Here at ModBargains, we’re big supporters of our brothers in the United States Armed Forces – we offer Military Discounts for active servicemen & women and regularly work to make shipping possible to those out in the boonies with AFO/APO addresses – go the extra mile like they do for us civilians. Recently USN Veteran and Modification Expert Kirk got the chance to work with Army Sgt. Z White to get his brilliant red ’06 Pontiac GTO onto a set of rather choice 5×120 VMR Wheels VB3 for Pontiac/GM.


The car itself came out of nowhere – driving home one day, Sgt. White spotted this brilliant red beauty, test drove it and had to have it. The GTO offered a unique look and the ludicrous power of a GM LS-series – something a little different than a Camaro (Why be like everyone else?).

Sgt. White, as you might guess, is not anywhere near us in Sunny SoCal – but rather South Bend, IN. It may be snowed out in Indiana right now, but man, does that expanse of white really make this Goat “pop”. The aggressive, sporty design of the VB3 wheels for GTO really compliments the clean lines of the GTO’s body, giving the car a much different look than the 5-spoke OEM wheels. Given how big of an impact these have on the look of the car, it’s no wonder Sgt. White was excited to get them. 

sgt-white-gto-on-vmr-vb3s-004 sgt-white-gto-on-vmr-vb3s-005

Kirk recommended a set of Hyper Black VMR VB3 wheels, with a staggered 19×8.5 front (ET40) and 19×9.5 rear (ET45). Given the weather in Sgt. White’s neck of the woods, the VB3s were wrapped in a set of Continental ExtremeContact DWS Ultra-High-Performance All Seasons with 245/35ZR19 up front and big meaty 275/30ZR19s out back to handle the Goat’s power.


Overall, it’s a fantastic combination. Sgt. White tells us his winter plans for the car is to break 450 RWHP with full bolt ons, cam and suspension goodies, with a long term goal of a boosted Forged 408 in the 700-800hp range. Being out in Indiana, the car’s not far from LSX Fest in Indianapolis this summer… (hint hint.) Long term and short term plans for the car are both realistic and sound fantastic, and we can’t wait to see how this car turns out in the end. Check out the rest of the photos below – sound off in the comments and let us know what you think!

sgt-white-gto-on-vmr-vb3s-006 sgt-white-gto-on-vmr-vb3s-007 sgt-white-gto-on-vmr-vb3s-008
Story by Nick Gregson in collaboration with Modification Expert Kirk Villeneuve

Photos Courtesy Sgt. Z White