One of the tragedies of the BMW M-Sport rear bumper for BMW F30 has been the fact that the Performance Style Rear Diffuser for F30 – which looks great- only had provisions for either single exit or dual single tip exhaust configurations – and well, quads always look AWESOME on and make a huge difference on the BMW F30 exterior. Sr Mod Expert Elliott brought in this F30 335i to be the first we’ve seen fitted with the M Performance Quad diffuser.


As you may have noticed, this particular F30 BMW 335i has an aftermarket F30 exhaust – and this car is rocking a Remus Exhaust for BMW F30 335i, which is available in cat-back or axle-back form, though we can’t say which this car is fitted with.




Rounding out the rear end of the car is a Carbon Fiber Performance Style Trunk Spoiler for BMW F30, which ties in nicely to the Carbon Fiber accents of the Remus Exhaust.




BMW_F30_Performance_Quad_Diffuser_splitter_Remus_exhaust_335i_-6The Carbon Fiber Trim on the Remus Exhaust for BMW F30 looks especially nice up close and is a stylish compliment to the Performance Style Quad Exhaust diffuser.

From this angle, you can better see the M-Sport front Bumper for BMW F30, which is made even more aggressive by the addition of a Performance Style front Splitter for BMW F30, which also blend neatly into the aesthetic created by the M-Sport Style Side Skirts for F30.


It’s worth noting the M-Sport Style front Bumper for F30 does not include Fog lights, so alternate fog lamp grilles with the appropriate openings have to be used if you want to keep your foglights.


Here’s a closer look at the Performance Style Front Splitter for BMW F30 as it appears installed.



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Story & Photos Nick Gregson