SoCal Euro 2014 was a massive success – so huge in fact, that we can’t even show you everything that we want in one post. So to save time, here are our favorite VWs and Audis from SoCal Euro at Qualcomm Stadium. I’ve been to hundreds of car shows in my day, plenty of drag races and trade shows, and SoCal Euro was all of these things and none of them all at the same time. It’s like you and your homies clique of cars gathered for a show and every other club decided to join you. Clusters of like-minded enthusiasts filled the majority of the Qualcomm Stadium parking lot – walking from one end of the show to the other was quite a journey. The name “BIG SoCal Euro” doesn’t lie – the event is friggin huge- so large in fact, they can run drag racing right there at the venue. I’ve never heard of that outside of a dragstrip.

socal-euro-2  Without further adieu, here’s our gallery of some of the gorgeous Audis and VW’s we saw at SoCal Euro 2014.socal-euro-3
This Jetta Mk III spoke to us like something out of a dream from a decade ago.



We especially like the weird trunk panel thing on this early Golf GTI.

The projectors (likely HELLAs) look rather fantastic in yellow and the vented fender and FMIC hint that this is not your average Jetta.


This widebody VW Corrado reminded us why we liked the Corrado in the first place, and even today Corrados have their own unique quasi-Porsche air to them.
I always like seeing customized Avants, and this white example of the A4 Avant is no exception.socal-euro-8

The rows of customized Audis seemed to stretch on and on for days – and these were just the guys in the “FEATURED” section!


Our friends at Neuspeed brought out a bright red Jetta GLI Mk VI to showcase their latest VW goodies along with some extras for the impy little Fiat 500 Abarth.

The ModBargains booth was busy the entire day, so it was actually pretty hard to get a clear shot of our display cars.socal-euro-27

Our friends at Aristo Collection brought out some sexy wheels on this B8 Audi S5
socal-euro-31  This Audi RS7 and S4 killed it on HRE Performance Wheels.socal-euro-32


HRE Performance Wheels look awesome on damn near anything, as evidenced by the diversity of their booth.

socal-euro-38 socal-euro-39
The GLI scene was well represented with quite a few gorgeous Jetta VI’s making their platform known to the ranks of the Mk IV guys.socal-euro-40

This wee little classic Audi was one of our favorites of the show.

This Audi S4 was repping VMR Wheels, Vogtland Coilover suspension and Borla Exhaust.
This VW Golf R Mk VI was also rocking a Borla Exhaust system giving it a great muscular tone and fired up quite a few times throughout the show to showcase the sound of its engine note.
We really liked the aftermarket grille fitted to this VW Golf GTI Mk VI, also on a set of VMR Wheels.

Our friends from Vogtland Suspension NA were out there rockin the scene with something totally different – instead of the latest models, Vogtland brought out an array of well-worn (and well loved) BMW E30’s.

GMG made an appearance with its Audi R8 ALMS GT-A race car, one of the several R8s they campaign as seen at the Long Beach Grand Prix this year.socal-euro-54
We loved this classic B5 Audi S4 Road Race car; something about that generation of car just captures this feeling of nostalgia for us. Weird, we know.socal-euro-57

One of the best things about SoCal Euro is that you don’t have to try very hard to stumble across something rare and otherwise badass.

This pair of Audi S6 sedans exemplifies what I mean, this pair looks angrier than hell with massive intercoolers jutting out of the bumpers, all sorts of auxiliary coolers rigged up to keep the S6 cool and breathing easy.socal-euro-59 socal-euro-67

There’s a snake in my boot!socal-euro-68

Golf Mk IV crew, keepin it real.

This rather interesting Jetta GLI rocket tires as customized as the punk kid’s converse were in highschool.socal-euro-70
Not really too sure why, but the atlantis blue really works on those wheels.


It wouldn’t be a Volkswagen show without some aircooled representation, and we were not disappointed.

This classic roadster also made an appearance, reminding us of what the term Euro once meant.
This stanced VW Golf R32 looked stunning on a set of Rotiform wheels.socal-euro-77
socal-euro-79 socal-euro-80
We don’t know why, but we really like seeing modified A3s.

As the sun went down and the show began to wind down, the ModBargains crew got together for a quick group photo.


Check back tomorrow for Part II of our SoCal Euro Coverage: Bimmers & Beauties.

Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoyed the photo gallery as much as we enjoyed snapping the photos.
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Story & Photos by Nicholas Gregson