The shop Ford Focus RS is okay from the factory-but whats the point of driving a boring, stock car?  There isn’t-which is why our Inventory Control Specialist Eric chose the Cobb Accessport V3 for 2016+ Ford Focus RS.  See, Cobb Tuning does a LOT for the aftermarket community, offering handheld tuning devices, intakes, exhausts, chargepipes and more-which means turning your lame stock car from mild to WILD is really really easy.


But, lets talk about the Cobb Accessport V3 for 2016+ Focus RS.  First off, this thing is SUPER easy to use-Since Eric has used the Cobb Accessport for Fiesta ST on his past Fiesta, he handed me the new Focus RS accessport box and said, “Go for it.  Tune my car.”  Eagerly, I quickly plugged in the unit and clicked “okay” on a few screens, and I was presented the option of several different tunes.  Since the car is stock right now, we chose “Stage 1 – 91oct” since being in Socal we get jipped out of 93oct gas-but nonetheless, we’ve got a 91 tune we can use safely on the car.  Once plugged in, the Cobb AP proceeded to download the factory tune from the car which ensures you can ALWAYS go back to the stock tune, so if you are new to tuning/flashing a car you don’t need to worry about a thing-it’s safe to tune your car with an accessport!  If you’re unfamiliar with the Cobb Accessport, check out the Know Your Mods: Cobb Accessport video below!

After just a few short minutes, the Focus RS was tuned and ready for a test drive.

WOW.  The results from JUST a tune are staggering.  Stepping on the gas at any time resulted in the car instantly pushing you into the seat, and after we did a before/after dyno run I can tell why the car is shockingly quicker after the tune.  On the stock tune, the RS put down 283whp and 321wtq-definitely respectable for a stock car, but being turbo’d means there is a lot more on the table.  After a few minutes spent “flashing” the Focus RS to the Cobb stage 1 tune, Eric’s Ford Focus RS layed down 299whp and 368wtq.  That means from JUST A TUNE the RS picked up an additional 13 Horsepower and 47 Ft. lbs of torque-HOLY COW!


Taking a look at our dyno graph really shows a massive jump in power-with huge gains as early in the rev range as 3k rpms, which means this extra power will be usable on a daily basis when merging with traffic, or other things…  Plus, as Eric adds more mods to the Focus RS, his Cobb Accessport will grow with him ensuring that his car will run its best, make the most power it can, and be reliable for daily driving and days at the track.

Because the Cobb Accessport for 2016+ Ford Focus RS actually flashes the car, you don’t need to keep the AP plugged in if you don’t want to.  Once the car is tuned, feel free to keep the AP in the glovebox, center console or at your house!  Many owners (Eric included) opt to use the included dash mount to allow themselves to see all sorts of engine stats including temperatures, speeds and engine performance-along with some cool ones like 0-60 and 1/4 mile timers while driving.

Of course, this is something you can EASILY experience for yourself-give our Mod Experts a call 714-582-3330 and pickup a Cobb Accessport to start tuning your car NOW.

Ford Focus RS stock vs cobb tune dyno graph at Mod Auto

Ford Focus RS stock vs cobb tune dyno graph at Mod Auto

Any questions about the Cobb Accessport V3 for 2016+ Ford Focus RS?  Give our Mod Experts a call 714-582-3330 or email us at