Things you Can’t Have in California”, there is one bolt on that will yield a major increase in horsepower and torque to the wheels. The Burger Motorsports JB4 for BMW N54 engines also happens to work for the 2007-10 BMW X5 3.5i, good for more than 40whp – check out the charts for specifics on gains, but if you want more power out of your X5, this is basically your only option. The JB4 is also available for 2011+ BMW X5 3.5i models with the N55 engine, and there is a N63 JB4 tuner out there for those of you with an X5M who are not already satisfied with the N63tu’s ridiculous power output.



What if you’ve got an X5d? Well, you’re not totally out of luck, as there’s also the JBD Diesel Tuner for 2009+ BMW E70 X5d.

Other power options may become available as time passes, so be sure to ask a Mod Expert what options are currently available.


That wraps up the 4 Best Mods for 2007-14 BMW X5 [E70]; we hope you enjoyed the read.



We hope that our guide will help you and also you give ideas on modding your own X5. If you have any questions regarding any modification you’d like to get done on your X5, our team of Modification Experts will be more than happy to help out with their expertise, experience, and enthusiasm.

Give us a call at 714-582-3330, live chat us directly on, or stop by our showroom/installation facility in La Habra, CA right off Lambert and Harbor Blvd.

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing your builds.

Story by Nick Gregson