Infiniti Q60S on Avant Garde M580

Infiniti‘s line of Sport Coupes have always been great looking, starting with the original G35 coupe, this line of handsome 2-doors is just as popular today as it was during its introduction. Now called the Q60 after Infiniti’s name change a few years back, the factory wheels are about as enticing as a bowl of cold oatmeal, which is sad, because it sours the car’s otherwise great lines. That’s why the owner of this Q60S came in to see the Mod Experts here at ModAuto, specifically General Manager and Senior Modification Expert Alan.


Infiniti Q60S on Avant Garde M580

With years of experience fitting the finest performance and luxury cars with the right set of wheels to compliment the car’s flowing bodylines. Alan recommended a set of Avant Garde M580 wheels in black to give the car a more serious, performance oriented aesthetic, rather than the rental-car-special looking factory wheels.


Infiniti Q60S on Avant Garde M580

The organic lines of the Avant Garde M580 works well with the Q60S, and from this angle, you can also see the concavity present in the rear wheels, giving the car a bit more depth and dimension.


Infiniti Q60S on Avant Garde M580

In profile, the wheels still look great. Since the Q60S here is a brighter shade of gray, the black of the Avant Garde M580 wheels doesn’t totally disappear.


Infiniti Q60S on Avant Garde M580

From every angle, the addition of a new set of wheels for the Infiniti Q60 has really changed the look of the car for the better.


Infiniti Q60S on Avant Garde M580

Scope out the look for yourself in the rest of the gratuitous photo gallery below.


Infiniti Q60S on Avant Garde M580


Infiniti Q60S on Avant Garde M580


Infiniti Q60S on Avant Garde M580

As you can see, the owner loved his car’s new look just as much as we did.

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson