Red BMW 335i F30 Rear

Owner Dave brought hiw gorgeous new red BMW 335i come into the shop last week to have ModBargains install a set of Adventus Forged AVS-4 Wheels and a set of H&R Sport Springs on his F30 BMW 335i. We offer a wide variety of wheels for BMWs here at ModBargains, so nearly everyone can find the right wheels to suit their unique tastes. What’s more, when adding new wheels and tires, nothing is a better compliment to new rubber than a set of sport springs to help you get the most out of the investment you’ve made in your car’s appearance and handling capabilities.

Red BMW 335i F30 Wheel

With a massively wide 20×8.5 wheel up front, this F30 is pushing the limits of front-wheel fitment.

Red BMW 335i F30 Rear Wheel

With 8.5″ wide front tires, the business end of the car got a set of massive 20×10″ wheels in the rear to help keep the F30’s rear end firmly planted.

Red BMW 335i F30 Front

The 8.5″ wide front wheels and 10″ wide rear Adventus Forged AVS-4 wheels give this F30 a nice staggered set up.

Red BMW 335i F30 Side Rear

With the addition of H&R Sport Springs, the stance of this F30 is darn near perfect, completing this simple yet stunning look.

Red BMW 335i F30

Thanks to the owner, Dave for sharing his F30 with us and the ModBargains team for a job well done!