Electric cars are on the come up and you can expect to see some car enthusiasts hopping on board. With gas prices on the rise, it almost doesn’t make sense to not to at least consider getting into an electric car. With the money you will be saving from not having to pump gas, you can put towards buying parts for your car such as Avant Garde wheels.Tesla Model 3 Avant Garde M580 Kingsport Gray, rear

Right now Tesla is dominating the electric car craze and it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere any time soon. There’s a good chance that within the next couple of years you’re going to be seeing more of them on the road. However as car enthusiasts the one thing we can’t stand is blending in with everyone else so you can bet you’re going to have a handful of Tesla’s being modified to stand out from all the others.  Tesla Model 3 Avant Garde M580 Kingsport Gray, wheel

One great way to stand out is to toss those stock wheels to the side and pick up a set of aftermarket ones, as long as the aftermarket ones are as good or better than stock. On this model 3 we have the Avant Garde M580 in Kingsport Gray (size 20×8.5 front and 20×10 rear) wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport 4s (Front 245/35/20 & Rear 275/30/20). These wheels really compliment the car and help make it stand out more, while the new Pilot Sports 4s help the car feel smoother and grippier. Black on gray is a color combo that will forever look great on any car and will keep the classy look of it.Tesla Model 3 Avant Garde M580 Kingsport Gray, side

Avant Garde is a very reputable and experienced wheel company that is known for their quality and precise fitments. Based out of Santa Fe Springs, CA, Avant Garde focuses on making functional and attractive wheels tailored to your vehicle. They offer cast, flow formed, and forged wheels and are sure to find a set that will work well with your needs. Who doesn’t want a nice set of wheels without having to pay an arm and leg for? Just look at how well these Avant Garde M580’s look on the model 3.Tesla Model 3 Avant Garde M580 Kingsport Gray, rear

As sad as it is to say, you might not be able to strap a crazy new exhaust or turbo to your Tesla but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t modify it. These cars really are the future. Now with that being said we are enthusiasts at the end of the day and we will always find a way to modify our cars. So if you ever end up purchasing a Tesla for yourself give us a call at (714)582-3330, email one of our Mod Experts at Sales@ModBargains.com,  or visit our website at ModBargains.com and we can get you hooked up on all the parts you need.